oh my little pig

chapter 1

I have always been the kind of guy who falls in love with a pretty girl in the parking lot or a women I see walking on the street somewhere. I might fantasise about having sex with some of them or maybe just kissing them but I never let my fantasies get too far, I always try to stop my mind from going into the dark side.
It was sunday afternoon and I was chilling at my apartment, reading a little as I smoked a couple cigarettes, one after the other, as I usually do. I heard some noises coming from the street that bothered me enough to get me out of the couch and walk to the window to see what was going on. A couple young guys carrying some furniture into the building... not much I though. I stared at them long enough to heard some women's voice say " I cant believe I am finally moving out..." as I saw HER coming from behind the truck.
My heart stopped for a minute as I saw her face. Perfect diamond face, medium length brown wavy hair, small nose and red cheeks. She was pretty small, her body was thin, not too thin tho since she had nice boobs and a nice butt I could even admire from a couple floors up. Her low raise jeans exposed her flat stomach and hip bones. She looked like she had been sculpted.
She got into the building and I ran to my door as I heard the elevator going up. She and one of the guys got off at the second floor, the one where my apartment is at, and walked towards my door and the turned slightly to the right. I heard the keys opening the door right next to mine. As she was standing there I looked at her through the peephole on the door. She looked even better from up close, her eyes were light blue, and her lashes long and dark. Her lips were full and painted in a pretty pink color.
As I said before, I had never let my fantasies go too far, but this sunday night, my mind could not stop thinking about this girl. Her face, her body, her eyes... Even her voice was stuck in my head. I started think of her laying on my bed, perhabs naked. I imagined my self grabbing her body, kissing her, fucking her... But then my thoughts started to turn into something different, I started to imagine her body inflating, getting fatter in a matter of seconds, fat adding to her hips, to her stomach, to her butt. I started to imagine her body getting fatter and fatter, her face looking rounder, her belly hanging, her panties getting too tight... I then opened my eyes, It was all in my head... But I wanted to make it real.
The following day I waited by the door to see her get out of her apartment. At 9 in the morning she opened the door and came out. Her hair looked a little messy, she was wearing gym clothes and a fit band. " Oh so you are into fitness... hm interesting... not for too long, I thought to my self. I watched her leave. I did so for a weeks. Every night I dreamt about her body growing... I need to do it.
After a couple weeks trying to get her routine, I planned how I was going to get to do it.
Monday morning, before she left for her morning run I got out of my apartment, placed a little magnet on her door and went back in. When she left I got out, the magnet helped me open her doorlock. She had a copie of her keys on her counter right by the door. Maybe I should not have done this, but I took them without any thought. I walked into her kitchen and opened her fridge. Salad, carrots, spinach, apples... All healthy food to keep her body fresh. I had made some powder out of some weight gain pills and mixed them with some appetite pills. I took it out of my pocket and added it to her milk and on top off some of her food. I then walked back to my apartment. I repeated this process for a couple months. On the first week I didnt notice much change, so I decided to add more powder and stronger pills into the formula. It was after the second week that I started to see changes. Her leggings started to get tighter and even she noticed as I heard her say " I should workout more or none of my clothes will fit me" as she talked on the phone while waiting for the elevator. On the third week she started taking the stairs and if that was going to keep her from getting fat. She was being a bad girl, trying to avoid her destiny, so I decided to increase her dosis. On her fourth week I started to really enjoy the process as her clothes were tighter and started to make her new forming fat show. Her low waisted jeans were now exposing belly fat and digging into her new love handles. When she took the stairs, her belly would roll out for the waist band of her leggings and she had to stop to roll it up to cover it. I could see her pretty face getting read every time that happened. I need to see more, and I need to see it as soon as possible, so I doubled her dosis. Quite extreme you would think right? It was, but It was what she needed. On her sixth week her clothes didn fit her anymore and she started getting new ones. No mater how much salad she ate or how many times she went up and down the stairs, she was growing and growing. On this week I got to enjoy one of the finest moments of this first process; some of her old friends came to see her. I heard them go up on the elevator and I heard her open the door, so I ran to my door and listened. "Hi guys its here!" Se said to catch their attention. They walked towards her door, as she waited waring some way too tight blue jeans that made her thighs look bigger and pushed her belly out on the top. She was wearing a big shirt, trying perhaps to hide her body, but it didnt work too well I gotta say... As soon as they fully saw her, one of the girls said " Oh waoh Susan... You have really been enjoying yourself!".... So susan? That was her name... such a pretty name for such a pretty girl.... anyway, when I heard her friend say that I felt proud.
They had dinner on her apartment and then left. As soon as Susan closed the door I listened to her friends talk as they waited for the elevator.
"She looks so fat... I mean have you seen her belly... I was ready to pop the buttons on that shirt..."
"I know I know... she must have been eating like a pig... Just a couple months ago she was such a model..."
"I am surprised she had let herself get this fat... She must have gained at least 50 pounds... Josh is going to be so shocked when he comes back... well if he really loves her he will no break up with her just because she is fat.."
"Well she gained so much in a couple months.... she still has an other month to go until Josh comes back... If she keeps going this way she will look like a pig by the time he is here..."
Okay okay so you little bitch have a boyfriends ummmm. As I heard that I changed completaely my startegy, I need to get her as fat as possible as soon as possible. I was not going to share her with anybody else...
I started adding more and more powder on her food and using stronger body mass gainers, she had to reach the goal...
A couple weeks went by and Her body really ballooned up, her belly was now inflated and looked fully round all the time. Her butt was big and looked soft. When she wore leggins, cellulite would show on her legs and butt. Her belly covered the button of her way too tight jeans constantly as she was not able to fit her belly inside her clothes. She was looking plump... she was getting there.
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