old habits die hard

chapter 1: and so it begins... again

(Author's note: This story contains sexual content between two women and a bit of profanity [If you have anything against either of these things, this story is not for you.] as well as weight gain [this is still the premise of the story though, don't you worry]. If you have any advice or recommendations for future chapters please leave them down below and like if you enjoyed the story. This is hopefully just the start as I hope to continue the story of Sadie and Elly. Alright, enough of me droning on. I hope you like the story. )

Sadie had always had a problem with her weight. All throughout her early teens she had had major body image problems and had been a bit overweight. During her Sophomore year of high school she had forced herself to diet and lost a lot of weight, went out for sports and tried her best to stay thin, she managed to continue all the way through college. She had a diverse friend group, some of whom were fitness obsessed and helped to keep her on track.
Growing up she had discovered that she was bisexual. She came from a very religious family however and so she had pretended to only show interest in guys.

She had grown to be a stunning woman. She had a beautiful face, wavy blond hair, was 5'6" and cup size D. Thanks to her drive to be fit and be popular, she had worked enough that she had a nice ass, muscular thighs and flat stomach although her muscles were not overworked so they still looked smooth and weren't too defined. Her appearance was such that she could easily hook up with people.
As time went on however, she began to feel unhappy with her lifestyle. She didn't like having to carefully watch what she ate and work so hard to stay thin to appease boyfriends or her friends who were fitness freaks.

On the thursday before Memorial Day Weekend, she stayed over late with her boyfriend Eric. Their relationship had become rocky at best and she was thinking of leaving him. They had eaten a light dinner and he had invited her to go for a late night run with her. She declined the offer saying that she had to get up early the next day. He looked a bit put out but seemed to cheer up as they said good night.

On her way home her stomach was rumbling, the salad she had eaten for dinner just didn't cut it. She pulled into a burger joint and ordered a cheeseburger. She figured that she could easily burn off the calories, plus she figured that a little indulgence couldn't hurt for one night.
As she ate she realised just how happy it made her to eat. She felt like she hadn't eaten a full meal in a long time. She decided to treat herself that night, after all, she had a four day weekend and would be able to burn any excess calories. She stopped and got a kids scoop of chocolate fudge at a little ice cream shop by her house. She loved its creamy taste and wished that she could treat herself to things like it more often and not worry about what her boyfriend or any of her other friends for that matter thought of her.
She pushed aside that thought as she drove to the grocery store to pick up some popcorn.

When she got home she made a big bowl of it and settled down to watch some Stranger Things. She finished the bowl of popcorn and felt a tightness in her stomach. Looking down she saw that her stomach had a bulge to it that it hadn't had in years, nothing overly obtrusive but still noticeable. The sight of it made her feel oddly happy. She decided then and there that she would conduct a little experiment over the long weekend.

She had Friday off and woke up early to join some of her friends for breakfast. After a large breakfast, a fact that some of her friends had been quick to notice, she said goodbye to them and headed home. Along the way she stopped at a deli and ordered a footlong sub. She then stopped at a local grocery store to get a pint of ice cream and a 12 inch pre made pizza. When she got home, she put the ice cream and pizza in the freezer and parked herself on the couch with the sandwich. She ate it while watching YouTube. By the time it was gone she was feeling rather stuffed but it felt good to be eating lots of food for the first time in years.
"If only Eric could see me now," she said to no one in particular. "he would probably freak the fuck out and make me swear to run this off as soon as possible and go on an extreme diet."

After a while she got up and put the pizza in to bake. Once it was ready she took it to the living room. She planned only to eat some of it and save the rest for later. Once she sat down with it and started eating however, she decided to simply eat it all. She lay back once it was gone, surprised by her lack of willpower. She took a quick restroom break and returned to the couch to finish her video. Once her food had settled however, she began to crave something sweet. She got out the ice cream and ate it all. By now her belly stuck out farther than it had the night before and was surprisingly hard. She found herself feeling happier lying there than she had in a long time. She got up and looked at the clock.
"Shit!" she exclaimed as she rushed to go freshen up. "I forgot about dinner with Elly."

After returning home late after a large dinner (and a few drinks too many) with her good friend Elly, Sadie had staggered to her bathroom. Her stomach was full and although by no means huge it was still a bit bigger than when she had left and stuck out. She weighed herself before getting in the shower. That Wednesday she had weighed 137 pounds. Standing there with a full stomach the scale registered her at 139. She ran water for a bath and once the tub was full she got in. She lay there for a while, feeling her stomach. She poked and prodded it and was surprised at how much she enjoyed the feel of it.
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Jazzman 6 years
This is wonderful reading.The gain pace is perfect too.
Theswordsman 6 years
I can just picture sadie confronting her family about her sexuality and ending up stress binging love the story.
Jazzman 6 years
Beautiful story.Just wonderful pacing. Watch out for auto correct. Misspelling a main character name makes reading a little bumpy.
Jazzman 6 years
Really good with fast gaining.But realistic enough.Its a hot fast gain like on a cruise ship.Please continue with these wonderful characters
Sam Johnson 6 years
Hey there. I hope you enjoyed what I have finished so far of this story. It is a work in progress and I plan to keep adding to it for a while.