oliver and mason

chapter 1

I had never expected high school to go by so quickly. That final year had gone by in what seemed like a millisecond. So much happened so quickly. Mason and I finally getting together seemed so unlikely I still questioned whether or not we were currently living together--as an actual, real-life couple. We graduated, me with honors and Mason passing English. As completely awful as my first three years of high school were, the last one was the absolute greatest year of my life--at least so far. Hopefully I had a decent amount of years left, and with my luck, at least a couple had to be great.

The apartment we shared was near the culinary school I was attending. Mason was getting a business degree at the local college. He currently worked in a restaurant as a waiter. His uniform was incredibly sexy, even though he thought he looked stupid. I loved the blue polo and gray slack combo. His arms and neck looked thick, and at 347 pounds his huge gut stretched the shirt to its limit. His thighs were hugged beautifully by the fabric of the slacks, as was his gigantic, bubble butt.

I worked in a small book store, so no uniform. I thought that my job was incredible and the owner was ridiculously nice to me. He was older, and had been looking for someone to help out for months before I applied. I couldn't believe he hadn't found someone.

Life was great, and I knew that being positive would pay off. I was finally happy, and best of all, there was no Bret--anywhere, ever! I heard he worked in the mall, but I never really went. I wasn't going to go looking for trouble. I knew Mason would kill Bret if he ever messed with me again, but I was still actually kind of afraid of the guy. It was bound to happen, seeing as he beat me up every day for nearly three years.

It was a Friday and I walked into class and waited for it to start. I always tried to be early so I could get the best work station. "Class, November is nearing and I have to pair you up so you can prepare a Thanksgiving meal," Mrs. Wither exclaimed. "As we know, I look forward to this every year, so make it good! Pairs are posted near my desk. Please come and see, and meet up with your new partner!" I walked up to the list and saw I was paired with Greyson Sage. He smiled at me and waved me over.

"Hey Oliver. I'm really excited to be paired with you," he said coyly.

"Same here." He looked at me with his blue eyes. He smiled again. His teeth were slightly crooked. His blond hair was cut very low. He wasn't very muscular, or very tall, but he had a very lean, cut look to him. He did have a little bit of a tummy, but it was barely noticeable.

"I've been planning Thanksgiving dinners since I was twelve," he said enthusiastically. "I have loads of ideas."

"Cool," I said with a smile. I wanted to get a good grade, so any of his input was going to be much appreciated.

"Class!" Mrs. Wither exclaimed. "Class! I hope you like your partner because I expect this to be perfect! Use the rest of this day to begin planning your meals!" We talked about anything that would be different, but taste delicious. He suggested a citrus theme. I had been thinking the same exact thing--that or an Indian-infused meal. I agreed and we were dismissed.

I was going to ride my bike back to the apartment. It was one in the afternoon and it was warm for the end of October. A year ago this was around the time Mason asked me to tutor him in English.

"I'll give you a ride," Greyson offered. I could tell he liked me a little too much already. I didn't need to be in a car with him. I didn't think I should even lead him on.

"No thanks," I said with a smile. "I need the exercise." I was now 157 pounds; I ate less now than before. Feeding Mason was a full time job.

"Are you kidding me?" he asked in over-the-top fashion. "You're totally hot. I'm the one who should be riding a bike." He was not even what someone could consider fat. He had a light curvature to his stomach, but with a month of exercise he'd be back to twink boy status.

"No, you look fine to me," I said genuinely. I mounted my bicycle. "See you Monday," I called as I rode off. He was nice, but I didn't find him to be my type at all. Besides, I already had the best boyfriend in the entire world.

"Bye Oliver!" It was really obvious he was flirting with me, and I was flattered, but I wanted to keep my distance.

I got home as Mason was getting dressed for his shift. I set my keys on the table and went over to him and kissed his soft lips. "Hey Oli," he said with a smile. He kissed me again.

"Hi Mason," I said, my face getting hot. I still felt so light around him--so in love. That was exactly how I knew I wasn't even remotely interested in Greyson. I knew I would always love Mason Megalos.

Greyson also did not have an ass nearly as great as Mason's. His pants looked especially tight in that area today. Mason still worked out nearly every day of the week and it showed. I liked it a lot, seeing as it just made him look all the more powerful. I was pretty sure this morning he had gone to the gym and worked out legs. I could barely contain my arousal at the thought of what his beefy ass looked like in gym shorts doing squats.

"How was class?" he asked.

"Good, we're starting Thanksgiving meal planning."

"Does that mean I can taste all your food?" he asked as he grinned from ear to ear.

"Of course," I said, also excited for all the food Mason would inevitably end up consuming. He ate so much that I was surprised we ever had any food in the apartment. He honestly just liked food and being a glutton. "You're the best food taster I know." He blushed.

"Speaking of food," he started. "I'm starving, but I guess I'll have to eat at work."

"I was going to make something--," I said, unsure if he'd still want dinner after his shift. He smiled wide again.

"I was hoping you'd make something anyway. I'm going to be starving after work too." He placed his large hand on his even larger belly. Mason was now 6'4". I was pretty sure it was because he drank so much milk. I never knew anyone who liked milk as much as he did. I was still 5'9".

"Well then, of course I'll whip something up for you for when you get home." I loved cooking for Mason, he ate enough for like five people. It was great practice too. Even if I messed up a new dish he'd still eat it all.

"Thanks, Oli. Love you." I felt butterflies in my stomach every time he told me that he loved me. He hurriedly adjusted his uniform. "Shit, I'm going be late."

"I love you too," I said returning the sentiment. I handed him his keys, which I was sure he was looking for frantically. "Have fun at work." He walked out.

I didn't need to start cooking until at least seven, but I decided to go shopping now. I was going to make some hearty macaroni and cheese and fry some chicken. The chicken was my Grandma Rosie's recipe. She was my dad's mom, and she grew up in the south. I was three-fourths black. My mom's father being a white man, and her mother an awesome woman from Jamaica. I grabbed my keys and bike basket.

I rode to the store in about ten minutes. I locked up my bike and as I was choosing noodles, to my surprise, Greyson came into the aisle.
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Sleepy Koala 1 year
Love the story and the characters . I wish the story was longer. Maybe the next one 😜?
RavenBlackwing 2 years
OMG this was SO good!!! I love these two!! 😍😍
WisJay64 13 years
Great story...love how the characters as real with real life situations.
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im so glad u wrote a sequel smiley
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Damn! a sequel to a great story which is equally great! smiley