olivia jensen weight gain

chapter 1



Hair: short, brown

Body type: average

Adam was at the local pub to meet some friends, Adam always gets to the pub early, to see who he can meet. Possibly even girls, dressed in his Jack Willis shirt, jeans and brogues, he was dressed to kill. He was scouting the area, when he came across the following.
It was a group of girls, sat at a table, all the focus on one girls, and curvy blonde, after they had all presumably finished their meals, some were giving belly rubs to the blonde, who was in a skin tight red velvet dress, which shown every curve. She gets up to get the next round of drinks, she stood at 5"7 and was around 170lbs, Adam turns to the bar to prevent to see him admiring her. She stands next to Adam, leaning on one arm pusshing her ass and hip out, "so, you come here often?" Turning to the girl, "on the occasion" she said winking at Adam, "What's the occasion?"Asked Adam, "just a girls get together, haven't seen eachother in a while" with the goddess looking straight forwards, in an attempt to get the attention of the barman, "enjoying yourself?" Asked Adam, "abit too much tapping her slightly noticeable stomach through her dress, they both laugh "I'll get the drinks don't worry, their on me" the women blushed, Adam gets the attention of the barman, who will be over shortly. " oh my days, I almost forgot, I'm Adam by the way" the girl being presentable, turns to Adam, "Hi Adam, I'm olivia, Olivia Jensen" she quickly turns to make a note, and then left it turned around to return back to her girlfriends, Adam watched And admired as her ass swayed, "it's so round and perfect" Adam thought to himself, Olivia turned to catch Adam staring at her behind, she loved it, she winked and they both turn away, Zack looks at the note, it contained all the drinks that needed to be ordered all to table 8, with a bonus note, saying "feel free to order me food ;) that's my specialty" and with her number at the bottom and to end the note
"Olivia xxx". The barman comes over "how can I help you sir?" With the reply being the large order of drinks "can I also have, 2 large slices of chocolate cake, 2 large brownies and a chocolate sundae" Adam pays through card and leaves to get home so he can text Olivia alone.
A buzzing sensation comes through Olivia's breasts, where she has been keeping her phone,

Adam: "is this Olivia?"

Olivia: "it sure is ;)"

Olivia sends her snapchat username

Olivia: "add me :)"

Adam does this very quickly, Olivia notices that Adam had added her, and sends him a video of Olivia slightly worse for ware from alcohol, and it was her rubbing her stomach and raising the camera to show all of the plates clean, and then flipping the camera to show a chocolate covered face, she looked happy.

Adam: "haha enjoying yourself?"

Olivia: "yeah I am, I just love food!

Adam: "I can tell, haha"

Olivia: "no but seriously I love food."

Olivia: "can you do me a favour?"

Adam:" What is it?"

Olivia:" I have no way of getting home, can you give me a lift?"

Adam: "when?"

Olivia: "now if possible x"

Adam: "coming now x"

Adam arrives at the pub, keeping his head down so that his mates won't see him

Adam texts Olivia;
Adam: "I'm outside"
Olivia: "coming out now"
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I believe you will
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Will we expect more of this story??