on the brink

Chapter 1 - luke's surprise

Enabler always sounds like such a dirty word, but to Lilly it wasn't. Lilly had heard the word enabler thrown around to describe her boyfriend. This word had been used by her doctor, her parents, and some of her old friends. But Lilly didn't have any negative feelings about the word, for Lilly enabler was a good thing. As Lilly lay in bed she thinks about her Boyfriend, she lay there feeling the weight of her body, feeling what he had helped her become, what he had enabled her to become. She reaches as far as she can down her body, but can barely touch her belly button before she can't reach any further. Her skin feels so soft, and warm, stretching out in front of her fingers, she can barely see over the top of her soft belly. It had gotten so huge since they met, as such it had become a very integral part of their relationship. It was a team effort to keep such a large belly satisfied, and if Lilly had to be honest with herself, it was getting almost impossibly hard for her to feel full lately. This thought made a shiver run down her spine, and she felt a familiar tingling feeling in her nether regions.
Suddenly Lilly's blissful self examination and reflection is interrupted by a knock on the door. And then the sound of the lock being turned, and the door opening. Lilly's mind begins to race as she struggles to sit up. Luke left for work hours ago, and he is the only other person with a key to the house besides her parents but he wouldn't knock before opening his own front door, and her parents were told only to use their copy in the case of an emergency. "Who is in my house?!" Lilly yells in a strained voice at the effort to continue sitting up.
"It's okay miss, Sorry to scare you but Luke sent me!" responded a lady's voice that she didn't recognize, suddenly a woman's figure appeared around the corner. Lilly scrambled to pull the sheets up over her exposed breasts. The lady was dressed in a work uniform of some sort, with a logo Lilly didn't recognize.
"Hi Lilly, I'm Amanda from Erin's Errands, Luke sent me over to drop a few things off for you." For the first time Lilly noticed the cart the lady was pulling behind her.
"Oh... uh.. okay, sorry I'm a little caught off guard!" Lilly stammered, blushing, pulling the sheets a little closer to her neck.
"Yea, sorry to walk in on you like that, but Luke said that he didn't want you to have to get out of bed to open the door, so he dropped off a copy of a key when he hired us." Amanda tried not to show her surprise at the sheer size of the woman in front of her, when Luke had made the arrangements, she thought it simply a chivalrous gesture on his part that he didn't want his Girlfriend to have to get out of bed, but it had become clear that it was no gesture, the simple act of maneuvering herself to her feet must have been a feat worth praise for Lilly. Additionally, the sheer size of the order suddenly made sense to her, but she was still finding it hard to believe that so much could possibly be for just one person.
"Anyway... Here are your items that Luke ordered" said Amanda, wheeling the cart to the side of Lilly's bed.
"Oh Okay thank you, do you need a tip or anything?" asked Lilly as she tried to figure out what all the little boxes stacked on the three tiered cart would contain, they resembled take out boxes for the most part she thought.
"Oh Heavens no! It's all taken care of, just remind Luke to leave the cart along with the silverware on the porch overnight so we can pick it up." Amanda was already getting used to Lilly's size, the initial shock had subsided a bit, replaced with a curiosity Amanda had only experienced around fat people, surely a woman that large would have to be so soft thought Amanda as she tried to slyly eye the massive woman's body through the thin sheets that were draped across it. "I'll lock the door when I leave, enjoy your surprise! You sure do have a nice boyfriend!"
"Okay, yea he's the best he really spoils me!" Lilly replied "Oh! Help yourself to the cookies on the kitchen counter on your way out, they're homemade!"
"Okay, I'll try one, thank you. Have a nice day!" Amanda said as she back pedaled a few paces, trying to keep her eyes on the massive woman who had somehow piqued her curiosity in a way that she was not familiar with, she then turned, and walked out of the room, leaving Lilly to herself with her cart.
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NoviceFA 5 years
The story should be fixed, if there are any continuity issues between chapters please let me know. Enjoy the 28th addition to the story smiley
Mdy73 5 years
It is great to read...
Fluffylove 5 years
love it..please keep it going.
NoviceFA 5 years
Sorry about the wait guys, things got busy, but I've been writing little by little. Hope you enjoy the additions that are coming.
Koudelka 6 years
This is the best story that I've read in a long time.
You really manage to show the pure pleasure of the protagonists huge fatness and her strong wish to grow even fatter without taking care of the consequences. Wonderful!
I really would love to see thi
Lifelost65 6 years
I am loving this story so far great job! Though I am kinda curious to see what would happen if Amanda's curiosity got the better of her and she tried the shake one night while Lilly and luck were asleep or something.
Lady1 6 years
Amazing so far but very excited to see where the story goes with Amanda and her first sexual experiences with Lily.... please make it happen
Fluffylove 6 years
Please more. This is soo good
Iafeeder 6 years
Please keep this up! This is amazing!
PrimusFeeder 6 years
I hope it continues in the realms of reality and we see how it begins to affect her health
Karenjenk 6 years
Wow.... your description are so detailed. Its like you have personal experience with this. ;-)
NoviceFA 6 years
Thanks for your feedback everyone. Let me know if the newer chapters are good additions.
Tarquin 6 years
Awesome! REALLY looking forward to the next chapters!
DawnofBleach 6 years
This is AWESOME!! My favorite parts are when she loses time and control when eating-as if she could eat forever!
DominantMaleFA 6 years
Loving the descriptions of her struggles to move. Keep it up!
PrimusFeeder 6 years
Good start, keep it coming