chapter 1

Name: Matthew Yellow
Age: 23
Height: 6'4
Weight: 206 lbs
Hair: Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Sky Blue
Skin: Tan
Body: Muscular with 8 pack
Species: Demon

Matthew POV

I was standing over my mate and looking at his soft baby face while he slept in his bed in his apartment. Today is the day I take my human mate with me to our new home, I have been waiting for him since we were kids.

But now everything that I worked for is finally done. All of his clothes are packed away in boxes and suitcases, I reach down and pick up my mate from his bed.

He instantly cuddles up into my muscular chest and that sparks running through our bodies makes him moan softly in his sleep; that proves we are mates. With that snap of my fingers were are teleported from his bedroom into our new home far, far, away from civilization. And the house is surrounded by a thick forest that's spreads out for miles and miles.

I look down at Conner, as he is still sleeping away. I know he will be surprised and scared at first, that's why I lean down and miss his pink kissable lips and complete the spell.

When he wakes up, he will think he came here of his own free will, everyone who knows him will think he moved away and the best part he will get fat off my cooking and will not have any health problems along the way.

And... Maybe in the future after, he stretch his stomach out; he can have our own children. Since it's the truth that if a human is mated with a non human aka a supernatural; that the human's always get pregnant no matter if their mates are the same sex as them.

I lay down and wrapped a protective around my mate and as I fall asleep I can feel, the power in my magic affect his whole body. Soon, Conner will care less and less about working out and will only care about being fed.

But for now, Conner is not going to gain to much too quick. It will be slow but still wonderful as I have him begging me to feed him more. I wonder just how big he will get? Just the thought got me hard but I can down and go to sleep with plans for the next morning.
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