one greedy weekend

chapter 1

The long beam of light that seeps through the curtain is pale: a silver finger that seems to stroke it's way over my soft skin as I creep across the room back towards bed.

I have no doubt that its moonlight... but already I've been down to the kitchen for your breakfast. The first of many for today. I'm too keen for you to eat. I want too many calories in your belly to wait for sunrise.

You are stiring softly as I unlaiden myself...  six dense muffins carefully balanced on the bedside cabinet, where I will be able to reach them when you finish your main course - several servings of a breakfast burrito are heavy on their plate in my hand. How heavy are they going to be in your belly. a meal which in itself is nearly enough to feed four... five people?  You are so greedy; you eat so much in your gluttony I've lost sense of 'normal' portion size. I just love that you eat way beyond it. Pushing over the realm of hedonistic indulgence; into an overfed, gluttony... one that makes your belly swell and ache. Gorged and in need of me. It excites us both. I set the bottles down too, on the floor beside the bed... where I can reach down for them whilst sat astride you. 

You take a moment looking up at me; your shirt hanging loose around me, sitting a little to far up my thighs for me to modesty wear as a dress, my breasts seem to catch it so it sits shorter on me, the buttons stretching over their curves, but hiding my little waist and  slipping from my shoulder...all drawing your eye to my naked form underneath.

Propping yourself up to sit; you reach for me and I let you pull me onto your lap. I find myself flushing a l feel the strength in your arms. The way in which you so easily lift me.  Your chest still toned... slim. But as my eyes are drawn down... as I set down the heavy plate... I see the soft bulge of a plump little belly where there was not so long ago toned abs. It's only a little belly. The secret softness that comes with our indulgences. When you please your feeder. Last time  few extra pounds of fat have stayed soft in your middle;  we night have been enjoying them a little too much recently... I'm sure its just from a few too many extra calories. You're not fat yet.

I feel myself give to you as you begin to kiss along my collar bones; my thighs tightening, wrapping themselves around your back,  as if they are asking you to hold me close. As if already I want your heavy little belly pressed against my pelvis, and your hands in the small of my back as you lift me up... but you're undoing my buttons now. Your buttons really, since it's your shirt... I can remember the last time you wore it to dinner a few weeks ago. You were hugely overfed then too... in fact you had undone your trousers just to sit down so that your belly poured between the opened zip. More room to grow you had teased.  And you had gorged yourself even fuller, until you had to arch your back as you leant against your chair counter act the heavy weight of your belly bulging out as you panted, trying your hardest to stifle little belches and moaning each time as your belly pressed out a little further. There was no room for it to grow any more.  You had felt my glutton then, as you clutched your aching belly with your shirt buttons straining showing the tight skin beneath them, a little pink from all of that densely packed food. You had felt more of a glutton as I insisted you have a little dessert; with your belly threatening to pop them off at any second. Somehow they had held... and after half a tub of ice cream top of your calorie filled feast... you had deserved a belly rub. I couldn't hold back... I hadn't held back.

Now as you undress me, burying your face in my clevage so that I squirm in pleasure from the stubble of your beard on my skin;  gasping a little at your touch - feeling myself tense wrapping your hands around my little waist... sliding down my hips. Feeling myself tense as you explore me. Unbuttoning lower and you press me down into the bed,  and in the warmth of your kisses as they explore my body, I know what I want.

For now, you're strong and stuffed and pleasing me. But Soon... soon you will be too full to please me like this. Your big belly might pin you down under its stuffed weight. What will you think then? As you need me to rub and adore you. As I please myself with your swollen belly... you know just how excited seeing you so indulged makes me.

I catch your chin as you part my thighs;
"Next time that this buttons are undone... it will be because your belly has popped them" I can feel your excitment, pressed against me, pulse a little as I mention your belly. "I hope you're hungry. Because I have big plans for you, greedy."
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Jon16011 1 year
I think I just got fatter having read this. :-)
GrowingLoveH... 1 year
If you’ve got more to this, please please,I plead with you;

Built4com4t 1 year
Another dazzling little vignette :-)