one more burger

Chapter 1 - one more burger - part 1

This beanbag chair is really comfortable. Well, for its purpose, it really ought to be.

You feel quite drowsy, harbouring no particular interest in moving. The living room is warm, thanks in no small part to the fireplace crackling in a lively orange blaze a few feet away. The evening has brought a moderate downpour of rain, but you can't see any of that; the curtains are drawn, and the fire is the only light you see. You feel increasingly relaxed as your ears absorb the crackling of the fire, the gentle cascade of rain on the windows, and the soothing music playing through a set of speakers that sit in each corner of the room.

You lean back and take a deep breath. You smell food; freshly cooked and so succulent that the mere thought makes your stomach growl loudly.

Even more delicious than that; you smell her.

-------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------

You've had your eye on her for quite a while, now. She first caught your eye around two months ago in a fast food establishment. Two big boxes of chicken nuggets, two cheeseburgers, two lots of fries, and two strawberry milkshakes. She must have been waiting for a friend who was running late.

A few days later she was in your local pub, having a cheeky afternoon pint while clearing a plate of scampi and chips. No sooner had she cleaned her plate than a waiter arrived with a mixed grill and an enormous shortcake sundae. On this occasion you had more time to spare. You made sure to walk past her table when getting another drink from the bar, and as you drank with your friends you sneakily glanced over every so often. The more times you looked, the less food was present on her table. Soon it was time to move on - the one time pub crawls are so annoying! With only five minutes to go, you opened the pub's app on your phone and ordered a large slab of chocolate orange cake to her table - with a cherry on top, to boot. The moist, inviting dessert arrived just as your friends were dragging you out of the door. You took one last look as her eyes widen, and you felt almost certain that her eyes met yours.

From that point on you ended up seeing her more and more often, and each situation always seemed to involve food; from the time at the cinema when she'd bought a footlong chilidog, noticed that you were standing there, and then quickly rushed back to buy a second one, to the time back at the pub when you ordered a pitcher of her favourite cocktail and she made fully sure that you were watching when she downed the pitcher with nary a pause in between, holding her stomach the entire time. She gently grabbed your wrist to place your hand on her midsection.
"Come feel my baby kicking." She teased.
Of course, she wasn't really pregnant; her belly was jostling and bubbling because drinking so fast had given her the hiccups. Looking down at her jiggling belly also gave you ample opportunity to look into her cleavage; her tantalising breasts bouncing with each movement from her hiccup-infested stomach.

Your eyes rose from her stomach up to her breasts, and then from her breasts up to her eyes, and from that point you were lost.

You were lost, and you were rejecting all search parties.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------

Now here you sit in the middle of the living room. You sprawled out in this ridiculously comfy beanbag chair; she bringing a hot cheeseburger to your lips. In your encounters with this magnificent woman you have essentially been feeding her. It all started with that chocolate orange cake; since she realised that you ordered it for her, even after eating two full meals and a sundae, the very sight of you - nay, the mere thought - made her want to eat. Since you wanted her to eat so much, she wanted to make her stomach swell with her favourite foods and drinks. She wanted to stretch her clothes and make passers-by believe she was pregnant - and she wanted you to see every second of it.

Tonight, however, you both know that it's your turn. You obediently open your mouth and take a bite.

Your bond over food has developed into one of romance. The best thing you can do for each other is obtain your favourite foods and fill each other up as much as possible. Testing each other's limits; rubbing each other's bellies for encouragement; kissing and stroking each and every new inch that grows - no matter where it may be. Right now you are just sitting back and relaxing while this gorgeous woman brings you burger after burger, rubbing a circle on your firm belly as you continue to eat.
"You're doing wonderfully." Her plump lips curve up into a smile.

You lose track of time, only able to concentrate on the mass of food stretching your stomach outward and the irresistible charmer who is responsible. She has you finish another burger wile rubbing your belly, leaning in to kiss the top of the gurgling ball. Her warm lips feel soothing against the area where all of this food is sitting. She gently slides her hands down your stomach, giggling sweetly before unfastening your jeans. Your engorged midsection expands freely, pushing the zipper down all the way. It seemingly gives out a rumble of relief while she caresses the painful red marks from where your jeans dug into your flesh. You let out a moan and lean back, pushing your belly outward to give her easy access; a gesture she greatly appreciates.

You suddenly feel yourself sink further into the beanbag chair than before; a warm softness enveloping your front. She has climbed on top of you. Your heart begins to pound in your chest as she brings another burger to your lips. She leans toward you so that her lips tickle your ear; her soft belly contrasting with the solid mass of meat inside yours.
"One more burger, and you get to see my tummy." She whispers.
You swallow hard. She's teased you with her belly for a month now, but you've never actually seen it bare before! You eagerly open your mouth, but you find that you can't fit as much in there this time.

That's when it hits you - you're starting to get full, and this is a double burger!

With no wish to disappoint her, you chew and chew and chew and swallow, getting ready for the next mouthful. With each bite your cheeks bulge; her soft hands gently rubbing them to encourage you. Your jaw is beginning to feel a little sore, so this massage is well-appreciated. The skin at the sides of your belly is starting to feel taut. You don't even need to say anything; she is laid next to you and kissing one side while reaching around to stroke the other.

You know that you have your limits. You know that you're getting ready to explode - but with the way she treats your expanding stomach, you feel like you could keep growing forever.

Another burger down. Your breath is laboured; your hands holding your belly still. She gives it a few gentle pats and you have to let out a few burps; each one makes her smile wider and wider.
"I do believe I promised you a reward, my cherie." She winks at you.
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