one of my favorite feedist memories

Chapter 1 - 1/1

This is a true story (no, really) that I wrote down in mid-March 2012. I haven't edited any of the details.

I just want to get this down before I forget any details. (And, yes, this IS a true story. This actually happened last night.)

So yesterday my new squeeze suggests that we go out for fat sandwiches. We've talked about this before, him knowing my love of all things dealing with fat, weight gain, and feederism. For the record, fat sandwiches are these crazy sandwiches with things like chicken fingers, fries, mozzarella sticks, and other wonderful fattening foods on them. They're sub sized... pretty big. You can get them at these food trucks (lovingly called "grease trucks") right outside of Rutgers University. Adam Richman, of Man v. Food fame, tried to take on 5 of these fatties as a challenge in his New Brunswick, NJ show. (He failed, but that's another story.) (Also, the fact that my sweetie lives next to a town that's been featured on Man v. Food because of their crazy eateries with ridiculously bad for you food in enormous proportions... well, it's a lovely coincidence. It wasn't the reason I got with him, but it CERTAINLY didn't hurt. ;-) )

Now, I must admit, there was some apprehension, due to my having a gallstone and (being a mutual gainer/switch feed) knowing full well I won't be able to join him in one of these culinary tributes to lipids. The very thing I love the most being the very thing that will make me extremely ill... it's a cruel, sick joke that fate has played on me. Still, the idea of him chowing down on a sandwich with a name like "Fat Bitch" or "Fat Darrell"... it warms the cockles of my heart, not to mention my loins.

We decide to go for it. We head to the trucks, and he said it's my job to pick out what sandwich he's going to eat. I peruse the menu of over 30 different masterpieces and pick out the Fat Phuck... chosen not just for its awesome name, but also for the fact that I think it had just about every bad for you food the truck makes packed onto it. I believe it had: cheese steak & cheese, chicken fingers, french fries, mozzarella sticks, bacon, white sauce, and lettuce (you know, because it needs to have at least SOME redeeming value).

As they prepare it, I'm glowing like a kid in a candy store. I'm also trying to figure out if there's something on their menu that I can eat. It's dinner time, I'm hungry, and watching him eat will drive me crazy.

And then it's done. I was surprised it wasn't bigger, but it didn't really need to be. We sat down at a table that actually afforded us a bit of privacy, and dug in. I insisted on having the first bite, knowing that a bite of this baby is probably all I could eat without getting sick (and even that's debatable). And by bite, I mean massive mouthful. Let me tell you, it was fatty fried deliciousness, all exploding in my mouth, especially in that I haven't eaten anything like it in MONTHS.

I (begrudgingly) give it back to my sweetie, who proceeds to enjoy his dinner. Watching him eat this absurdly bad for you sandwich, especially while discussing how many of them he thinks he could eat and taking guesses at the nutritional facts... it definitely made me squishy in my pants. He finished it off (with me stealing a few more bites), and I coyly ask him if he's still hungry. Surprisingly enough, he said he could eat some more. My eyes light up. I ask if he wants another one, and he says yes.

This time, I let him choose. He goes for the Fat Buddha (which, surprisingly enough, is not one of the small handful of vegetarian fat sandwiches). Sadly, I don't remember everything it had in it, but there was cheesesteak, an egg, pork roll, french fries, mayo and more. He digs in pretty quickly, shoving the giant sandwich in his mouth while making gorgeous brownish hazel eyes at me, knowing exactly what he's doing, knowing exactly how much this is turning me on. About half way through, though, he says he's getting pretty full. I've watched enough Man v. Food to know about the 20 minute food wall, and I know that the run (apparently literally) he took to the ATM to get more cash for the 2nd sandwich ate up time he didn't have to spare. I, however, take a bite of the sandwich to try it, and start doing my part: encouraging. "You can do it, I know you can. You've got this down." and "It's just a couple more bites." Within a few minutes, he's down to the end, and offering to let me have the last bites. I decline, stating that it's hotter when he eats them. He finishes the sandwich off with my stamp of approval.

I finish my own chicken kabob pita wrap (which was a bit fattier than I would have ordered [or felt comfortable eating, knowing my limitations], what with grilled peppers & onions and some form of tzatziki sauce) and we wander back to the car. As we get in, I decide I want ice cream, because my sandwich wasn't as filling as his. So we head over to one of those newfangled serve-yourself yogurt places, where we share almost a pound of pistachio & taro root flavored frozen yogurt with lots of fresh fruit on top and some rainbow sprinkles (because what good is ice cream without sprinkles?). I'm impressed watching him continue to eat. It makes me wonder... does this boy have a bottomless stomach or what? Either way, it's getting harder for me to function and focus... I'm trying not to walk into things.

We head back home amid him rubbing his quite full tummy & groaning a bit. (Always hot.) When we get there, I'm going through the fridge, trying to find something more for me to eat, as I'm turned on & feeling like stuffing myself until I'm as full as he is. I didn't really find anything for myself, but I found some key lime pie we bought the other day... stuff that I love (but can't eat presently) but he'd never tried. I offer the pie, and much to my surprise, he accepts! He chows down (AND joins the pie with a favorite soda) as I give my mom a quick call. I'm blown away by the fact that he's STILL eating. My mind is reeling at this point.

When he's done, we head over to the couch. He's complaining how his belly hurts a bit, and I offer to give him belly rubs. Touching his full, tight belly (with the soft fat on top) is driving me mad while soothing him. He pulls his shirt up to let me rub easier, and I just stand there, eyeing him from head to toe, taking in the scene. A tall, slightly dark, handsome man, dressed casually but attractively, with muscles like steel but pillowy softness on top, his shirt pulled up and his large belly hanging down over his belt, rubbing himself, groaning, but eyes a-glitter & smiling at how full he feels and how good it was... I just stood there and wondered what in the hell did I manage to do right in life to deserve this. Unfortunately, though, by now, he's eaten himself into a very good food coma, and is quite tired & sluggish. Some more rubbing, snuggling, & cuddling, though, and we decide to move into the bedroom to see what'll happen.

At this point, we're shirts off & laying on the bed facing each other, our bellies rubbing up against each other, us smiling at each other, kissing, touching, doing the things that new lovers do. I decide to grab a bag of baked chips (which I can eat) and lay back and eat them, reveling in the sloth & gluttony. I offer him some, fully assuming he'll say "oh, dear god, no, you've got to be kidding me"... but he accepts. I reel from this, not at all expecting a positive response. So I start feeding him chips. I'm beside myself. This man has eaten probably a good 3500 calories at least at this point... he's still eating chips. We eat chips for a while, until he says "I can't eat another bite". I do the encouragement thing, but quickly realize this is a real "I can't eat another bite", not the pretend one us feederists use to play with that fantasy. I accept this, being amazed he was able to eat what he did.

Beyond this, I don't have many memories, other than trying to teach him how to "talk (fat) sexy" and us having some pretty good sex (and me being amazed at how well he can fuck missionary style while being that tired & that full). Today has consisted of some pretty good talk about a repeat performance, but possibly seeing if we can stretch his stomach out some & have him try for 3. (Other ideas thrown around is an eating contest between the 2 of us. I'm pretty out of shape for that, but then again, he may well be, too. We'll have to see. Oh, and watching him go head to head with Adam Richman and it all concluding in a 3some where they both focus on me... but that's just fun fantasy. ;-) )

In the end, all I can say is I'm beyond grateful for good, giving & game lovers who will happily indulge your fetish, even though it's not their own. (OTOH, considering it involved having a nice big ol' tasty meal didn't hurt. ;-) )
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Td0057 4 years
Wow! Nice to know some things like this really happen. Thanks!