open wide

chapter 1 - emergency cookies

I’m a skinny man. I watch what I eat. Seems like I’m watching what you eat too.

Silly me, I over order for myself when we go out for dates. Sitting at a nice restaurant I picked out. You in a dress I picked out and me in a fine fitted suit.

Your dress must have shrunk in the wash? What? The tag was still one when i picked it out? Surely, you must be mistaken. Figments of your imagination. You were this size last month.

I order for you and myself. Large portions for you and same portions for myself. I have no intention finishing my food. I eat like a bird, How else am I to stay this skinny? You, my dear, are responsible for finishing your plate...and mine.

You haven’t noticed that when i make our meals at home, your portions have slowly increased in size. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach. Your stomach, however, is ever growing.

You hardly notice the changes creep up on you. Happy to not get up again for more food, you greedily finish my food off for me.

But tonight at this fancy restaurant, you’re gonna pig out because I said so. Two appetizers. Two large plates. Two desserts. All with wine to help wash it all down.

Your dress tears as I lead you, a waddling blob, across the restaurant towards the door. The seams gave up on life as you stuffed your ever large face with more nourishment.

The remaining fragments of your dress fall to the floor. Your face blushes. My pants tighten. Most restaurant patrons look away in embarrassment. But not all the patrons...

Few stare in amazement. Like a reflex, i pull emergency cookies out of my pockets and feed it to your face. You eat with from my hand obediently.

We leave the dress behind. Valet pulls the car up. As they exit the car, their jaws hit the floor. guess they never seen a feedee as lovely as you.

I pull out more snacks from the glove compartment. There is never a minute where your mouth doesn’t have a snack in it. Still, you believe you’re still your original smaller size. Surely this was just bloating. Sure, dear. think that as i take you home for your second dinner.

Silly me, I didn’t finish plate. Guess I wasn’t hungry after all. I don’t have much of an appetite for food but i do have an appetite for you. You’ll be my dessert after I stuff you to the brim. Open Wide.

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Shrug 1 year
This is really good! Bruhhhh where have you been hiding this talent BDKDBDKFND