our fantasy - naked in nature together

  By Nok

Chapter 1 - foreword

c 2014
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This piece is described by its title.


Despite the intro, this story does not focus on sci-fi elements. Also, it may be corny in places--which is not unintentional. XD

This was another experimental piece for me, and in several ways, both artistically and carnally. It is almost poetic, containing little if any dialogue and focusing much more on mood and description than plot, and it contains a number of fetishes other than fat and weight gain (though it does have more weight gain than almost any other piece I've written), focused on naturalism, but including impregnation and fertility, alternatives to intercourse and procrastination of it for sexual tension, scent, hair, sweat and saliva.

While not yet perfected, it is probably one of my personal favorites of my own stuff and is, without a doubt, and somewhat unusually in this genre, unique.

Cover image, on FF at least, for now at least, is bbw___piroca_s_by_rendermojo-d6raqdo.


WARNING: You probably don't want to view this. It probably contains intense FAT fiction and FEEDERISM themes, it may contain BDSM themes, and it is likely overtly SEXUAL to boot! If you don't like this stuff, or don't know what I am talking about, then (again): You probably don't want to view this!

WARNING: This contains frequent use of sex, sexuality, or alternatives to penetrative intercourse as feeding incentives or erotic stimulants.

WARNING: This piece contains additional fetish themes and descriptions, potentially including, but not limited to: naturalism, impregnation or fertility, slob, scent, underarm or pubic hair, or sweat or saliva.


Until I can think of something better, I've decided to add a BDSM scale to all my stuff. It ranges from 1 to 10, where a 1 is mildly kinky and a 5 is solidly BDSM. A rating of higher than 5 is probably extremely naughty. If you aren't sure you like this stuff, I encourage you to find something with a rating of 3 or below.
This story's BDSM rating is 1.


Comments and critiques are greatly appreciated!

Enjoy at your own risk! 0.o ;p XD lol

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Our Fantasy - Naked in Nature Together

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