our life together (free preview)

Chapter 1 - our life together - part 1

You are awakened by the smell of something tantalizing coming from the kitchen. You stir, blinking your eyes open and making a face at the morning light. You groan and a hand comes up to rub at your sleepy eyes as you yawn and resign yourself to being awake.

You stretch a little, then a hand falls naturally on your belly. Laying on your back, it rises far into the air, reaching for the ceiling. You remember when it used to be flat and thin, now it’s a huge mound that rises from under the bed covers.

But it doesn’t even bother you.

It’s been steadily growing for so long, such a large lump under your hand doesn’t even surprise you. You are used to being fat and soft and heavy. You are reminded of it every time you move your arms and feel their flab jiggle, or when you waddle around because your thighs are too big for you to walk.

But it’s just so normal now. It’s just life.

You finally work up the energy to push yourself out of bed. You rise, puffing as you do, your belly pushing itself over your wide thighs.

Then you brace your hands on either side of your hips and groan as you push yourself to your feet.

You wobble some as you stand, placing a hand on your belly to help find your balance.

Then you waddle sleepily towards the bathroom.

You shower, slowly, enjoying the warm water. You love how it cascades down your large breasts to your belly which reaches out far before you. You love how it pours down your thick thighs and wide ass.

When you’re done, you throw your hair into a ponytail, put on some light make-up, brush your teeth, and head back into the bedroom.

You waddle towards the dresser where you know you’ll find the outfit I layed out for you, the same place where I lay it out every day.

You find a pink crop top and some soft shorts. Maybe when you first started growing, this would embarrass you. Knowing so much of your body would be exposed thanks to these items that will only cover so little.

But it’s just so normal at this point.

So you slip off your PJs and put the top on, pulling it down as far as it goes. It fits snugly around your large breasts and hugs your torso below. Your belly hangs out of it shamelessly as it only covers a few inches. Your deep navel is visible to all the world as it hangs low over your waste line.

Next you step out of your pants, puffing a bit as you bend and holding onto the dresser for balance. Then you slip on the shorts no more gracefully.

The elastic that is their waistband digs into you. It pushes against your soft back, your thick love handles, and hides beneath your big belly. Your thighs have only a few short inches of fabric covering them. Otherwise, you are completely exposed.

Once you’re dressed, you turn for the door.

Now, you follow your nose.

You wander through our living room to our dining room, where there’s already a wide spread of food just for you. A large stack of chocolate-chip dotted, giant, fluffy pancakes with butter, nutella, and peanut butter on the side for you to adorn them. Hot sizzling bacon waits on the side, looking and smelling fresh off the griddle.

Your stomach groans as if on cue, eager to get started on the feast before you. You pull out a chair and sit.

“Good morning,” you hear from behind you.
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