chapter 1

(Writer’s note: Decided to do a M/F for a change rather than the F/F I’ve seemed to have gravitated towards with the rest of my stories. I would like to do more M/F in the future!)

The smell of fresh, sizzling bacon filled Penny’s nostrils and stirred her from her sleep. As much as she wanted to get up, staying in bed just a little while longer sounded much better…That was until her stomach growled, desperate to be stuffed to the brim for yet another day.

Chris knew it was getting harder and harder to get his girlfriend up in the morning due to how lazy she’d gotten, especially in recent months. Sometimes if he was feeling nice, he’d bring her breakfast in bed and let her relax for a while before getting her up. Otherwise he mostly forced her to get up because he loved watching her waddle and her flab jiggle with every step she took. It was a sight that always took his breath away. To think when they first started, she was only a measly 180 lbs if that and now she was tanking more towards 650.

She waited in bed for a little while half hoping Chris would come in with her breakfast, but it seemed as though he was being extra cruel today by coaxing her out with her favourite breakfast item. Even rolling over to the edge of the bed was starting to become such a huge struggle for both Penny and the bed. The loud creaking as the bed tried its best not to collapse underneath her was a good indication to Chris that his plan had worked and so he began to plate up her breakfast.

With one…two…three attempts to get to her feet today, Penny inhaled a few deep breaths before making her way to the kitchen. Thankfully, the doorway from their bedroom out to the hallway was a wide double so usually it wasn’t a problem. What had become a particular issue was the much narrower single doorframe that lead into the merged living/kitchen area and the main part of their house.

“Pennyyyyyy…It’s going to go cold if you don’t hurry up!” Chris cooed out to her, sliding the last pancake onto the relatively large stack of them.

By making the fatal mistake of trying to go through the doorway frontways rather than sideways, Penny managed to make it about halfway before her hips suction cupped themselves to either side. She tried forcing through, grabbing onto either side and using the little strength she had under all of her flab to push herself with no such luck.

Curious as to what was taking her longer than usual, Chris went to investigate to see where she was at. The sight he saw before himself almost made him faint on the spot.

There she was, his girlfriend in all of her glory, stuck between a doorframe. His eyes widened as his eyes examined her body, noting how fat was trying to fill out of his side of the door (mostly her gut) and how much the frame was digging into her hips. She was breaking a sweat with the effort she was putting in to become unstuck, chest rising and falling heavily and pants escaping her lips.

“…Well.” Chris finally managed to get a hold of his words. “Maybe if you hadn’t been such a lazy girl this wouldn’t have happened.”

A smug smirk crawled up his face that made Penny melt. She was humiliated, but the both of them knew that she loved it. She loved how Chris grabbed her low hanging stomach, jiggling it in between two hands and taking the full advantage of her situation. She loved how he stared at her with almost a sense of hunger in his eyes, like a predator to prey. And she loved how he emphasised how much she had grown by pulling down her ridiculously small pyjama top as far it could, only for it to roll back to its original position bunched up under her breasts.

The loud rumbling coming from Penny’s stomach was a good reminder for both of them that Penny needed to eat still but clearly she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She whined as she felt so starved, something she certainly wasn’t used to. Looking at Chris with pleading eyes she begged, “Ugh…I’m so hungry, Chris. Please, help me out! I promise I’ll eat extra today!”

“Ah ah ah, I have a much better idea.” He didn’t want to pass up this opportunity so soon. After all, the chances of Penny even being able to get out of bed these days were getting slimmer as she was getting thicker. Chris left his blubber of a girlfriend to return to the kitchen, working as fast as he could to fit as much as possible onto the food trolley they had. Wheeling it over, he positioned it before her.

Chris chuckled as he watched Penny’s desperate attempts to try and reach it, but it was juuuust out of reach. It didn’t take long for a pout to form on her face. “You’re enjoying this way too much.”

“Don’t pretend like you’re not either.” He retorted as he picked up a handful of five bacon strips, holding it up to her mouth for her. It’s not like she could say anything back to deny it since it was true so instead she took the mouthful, eating as though she had been starved for weeks.

It was a little difficult trying to keep up with her pace Chris had to admit but it just made him all the prouder of how far she had come. Even a quarter of what was laid out before her was a struggle for Penny at one point and now she could eat a whole family’s worth of food and still want seconds afterwards.

Occasionally, he’ll pause to wipe up the grease from the bacon or the syrup from the pancakes from her chin(s) and stick his finger in her mouth for her to lick clean. It had been a while since he had personally fed Penny as she liked to do things as she pleased, so this was a nice change of pace.

It didn’t take long for the empty plates to start piling up until there was barely anything but scraps left. She definitely wasn’t stuffed but she was certainly full and that was even more exaggerated by the doorframe. From a side profile, her belly stuck out by at least another inch, if not two than she had been previously. Chris pushed aside the trolley and knelt down to be head level with her gut, gently rubbing the sides with two hands and letting his pig of a girlfriend belch to ease some of the dull pain.

(Writer’s note again: Breaking it up here so it’s not an awkward break up further down.)
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