over the years

chapter 1

They were the most unlikely couple everyone said on them at their wedding and honeymoon. No one ever came out an said it, but they both knew what was meant. Billy was too thin and fit to be with a Linda who weighed close to 400lbs. Linda soon made up her mind that she'd make her dearest look more suitable, even if he didn't realize it.

While dating, Linda ofyen kidded with Billy that if he kept eating with her, he was bound to gain some weight himself. Unfortunately for Linda, Billy's job at the gym kept him ever so fit and trim. Now that they were wed, Linda thought a few lifestyle changes would help her beloved to grow into the piggy she always desired.

Their honeymoon was great as it provided Linda time to feed her man uninterrupted and without any exercise for two straight weeks. At the end of that time Billy added about ten pounds and an inch or two to his waist line. It wasn't a ton, but it did cause Billy a bit of trouble buttoning his pants, much to Linda's satisfaction. His weight gain was significant enough that he got some friendly jeers from his gym buds about how "marriage seemed to fit him a little to well" and that "he'd better be careful ".

"Hey honey, I think I'd better get back in the gym", said Billy one day.

"Why's that", askef Linda innocently.

"I think I've gained a little weight recently"

"Nah, it's just your imagination. You're as skinny as the day we met"

"You think so?", asked Billy as he pinched at a thin layer of fat covering his abs.

"You're too skinny anyways", said Linda as they both laughed off his initial weight gain.

This pattern continued throughout the first year of marriage with Billy's weight yo yoing up and down as he struggled to maintain his weight. Linda created conditions at home that made it harder and harder for him to achieve fitness.

Linda slowly increased Billy's portions, often offering her husband her leftovers and desserts. By their first anniversary Billy had gained another twenty pounds, taking him up from 210lbs, up to 240lbs. At six foot five, he still wasn't fat yet, but he'd definitely gone from thin to average, if not a bit chubby in their first year of marriage. His sizeable chest had softened considerably, along with his legs and growing backside. He didn't quite yet have a proper double chin, but his face had long since lost all of its angularity.

Billy had began the first year of their marriage as a hot stud and but was ending it with a rounding out dad's bod. Still refusing to buy new clothes, Billy took to undoing his shirts as to somewhat hide his thickening and softening midsection that now pushed out over his too tight beltine.

Linda's girlfriends still fawned over the now less fit Billy much to her displeasure. So Linda decided to step up her plan to make her husband more suitable buy lacing all of his foods and drinks with appitite enhancers.

Over the next six months Linda created every diversion to keep her hubby from the gym and growing more chubby. Soon Netflixing and eating had replaced his extra work out sessions. Too further limit Billy's calorie burning, Linda began walking with her hubby every time he wanted to go for a run.

The appitite enhancers plus her constant coaxing and huge meals were having their effects. Billy's drastic cut in exercise plus his ever increasing consumption of fatty foods was adding up. By their second anniversary Billy was up to 280lb lbs.

Linda did everything possible to hide her husband's gain from him from hiding and destroying several scales, removing mirrors and constantly buying him new clothes and removing the sizing tags. She thought that he had to know he was getting fat but Billy never seemed to show too much concern until some of his fit friends started calling him "bitch tits".

It was at this point that Billy decided to get serious about getting back in shape. When he made his intentions clear to his wife, Linda was faced with a dilemma: should she openly encourage him to keep gaining or secretly keep fattening him up. The former was more honorable, but carried the burden of Billy's possible outrage while the latter was deceitful, it tantilized Linda's imagination and easily won the day and the argument, at least as Linda was concerned.

Billy began jogging again albeit at a snails pace and hit the weights, determined to get his old body back. Linda encouraged him and loved watching his now juicy and fat form try to do exercise.

As much as she encouraged him to exercise, Linda doubled down her efforts with enough appite enhancers, fattening foods and tons of it. She was meticulous in making sure that no matter how hard he worked out that his calorie intake made up for what he burned plus enough left over to be converted to pure fat.

Month after month under Linda's constant yet silent influence, Billy added more weight, more fat and even more inches. The more he gained the harder it became for him to workout. Six months into their third year of marriage, Billy had given up on the yoga classes he had previously forced her to go to with him. Linda wasn't sure if it was the blow to his pride as the former flexible athlete couldn't even bend over and touch his toes any more.

His cardio was even more pathetic. Billy still liked to think of himself as a runner, but once his weight crested 300lbs, he hardly ever "ran" any more. And when he did, it was a pathetic excuse for running. He'd "run" at a virtual walking pace for only a couple of minutes, before getting winded and stopping to catch his breath.

Linda on the other hand had secretly taken to their treadmill whenever Billy fell into a food coma following "stuffed bellied" sex. Linda made sure that this particular ritual was followed everyday and recently, more often than not, more than once a day. As a result Linda's weight began to plummet while Billy seemed to grow fatter by the day.

Linda further added to Billy's dilemma by using her connections to get him a very high paid (actually over paid) position at her father's import and export business. While Billy used to really enjoy his management position at the local gym, he couldn't refuse the job as it's six figured salary dwarfed his former pay by more than three times.

Yes, the pay was much better, but Billy's new management position was way more sedentary than his last. His new workload consisted of long hours behind the desk, crunching both numbers and copious amounts of food and snacks that were diligently delivered by his new secretary Hanna.
By their third anniversary Linda's weight had dropped to 320lbs while Billy's climbed up to equally meet hers. Being so much shorter than her husband she knew that she was still technically fatter than her husband but to the naked and untrained eye, it definitely did not appear that way. Linda greatly tightened up her core and the constant walking, some jogging and daily yoga and weighlifting regimines transformed her from an SSBBW to a very plump Pawg. Billy's transformation was equally dramatic but in the other direction.

Up until six months ago, he'd merely grown heavier but after Billy hit 300lbs, something inside him changed. It was like he'd given up on working out almost completely and given in to overconsumption. He only added about 20lbs over the past six months. However,since he stopped working out, his gain consisted of losing about 20lbs of muscle while adding more than 40 pounds of pure jiggling fat.
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D, all the above
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A, B, and C. They feminize him.
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very great, hope to see chapter 5 updated soon! thanks!!
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This was an amazing story, I loved every second of it! Please continue!
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I enjoyed this story immensely, but the word ‘constantly’ crops up three times in the first chapter. A person can walk a lot, but they cannot ‘walk constantly’. Watch out for that.
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Thank you. I'm willing to incorporate any suggestions you may have. Can't promise but if we share similar kinks, it could be really fun to write and hopefully just as enjoyable to read.
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Please continue. This is a great story!