over there

chapter 1


It was the summer of 2020. The Boston heat was unbearable in those outdated graduate gowns as Harrison Witten put it when talking with his buddy Matt Damnity who graduated a year before him. Both were in the exclusive manufacturing engineering program at Boston Engineering Institute. Just like his buddy Matt Harrison had a knack for entrepreneurship and problem solving they were an unbeatable team, and stanch rivals.

Harrison had a different build than his good friend. Matt was fit but very wirily, but Harrison had a very broad muscular build he just looked the part of the athlete but never was one. He just worked out for the fun of it, and that was about it. He was a tall 6'5" with striking wavy brown hair. He had a very bony jawline and facial features with forest green eyes that just made woman swoon at the very site of them.

One would think that Harrison would be the biggest player on campus since of his extensive list of amazing physical attributes but that was a product of the last two years of high school and the first two years of college since Harrison was thinner and as he put it, "Undesirable to most women." That stigma stuck with him even though he now looks like a 10/10.

Harrison just like his friend Matt had multiple patents to his name dare I say more than his friend because his Ex came back into his life while for some reason Harrison was making more progress with inventions and ideas than his buddy did was astounding to the two of them. But after his Ex came back they hung out less and less.

Harris had only one secret. He was a grade A Feeder; he relished in the idea of taking a beautiful thin woman and slathering lays of fat on her figure just the way he liked it a big belly, plump breasts, fat a**, meaty thighs, but was a fit still in tip top shape underneath all that extra lard. Though he had never been a direct feeder to a woman before he had dispensed tons of gaining advice to women over the years on multiple different gaining websites.

So now on this hot sunny Boston August day Matt was as financially stable as his good friend, but without a girlfriend. The as Harrison plan was to spend a year in Europe just exploring and having fun; those ideas pranced around the entire ceremony. The day ended and as everyone else celebrated with family Harrison just went back to his small apartment to enjoy his achievement. Then as he entered all his friends and family were there to through him a surprise graduation party.

Harrison was never a big party person but this was pleasant at least. He maneuvered his way through the sea of people to eventually find Matt and said, "Holy shit I didn't expect to see you here." Matt spun around to great his friend and said, "Yeah today was open so I caught the first train up to be here. I wouldn't miss this besides I know you enjoy a good party or two." Harris said, "Well thanks for showing up." The two caught each other up when Anna, Matt's ex turned wife walked up and said, "Looks like we are getting the group back together." Harris gave a nervous laugh and said, "Not necessarily I am thinking of living abroad for a year before I settle down." Anna gave a nice look covering up her slight disdain from him as he did for her, "Oh that wonderful, where do you plan on going?"

Harris had now clue on where he was going so he said, "Well I always did enjoy every time I visited Germany so probably start there and see were the wind takes me." Anna gave a nod of approval then slipped back into the mass of people. The party lasted a few more hours until it was just Harris left in his apartment. He purchases his airline ticket, called the US embassy in Germany, and packed a medium sized suitcase. He enjoyed his last few days in Boston before his flight.
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