over time

chapter 1

217 pounds

She licked my finger seductively as I fed her the chocolate covered strawberry, her tongue being sure not to leave any bit of chocolate left. I knew what else she could do with her tongue, and couldn’t wait to get her back home. She was almost exploding out of her dress, it looked skin tight. One more bite of anything and it might come flying off.
She was an elegant beauty, brown skin and luscious dark hair that framed a face that would stop most men in their tracks easily. Her Moroccan features were what drew me to her originally. That, and the heavy hourglass figure that was ripe for gaining. From 150 to 217 pounds in less than a year, I was excited for the future. And while she didn’t care either at first, she knew how much her body turned me on. She reached her hand under the table, feeling alongside my thigh before softly rubbing my now rock hard erection.
“Mmmmm baby, do you wanna keep me eating here or are you gonna take me home before I rip this dress?” She quickened her pace on my crotch before biting her lip. I got the check quickly before she could take it any further. As I helped her out of the booth, I couldn’t help but notice every inch of her looked thicker and fuller.

324 pounds

Her thighs were wrapped tightly around my head, her nails running trails in my scalp as I went down on her. I could barely hear her moans, but knew she was enjoying it from the constant twitching movements her legs made. While her thighs were much larger, they definitely weren’t stronger by any means. She had no muscle tone in them, and feeling them on my head was like being suffocated by two very soft pillows. As I came back up, I took a look at my goddess. I could still see her head over her belly, for now. Her double belly hung low, threatening to cover her vagina completely. Her breasts were now in the E cup range, and hung back in her face almost as if they were choking her. Her arms were enormous, larger than even the biggest power lifter. Her double chin was very prominent now as she laid back, struggling to catch her breath.
I moved over to the fridge I had installed in our room, and took out several rich pastries I had picked up that day. I moved one into her mouth, and she chewed almost automatically, as if it was an instinctual response.

406 pounds

I pulled back on her hair hard, knowing she liked the pain. She arched her back in a way that only a nymphomaniac could, and I went deeper into her enormous ass. It seemed that most of the weight she gained these days went right to her globular ass cheeks. Every thrust sent waves along her fat, her moans turning into screams before long. I came hard and deep into her as she gripped the bed sheets violently. Her engagement ring shone brightly in the twilight of the night.

485 pounds

She liked the idea of using a funnel. I loved it. Down went the new shake I had created for her, it’s thick and rich texture something I would never swallow, but I wished she would drink gallons of it a day. Her big green eyes looked up at me eagerly as she swallowed, her stare locked in on my cock, precum leaking out of it as I watched her pig away.

Later on, she had her chubby fingers on my balls, before tracing one finger up the shaft. “I’m gonna get fatter for you. I know I’ve gained a lot already, but this is nothing. I know what you want baby, what we want. 500 is coming up, and when I hit it, you better fuck me like it’s the last chance you’ll get.” She deepthroated me, her hot and wet mouth sending me to another realm.
I saw stars when I came.

566 pounds

“God damn you’re such a fat cow, how could you ever let yourself get to this point?” Her mother held nothing back at thanksgiving dinner. Her family was rude and didn’t deserve her in their life.
“And how have you, her husband, let her do this to herself? Do you have some sick fetish of fattening her up? Are you trying to kill my daughter?” Her father roared at me, holding nothing back. My wife tried to talk, but her mother kept shutting her down.
“What the fuck are you even feeding her, pure butter?”

At this point, I had had enough. She hated her family, so burning some bridges didn’t matter too much to me.

“It’s not all butter, there’s some mass gainer protein in there, lard mixed in, along with whole milk, melted ice cream, pretty much anything that is fattening goes down your daughters throat and into her stomach.” Her parents were aghast at my words, possibly not even registering what I said.
“If we are feeling hornier than usual, which is almost every day, then maybe I’ll cum a few times into the funnel when she’s chugging it down. It’s not hard to beat off when I’m staring at that gut of hers. I think tonight, after we leave this dinner, I’ll pick up some fast food from three or four places for her. When we get back home, I’ll go down on her while she eats more junk.”

Her parents were in a state of shock, her mother dropping her utensils. They made a loud clack on the plate.

“And since you mentioned it, I think tonight I’ll make her eat a few sticks of butter as well. Not before I rub my cock on them, of course.”

Needless to say, her parents never bothered us again after that.

654 pounds

I braced her as she walked to the bedroom, her enormous body contrasting well with my strong and toned one. Both of us naked, enjoying our isolated house in the countryside. No prying eyes to peek, no angry parents to yell at, just me and my growing wife. Her long dark hair looked beautiful, her green eyes striking.
Despite her heavenly body, I really did enjoy her face the most.
“Almost to the bedroom, dear. Just a few more steps and you can lay down the rest of the day. I know it’s hard being this beautiful.” Her breathing was extremely labored and she had sweat pouring off of her. Her face was red and she was struggling to get more air into her lungs.

Suddenly, she stopped walking. Her full weight nearly fell onto me, and it was by pure luck I didn’t let her fall. We were a few steps from the bed, and she sprung forward with what little strength she had and collapsed on it, before sliding back off and onto the carpeted ground. Something was wrong. I went to call the hospital as fast as I could.

739 pounds

Since her first heart attack, we were more careful now. No movement for my goddess, I would take care of her every need. Her being immobile didn’t take as much of a toll on her as I thought it would. She seemed happy to relinquish all responsibility of her life to me. And she ate with a much higher fervor now. Sex was almost impossible, but with some moving around, I could penetrate her. The CPAP she was forced to wear at times and the oxygen tubes going into her nostrils did turn me on more than anything, and it seemed to do the same to her as well. Her diet was still disgusting, and we both got a kick out of the worsening numbers on her heart monitor and the other screens we had in the room. I wish her parents could see her now, they’d probably drop dead from shock..

948 pounds

My cock went in and out of her belly button fairly easily, while the vibrator deep below her rolls pleasured her just as well.
Both of us knew what was going to happen if we kept this up, and we didn’t care. We were so far gone in ecstasy that we didn’t care what happened. We were living in the moment, and no one could stop us. Was it inhuman of me to feed my wife from a knockout with a fat ass and great tits into a barely alive, immobile blob? Did she have a mental illness for wanting to essentially be fed to death?

Who knows, all both of us knew was that we were going to ride this train until it crashed.


Hope this was a decent story
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Chrysophase2003 2 years
Decent story. And nice fight with the in-laws. For my thesis, I'd love to make a case study of the psychology of people who know they're headed for a crash, but the privacy of such people makes them difficult to locate, let alone tell if they exist.