own you.

Chapter 1 - prologue and chapter 1

Own You.

Disclaimer: Dark weight gain fantasy, gay. Please don't read if those don't do it for you.



Septe mber 18th.

'Unf,' escaped the young man's lips as he tugged his slacks upwards. For the first time in his life they were meeting unexpected resistance, and the noise left his mouth before he could hold it back. His rear, larger after a three week culinary cruise, bounced and bunched up where the fabric constricted. Perplexed, the man rested his hands on his hips, which felt softer that he remembered. After another few tugs and grunts the pants had crested his ass, but the flap was almost an inch from meeting. Groaning and red in the face, he huffed and looked at himself in the mirror, a look for disapproval warping his otherwise attractive features.

The young man knew he had been overdoing it with the socials in the months leading up to the cruise, but the last three weeks of nearly nonstop gourmet sampling had left the twink with a total loss of definition. He turned back and forth, examining his expanded figure, clucking shamefully at the added love handles and small paunch. He sighed, even his pecs looked a bit puffy.

"I told you three weeks was too much," the young man sighed. He turned away from the mirror toward his partner, who drank in the scene from behind.

"Nonsense," the other man said with a clap, "you look wonderful, and I don't mind a little padding on your skinny frame."

He flashed a disarming grin. Through his smile a sexual thrill unlike any other coursed. Eight years the young mans senior, he looked his prize up and down with hunter-like lust. A lot of effort had gone into the program up to this point, and he was finally seeing some results.

"Besides... We don't dock for another hour. I'll order you up some clothes to get us home and we can deal with it there, what do you say, love?" The man gave a look of hopeful understanding to his newly chubby and insecure young boyfriend, and he accepted without pause.

"Good..." the older man cooed, "now why don't we.. take advantage with the time we have left..." he cracked, eyebrow cocked. He slid up to his thicker partner and gave his rear a smack, jiggling the surrounding flesh. The young man blushed but returned the lustful gaze with equal passion, grabbing the other's crotch while a playful grin crossed his lips. In the silence his stomach made its demands known, filling the room with it's cry for food.

"And maybe we could get something to eat?" The lad said red-faced. The older man laughed.

"You can always get something to eat."


I met Sebastian Hill at what was an opportune time. Power fully consolidated at Zaft Co. I had used the first month of my reign to fully flex my powers as CEO and install a number of projects to further my goal. Other than lay off anyone I didn't like or have use for, I had the developers create an HR protocol that tracked gender and sexuality, among other things. Personality traits, motivations, any data from background and social media checks the team could get their hands on was available at my fingertips. Many reasonable people would think this creepy as hell, authoritarian, and easily abused if in the wrong hands, which I wholeheartedly agree with. Why go to such lengths to know everything about your employees? It was simple.

I still remember the look on Sebastian's face when he realized who I was. So cute, his big brown eyes lit up like shining caramels. High arching cheek bones oozed surprise, perfect skin taught to his angular face. He was so thin, I remember thinking to myself. His pressed designer dress shirt folded to the contours of his gym-hardened frame. Sebastian looked like perfection to any other man or woman, and I wanted to make him very, very fat.
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