chapter 1

I sat back feeling stuffed to no end. Ever since I was born my dad would always do this. At dinnertime he will make me eat twice as much so I would gain weight. And obviously, it's working. 18 years old and close to 400 pounds. He also hypnotized a "wife" for me so now that I'm not living there, she would make sure I was well fed.

Molly smiled seeing my bloated stomach. "Dessert?" she asked. I can't say no, I always have to nod so I did. She left and came back with a giant slice of chocolate cake. She knew I wouldn't be able to finish it myself so she pushed my chair a bit, and fed it to me. There was only a few more bites before I felt my stomach digging into my jeans. And after the last, the button popped off making my stomach plop onto my lap.

"You really do like my cooking don't you?" she said and poked my hard stomach. I nodded and she smiled kissing my cheek and helped me up.

"You definitely are getting pretty porky. Maybe you should slow down on my food"

"I like it though"

"Well, I do like that. It shows" she said and pinched my stomach a bit jiggling it.

Ugh, I'm such a pig. My stomach is always hanging, my thighs rub together, and my face is just fat. I may as well be a Pig getting fattened up for slaughter.

She helped me in bed, and covered me the best she could accept my potbelly was too big to cover. She smiled and laid beside me holding my gut squeezing it a bit as if she was wondering how big I was gonna be tomorrow. She fell asleep and I did the same from the food coma.


I woke up from yet another nightmare. Guess it's still not gone away yet. The memories from 1874 are still fresh in my mind. I sat up turning off my alarm ruffling my curly black hair. 

I sat on the side of my bed looking at my outfit for today. I sighed and put on my baggy blue jeans putting on my belt that rested on my muscular waist. I put on my shirt that was also baggy, but also clung to my biceps. 

I'm now 146, and been in the best shape I've been since 75 years ago. I'm 6 ft 2, have black and red eyes, a sharp chin and muscular abs. To say the least, I am proud of myself. 

I made Homeade Oatmeal, went for my morning workout at the Gym, and jogged home taking a shower. I came out getting dressed and sat on the couch reading. 


I snapped out of it and looked at Dark.

"Sorry was just thinking. What did you say?"

"I said did you want to go? You said before that school was a nightmare"

"Yeah it's fine. I think it would be good"

I left before he said another word going to the mirror. I put my hands on my bony yet muscular hips feeling better that I lost all that stupid extra weight. It's been 100 years but it still feels like it was yesterday. May just be the trauma behind it. 

I put on my black shirt that had a few red skulls on it, black jeans using a belt cause they were a little baggy, and my combat boots. I fixed my hair, brushed my teeth and put cologne on. Good enough.

I got in my car and drove to my old high school. I could feel my blood running cold, knowing I was nervous. Who wouldn't be? I shook my head and tried to focus. You're different now, don't let your past define who you are now. 

I got there and got out getting my pass, and went to the entrance. 


"S hadow Young"

They looked at something and raised a brow. They showed me a pic and I cringed.

"This you?" they asked.

"Yeaaaah unfortunately" I answered almost vomiting.

They put it away. 

"Go on in"

I took a deep breath and did so hearing music. The gym was filled with people I used to go to school with, including a few I didn't particularly like. 

"Travis?" I heard and turned around.
"Oh, hi Monika" I answered.
She was the most popular girl in school back then. Was a cheerleader, everyone wanted to hang out with her, and every guy wanted to be with her.

"Yeah it's me" I said and she hugged me. I raised a brow and she let go. "Holy shit I can put my arms around you now"

"Thanks for reminding me I was fat as shit before" I told her and she laughed.

"Well you definitely did get hotter. Couldn't tell before"

"I'll take that as a compliment"

"Hey Travis"

That voice. I recognize it. I turned around and she smiled at me. 

"... Hey Xades"

"Haven't seen you in a while. How've you been?"

"Uh you know, around"

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm gonna go dance. Wanna come with?"

I nodded in hope to get away from Monika. Xades smiled and brought me to the dance floor. A slow dance came on and I rubbed my neck looking down. She put her hands on my neck and I looked at her pitting mine on her waist. We swayed slowly and I felt for a while at peace. 

"Hey former lard ass you're blocking the bathroom"

"Oh *** I'm like 20 feet from it" I growled.

I felt a blow at my jaw and let go of Xades falling on my side. I groaned and heard a few snickers as I got back up. Oh great it's Jake. Strong, but dumb. I grabbed him by his collar and put him up against the wall making him shocked. I lifted him up so we had eye contact. 

"Don't try that again. I'm not someone you wanna fuck with" I growled and let him go.

Ya know, he definitely looks shorter than I remember. Either that or I got taller during College.

Xades brought me to the snack table which I just drank water. I think she figured out what I was dong though because she frowned.

"Wanna go somewhere else? We can go to a burger place been dying to try that new one"

"Eh, I'm not that hungry. Plus I haven't touched junk food in 75 years"


I just shrugged. 

"Well I'm gonna bring ya there now"

There's no point in convincing her. She's almost as stubborn as me, which says something.
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