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Chapter 1 - tuesday, august 15th, 2184

8:00 AM: The patient, an average sized woman by the name of Amber Pace Davis, arrives for her treatment.

8:10 AM: Ms. Davis finishes her paperwork, turns it in for review, then goes back to her seat when instructed to do so by Ms. Brown, the lady at the front desk.

8:30 AM: After setting up the treatment, Dr. [REDACTED] called through a speaker, telling Ms. Davis to go to room A36, explaining that she needed to walk through the waiting room door, then to take a right.

*Room A36 was a huge, very well lit room that strongly smelt of freshly baked sweets.*

9:00 AM: After asking her some extra questions, Dr. [REDACTED] had instructed Ms. Davis to change into a different outfit that gave off a space tracksuit vibe.

*While interviewing Ms. Davis, I was informed of the material of the suit. The suit consisted of a light blue long sleeve with white sleeves; the suit also included a pair of light blue sweatpants with thick, white stripes on the sides of them. She stated that when she first touched it; apparently it felt like a swimsuit. She said that it had an excess amount of stretch, or at least that’s what she thought at that moment...*

9:10 AM: After changing into the new outfit; Ms. Davis was then told to stand against the wall on the other side of the room.

9:15 AM: When Ms. Davis was settled and in a comfortable standing position, the treatment had begun; the treatment consisted of many food items, which would be magically floated into her mouth and eaten by Ms. Davis and, by the end of the treatment, she would no longer be constantly hungry for the rest of her days; she’d still be hungry, just not as much as she originally was. Dr. [REDACTED] called this treatment “Hunger Replacement”.

*During an interview with Dr. [REDACTED], I learned that the minimum duration for the treatment is 7 hours and the maximum, safe duration seems to be 10 hours. During the treatment, each patient is allowed up to 4 breaks. During each break, the patient will have the opportunity to use the facilities, as well as the chance to have a booster drink labeled Hunger Helper.*

*Hunger Helper contained [REDACTED], the drink would help ensure less hunger throughout the patients life, but wouldn’t interfere with the treatment due to the fact that the effects of Hunger Helper do not begin until 24 hours after being ingested.*

9:15 AM-5:15 PM: During the 8, surprisingly quick hours, that she chose as the treatments duration, Ms. Davis had ballooned. According to Dr. [REDACTED], the doctor who supervised/observed the whole process, Ms. Davis had a steady gain of 21¼ pounds per hour.

*I have come to understand that Ms. Davis had understood the changes to her body that would be occurring during the treatment; however, she was still shocked all throughout the whole process of feeling her growth as she got bigger by the hour.*

*Dr. [REDACTED] also felt that it was necessary to include Ms. Davis’ growth process within this log.*

*Ms. Davis’ gain was linear and, since she paid for the “Balanced Growth” option, her body grew, well, evenly. According to Dr. [REDACTED], Ms. Davis plumped up everywhere all at once. Around every hour, her legs, butt, arms, stomach, and face all became rounder and bigger, giving a softer look to Ms. Davis. She had just gone from an average 152lbs to a fat 322lbs. The weight she gained was very noticeable on her 5’4” frame. Eventually, towards the end of the treatment, and 170 pounds later, her growth slowed.*

5:20 PM: According to Ms. Davis, the very end of the treatment was the first time she could actually see herself and notice just how much the “treatment” had fattened her up. Even though Ms. Davis was noticeably bigger, the tracksuit that she was instructed to change into at the very beginning didn’t even come close to bursting off of her fattened up body; tight, yes, but not to the point of bursting.

*An interesting feature of both parts of the tracksuit was the fact that, on the back of the collar and the waistband, there was a little device that read the current size of the tracksuit, no matter how stretched/expanded it got. Both devices on the tracksuit read XXXL.*

5:25 PM-6:00 PM: This was the time where contracts and agreements were made. Dr. [REDACTED] informed Ms. Davis that the company, [REDACTED], would cover any clothing expenses for the next year, this way Ms. Davis wouldn’t go broke buying new, bigger clothes for herself.

6:10 PM: After a day at [REDACTED], Ms. Davis would no longer be hungry 24/7; however, when she did get hungry, she’d eat more than the average person. With this, Ms. Davis left for her house, accepting her new size surprisingly quickly.

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I’m Ethan Modas and this has been my first, and very last, log of the “Hunger Replacement” treatment. I’d like to thank the doctors and Ms. Davis for the consent given by them, allowing me to obtain the information referring to that day.

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The cover picture is my personal edit of Better-with-Salt's art piece "Heroes vs. Heroes". I take no credit for the original piece. To see the full, more clear version of the cover picture, go to the following link. 005/art/Patient-012-892387571?ga_submit_new=10%3A1 632090087
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