pavlov's pig

  By Deft

chapter 1

It all started with a grindr message. He sent me a picture of what he called a ‘pig in progress’ a young twink looking guy around my age, pretty skinny in one pic and then significantly plumper in the second. I usually ignore the weird kinky older guys on the app but I don’t know, there was something about his profile that intrigued me. He didn’t look like a weirdo, mid fourties, hairy and muscular, I’m not really into older guys but there was just something about him.
I joked my metabolism was too fast to fatten me up, I think me replying made him think I was interested. We chatted a bit but then he sent me the video. Him with a chubby guy tied up, massaging him, teasing him, edging him, fucking him and then making him beg before making him cum. Something in his voice, how he just took charge, he was so completely in control, the other guy was entirely at his mercy it was so… Hot.
He told me he’d make me into one of his pigs, kept sending me pictures, videos, I thought it was all talk. He told me he wanted to meet. I’d spoken to guys like this before and ended up jerking off then not meeting up. I was horny and didn’t want another missed opportunity so I asked if he was free now. He was.
Two hours later I was naked strapped to a chair with my legs spread and my cock hard. He seemed to relish in my discomfort, he told me it usually takes weeks for him to reel a pig in. I was uncomfortable, it was too much, I just wanted him to let me cum so I could leave, but he didn’t, he kept me on the edge. His hand was always on my cock, playing, jerking, keeping me hard and close but never letting me cum. He kept telling me I was too skinny to cum. I pleaded, begged, told him I’d do anything. That’s what he wanted to hear.
He brought in a cheesecake and started feeding me, one forkful at a time. I can’t eat much at the best of times, but he wouldn’t relent, squeezing my cock to force me to open my mouth. I was so full, so horny, his hand never left my cock and his eyes never left mine. Piercing blue eyes, I could never meet them for more than a few seconds before I’d have to look away, he seemed to relish my shame and embarrassment. I struggled but managed to finish the cheesecake. He told me I was a good pig then brought me something to wash it down. I didn’t think I’d be able to eat or drink for the rest of the week, but then there was a protein shaker against my lips. He held my nose and soon I was gulping down a thick milkshake that had a syrupy sweet taste. I was gasping for air by the time he pulled it away, a few drops had spilled onto my face and stomach that was now bulging. I’d never felt more full in my life.
“Good pig, now, do you want another shake?” He asked. I shook my head, too full to even speak. “Well you said you’d be a chubby pig for me and look at you, you’re skin and bone.” He prodded my stomach. I’d always been skinny, kids at school used to joke I was anorexic, I ate but I never seemed to be able to gain weight. “Well ok pig, you’ve got two options, you can drink this second shake...” I was already shaking my head, moaning, straining to cradle my aching stomach. “Or, I make you cum and then put you in this” He holds up a little metal device the shape of a cock. “And you can come to me for release whenever you want, but you’ll have to eat first so I can turn you into a good pig”.
His blue eyes gazed into mine, his hand never leaving my cock, stroking it constantly and keeping me on the edge. “No, you’re not ready to cum yet are you pig? You want your milkshake, maybe something else to eat?” I shook my head, restraints clinking as my whole body rocked. “So you want to cum and be a locked up little piggy?” I nodded. “You’ll only be able to cum if I let you, you’ll be one of my pigs, and I like to play with my pigs…” He started to stroke faster, leaning in and looking into my eyes, making sure I understood. I nodded. “You want to be my pig?” I nodded again as his stroked became faster.
“Say it”
“Yes” I moan, it’s almost a gurgle.
“Say you want to be my pig”
I’m close, he leans in, stoking fasted, I can smell his breath, feel it on my face.
“Say it!”
“I want to be your pig!” I moan as I climax. I quake in my restraints, I’ve never had an orgasm like it, he keeps going, milking every drop of pleasure out of it until I’m writhing in the restraints, trying to escape his grip. He relishes my feeble attempts to escape his grasp but finally relents, leaving my chest heaving and slick with cum.
I’ve barely caught my breath when I feel the cool metal against my cock, I hear a click and look down to see him looking at me with a grin. He loosens my restraints, watching my sudden awkwardness with a grin. I think he can see my regret as I ask myself why I came here instead of jerking off. But I don’t say anything, I just quietly leave. “See you soon Pig” he says. “No you won’t” I think. But of course, I couldn’t have been more wrong.
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