perfect couples

chapter 1

Zoe and Emily were best friends and roommates. They were both 25 and blonde, but Zoe was fit and trim at 120 pounds, she loved to eat and didn’t spend a lot of time exercising other than her morning jog. Emily on the other hand, was quite chubby even though she ate healthy and tried to work out often, she just didn’t have the focus, she weighed 250 at least and it had been awhile since she was under 200. It didn’t help that Emily’s boyfriend, Jake, was quite hefty at 420 pounds, he also owned his own bakery and loved to give all the past the prime goods to Emily. Zoe’s boyfriend was a fitness trainer at a gym and was always trying to get Zoe to eat better and work out more, which annoyed her. All four were hanging out one night and while the girls were in the kitchen Emily said,
“It’s so crazy how perfect Jake is for you, and Jared is for me”
“What do you mean?” Zoe asked
“You love food and being lazy, and Jake encourages that and brings me snacks where Jared pushes you to work out and you hate it, but I need that kind of push” Emily said
“Yea,” Zoe started, “But like, me and Jared are both fit and” she stopped
“And what?” Emily asked, “Me and Jake are both fat?”
Zoe frowned, “Sorry, you know I didn’t mean it like that, it’s just, well society says me and Jared are a goof fit because we are alike body wise”
“It’s okay,” Emily said, “All my life I’ve dated fat guys, hell when I was set up last year it was a fat guy, I get it, just personality wise you two make such a good couple”
Zoe laughed, “Well it’s not like we can switch boyfriends”
Emily thought, “Why not? Just for fun for a short time”
Jared walked in and asked, “Why not what?”
“We were joking about switching relationships for a bit, so you can be my boyfriend and train me till I’m thin” Emily told Jared
“Well why not? I’m game, lets ask Jake” Jared said and then immediately went to ask Jake and they all decided to switch for a year.

Zoe wasn’t really wanting to trade. She loved Jared’s muscular body and was not attracted to Jake at all. But she didn’t say anything. Jared was a horn dog and wanted to bang Emily, and Jake was attracted to skinny girls who eat, so he was also on board. Since Zoe was the only one with reservations, she kept her mouth shut and went along with everyone else. Emily was stoked to get to date the muscular man, being a fat girl, she seemed to rarely get set up with or meet muscular men into her. Jared didn’t care about her weight because she was going to lose now that she was his, he just wanted to hook up with another girl. The two immediately went to the bedroom, Zoe’s room since Jared’s stuff was in there. So, Jake and Zoe went into Emily’s room where Zoe saw she had snacks all over. “I brought a box of donuts to feed to Emily, but I guess I get to feed you tonight” Jake said. She snuggled in bed with her new fat boyfriend, she disliked his huge soft body, but was excited for the donuts. Jake began to literally feed Zoe, which she was not expecting, he rubbed her flat toned stomach as he fed her donut after donut, getting crumbs all over her. Zoe really enjoyed being stuffed and before she realized, the whole box was gone, and her belly hurt from overeating. “I’m deff going to need to go for a long run in the morning” she thought to herself as she fell asleep.
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Kexickus 2 years
That's a good one, I like it when characters swap or transfer their weight somehow, especially when there's magic involved.
Austin Micha... 3 years
Would love another chapter where Emily is fit and working as a body builder as for Zoe starting to break chairs, belly starts to fold like a double belly, arms getting so flappy, legs all thick and a double chin giving Zoe a chipmunk appearance
Punchy 3 years
Great story, I would love to read an epilogue on what they're lives are like another year later.
Mahi 3 years
You are the absolute best at this genre (my favorite genre), I look forward to your stories a ton. Whether short or long for sure. I hope you keep it up Zoe and even more so I hope you keep getting chunky yourself.
Fattenssbbws 3 years
This was a well written story. Good job! Hopefully it's not over yet!