peter parker: porker

chapter 1

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"Ok, looks like the computer has finished your blood work analysis," Lisa said.

She peered at the data scrolling up the monitor, sitting with her back turned to Peter Parker, seated in a chair by the door. Peter buttoned his shirt, having just finished his physical exam with Dr. Lisa Langstaff. He struggled to close the buttons, and frowned at how the shirt had clearly become too tight.

"Well, Peter, there's nothing really wrong with you that I can see," Lisa said, and swiveled her chair around to face him. "I mean, yes, there are changes, but nothing extraordinary."

"Nothing at all? Nothing with my metabolism, or maybe a thyroid condition?" Peter said, his voice bordering on a whine.

Lisa shrugged. "No, nothing abnormal. For you, I mean. Your metabolism has slowed down quite a bit, but let's face it, you're in your thirties now. It happens!"

"Even considering, you know... Spider-man?" Peter said, his voice meek.

Lisa was one of the few people who knew Peter's secret identity. They'd known each other since college, and he had relied on Lisa's expertise in the past when he'd needed medical help after a battle with the Hobgoblin. She had proven to be loyal to Peter, and kept his secret all these years. He trusted her completely.

Lisa nodded. "Well, yeah, as far as I can tell. It's hard to tell, Peter - as Spider-man, I don't have a lot of data to compare you against. But yes, your metabolism has slowed significantly since I first did this analysis on you, years ago. You certainly aren't burning up the calories like the machine you once were. But for a normal person, it's not that bad."

Peter nodded, his eyes unable to hide his disappointment. Lisa pushed her chair closer to him.

"Peter, your slower metabolism is surely a contributing factor, but it doesn't explain this," she said softly, and patted the bulge of Peter's stomach. The fabric strained at the buttons, over the dome of his gut. "How long has it been since you and Mary Jane broke up?"

Peter sighed and seemed to deflate a little. "Three months." He knew he'd put on at least 40 pounds in that time.

Lisa nodded kindly. "I know it's been hard on you. It'll take some time to get over her, I know how much she meant to you." She grasped Peter's hand tightly in hers. "Maybe, instead of eating to fill that void, you should do your web-swinging thing around the city, like you used to? It might help burn off a few more calories."

Peter stood from the seat. "That's good advice, Lisa. Thank you for all your help. I really owe you one."

Peter smiled at her as he left her office, but Lisa couldn't help but notice the sadness hadn't left his eyes.


Peter stepped out onto the street. He glanced up, considering Lisa's advice. He didn't have his Spider-man costume with him, though. Oh well. Maybe when he got to his apartment he'd change into his Spidey costume and patrol the city. After all, it had been weeks since he'd been out as web-slinging.

He started walking toward the subway entrance, passing the shops that lined the busy Manhattan street. An advertisement on the side of a bus shelter stopped him in his tracks... it was MJ! There she was, bigger than life, looking as beautiful and as perfect as ever. She stared back at him. It was an advertisement for... something. Peter didn't even bother to read it, he was just mesmerized. The spell quickly soured, though, and soon he felt that familiar blackness rising up, enveloping him. Frowning, he tore his gaze away and staggered on.

He'd only walked a few dozen yards before a restaurant caught his attention. A chalk board out front advertised "All You Can Eat Spaghetti & Meatballs!" Peter's stomach growled. Well, he figured, it had been a couple of hours since lunch. He went inside.
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Supergirl 6 months
Thanks for sticking with this long, seemingly never ending story! smiley I am going to do my best to bring this thing to a conclusion. Don't expect it to be predicatable, lol!
Daver58 4 months
Can't wait! I might die with impatience though!
Ptoot 6 months
Missed yer updates glad to see you're back
Pandorica Open 8 months
Spiderpig gets the best girl in the end!
Ptoot 11 months
This is the only reason I still visit this site, it's just so good to read. Seeing Peter swell up so much and being so led on by her... and the mystery of why this is still happening still. Love it
Ptoot 1 year
Oh wow didn't expect peter to get that big immediately but it was so hot
Jordi 1 year
Esperemos ver más de esto pronto
Maybemollies... 1 year
Love the story, especially the Felicia Hardy scenes. She would definitely make for an excellent feeder.
WhaleRiderAm... 1 year
Great story, well written, nice details, and very erotic. Added bonus for me was hearing Peter, May, MJ, and Felicia's voices in my head as the voice actors from the 90s cartoon XD
Supergirl 1 year
Sorry I only got one chapter done last year. Chapter 14 is the first chapter in 2022 - hopefully of many to come! I'd like to finish this story this year, honestly!
Jackiewaddle... 1 year
It’s worth the wait it’s one of my favourites 😊
Jordi 1 year
I hope you can't finish it this year, the story is going great!!
Stevita 1 year
This is awesome! I hope you continue!
Supergirl 2 years
New chapter 13 to start off 2021! Thank you for your patience.
Supergirl 3 years
Sorry for the delay folks. Just life, you know? But I am working on continuing this one now. Thank you for reading and for your patience!
Supergirl 3 years
Yes, it will continue! I have just been busy irl... thank you for your patience! Much more to come! smiley
Hurgon 3 years
Wow, you are an incredible writer! Love the Peter / Felicia contrast so much!
Built4com4t 3 years
Love it...chapter 11 definitely starting to bubble
Supergirl 4 years
Thank you for your comments, they are very much appreciated. As always, there is more to come!
Likesmenwith... 4 years
Great theme. It is a slow but so some added details about more of the clothes not fitting or classmates noticing muffin-tops with older pants, inability to zip older pants forcing him to guy more. And definitely echo wanting to know MJ reaction or other
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