phil's story

Chapter 1 - halloween (part one)

As I walk into the store all I can think about is the candy but I have to keep it cool, "Ignore it you can fight it, it's just food ." I say to myself as I walk down the candy aisle. I bend down to grab five big bags of Mini hershey bars. An assortment of the famous mini hershey Chocolate bars, twix and Kitkats, I put it them in my basket. I'm so fucking weak, no will power here.

As I walk to the movie section I get sidetracked by the look of something I've indulged in way to much, red velvet cheese cake. I feel my mouth water and my will power, what little is left break. I pick up the heavenly item and put it in my cart. I have to adjust my jeans, damn I need a new pair and maybe a new shirt.

I see my shirt hug my love handles, big and meaty hanging over the side of my pants waiting to get grabb- No those thoughts are weird can't think about them. I can't help myself but grab a couple of pizzas, god why am I like this? Just go to the counter no more candy, I grab 3 giant candy bars cursing myself.

As I approach the register I see a very attractive girl, well more than just attractive. Her name is Emily Kushner, we are both Seniors at Millersteel high. She sits near me in Ms.Negan's Film studies class and Mr. Crossing's World History this year, hell last year in Mrs. Gritter's drama class she even sat right next to me.

Now she's not a very popular girl, she's in marching band and plays the French Horn and she's in the D&D club not to mention she has these huge circular glasses on her face giving her a mousey look. As you can probably guess she's a nerd, she's short only about 5' 0 has a big red jewfro and is petite... until you get to her lower half then she has the best most shapely firm ass in the world and nice big thighs. Oh, her fashion sense is some weird mix of 50's house wife and modern punk. You should see her in leggings, it's like art.

As I was lost in day dreams thinking about her I hear "Next please." with her looking right at me with a smile, I step up to the counter and start putting things up for her to scan. "Hey Phil, you having a party tonight?" She said with a smile that could make Liquid hydrogen boil. I couldn't let her know it was all for me and I couldn't say it was for a small get together because we're basically in the same social circle, a lot of our friends over lapped and she could easily find out it was a lie. "Oh um, a few family members are coming from out of town." I said unconvincingly with a blush. Her eyes go narrow for a second, then return to normal, "Oh ok then, well your total is, $113.40." Jesus thats a lot, I should probably use my money from my 18th birthday. Does it matter? she probably thinks I'm a pig, as I put the bags in my cart I reach for my receipt and I feel a cold metal feeling on the bottom of my... belly.

HOLY SHIT MY BELLY IS HANGING OUT!?! I put my head down and take my receipt and run out of there to my car and put my groceries in still red faced . OH MY GOD EMILY KUSHNER JUST SAW MY GUT HANGING OUT OF MY SHIRT!! I take out one of the giant candy bars out and take a bite of it I see Emily through the window and hit my head on the steering wheel and sigh as soon as I let out my breath, I hear a *PING* and look down to see my pants button gone. "Jesus fucking christ, I've got to stop this." I think as I drive off.
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