philip’s room

chapter 1

Nadya quietly crept up the stairs from her bakery to the apartments above with a box of a dozen donuts, six biscuits and gravy, a dozen slices of bacon, four scrambled eggs with cheese, plentiful hash browns, and a carton of whole fat milk. She opened Philip's door and watched him wrangle around in his blankets, attempting to get into a comfortable position for breakfast. Before she could finish setting out his breakfast on his bedside table, he had already devoured all of the hash browns. He reached for the bacon after that along with a gulp of milk. For now, the donuts were kept out of reach. Those were always saved for last by Nadya.

Pillows propped up his corpulent body and his naked belly was allowed to spill out around him. Like usual, he didn't bother with utensils unless it was absolutely necessary. He didn't bother with the napkins either. He sloppily wiped his hands, greasy from the bacon, covered in gravy, over his fleshy middle. Nadya watched after him, though, cleaning up as he made a mess. It didn't take long for everything to be finished. He washed the meal down with the milk, emptying the carton.

"The donuts? Please," Philip moaned for more, even though he was already so full that he was in pain. Consuming so much food so quickly was an exertion; he was almost panting. But after such a savory breakfast, he craved something sweet. He ached for the bready sweetness of the donuts.

"Not yet, honey," Nadya teased him, hopefully priming him for even more piggishness, by grabbing handfuls of his fat lower belly. Her touch made it quake. Each passing day it seemed to grow wider and softer.

After watching him relax and enjoy the movements of her nimble hands on his fleshy girth, she decided he was ready. She looked at the box of donuts. There were cream-filled, jelly-filled, glazed, chocolate-covered, and powdered donuts present. Each one would feed into his addiction. Each one might make him a bit fatter. As she lowered the first donut into his mouth she felt his immense body quiver with pleasure with the anticipation of packing in all those delightful treats. After only four cream and jelly-filled donuts he asked for a quick break. Again she massaged his rotund belly, but this time she was slightly more aggressive, becoming less comforting and more provoking with her movements. This quickly drove him back to voraciously finish two more. After that, he was adamant about being done. She respected his request to be done, and like usual, reached underneath his heavy, blubbery belly, and took his erection (which was becoming increasingly tricky to find among his growing rolls) into her mouth, his obscenely fat stomach rubbing against her ponytail, rubbing her hair into a mat, until he exploded into the back of her mouth.

It was time for her to get back to her job after that. He was sleepy after the excitement of breakfast and likely needed a nap anyway. She left the six donuts, knowing they'd be done by the time she came back with his lunch.

Philip had everything a college drop out could ask for there in his room: video games, a laptop, internet, books, cable, weed, booze, and porn. This all seemed like a excellent deal to him. He didn't have to work, cook, clean, or pay a dime for anything. Nadya, 15 years Philip's senior, an amazing yet complex woman in his eyes, took care and paid for everything for him. Over the last few years she had transformed from an intriguing mentor to an attentive lover and something of a guardian to him.

Food was a central part of their relationship, Philip realized early on. Nadya would cook anything and everything he wanted. As much as he could ask for, and usually more than that. She decided how much he would eat and he would diligently put most or all of it away. This had lead to the nearly daily experience of being stuffed nearly to the point of pain. Often, he was scandalizing himself with his own appetite. But he didn't mind at all. Sure, he'd sometimes feel a bit embarrassed or humiliated as his own gluttony, but that was part of the fun. Stuffing and feeling his belly become taut was erotic. And Nadya understood this. She took care of his needs in that department too.

Of course the consequence of this was some major weight gain. He was now bigger than he had ever expected to be. When he saw himself in the mirror, he sometimes couldn't recognize the blimp that stood in his place. He felt strangely vulnerable because of his size and was thankful he didn't need to go out into public much. But when he was with Nadya, during feedings or intimate moments, it all felt so right. Her lithe body caressing his mountains of fat. Her nimble fingers navigating through his folds of flesh. Sometimes he dreamt of completely filling his bed with his numerous rolls, becoming immobile.

Nadya knew her own truth. Although she really did care for him, Philip was practically her toy: her young, squishy, wobbly, morbidly obese personal pig. He was conditioned by the endorphins of eating and sex to never desire to leave her care. He was colossally fat and absurdly greedy. Once shy about his gluttony, he had grown to become too enraptured by the smells and tastes to care about appearances anytime food showed up. Time and time again he impressed her with how much he could shovel down, surpassing her estimates over and over. She had witnessed his explosive growth from a moderately chubby young man to a shameless overeater with hundreds of pounds of excess fat. He was hers. And she was going to make sure he grew and grew.
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