piggy buffet

chapter 1: the start of my body's change

As I strolled down the avenue of my local city of Los Angeles I happened to pass by a buffet. This all-you-can-eat buffet would be the place where my life would change forever, I wouldn't be called Kevin Mendoza anymore but instead my new name would be 'piggy'. I observed the place and it seemed to be almost out of business since there was almost nobody inside and the employees of the buffet seemed to be depressed. It was obvoius that the buffet was past its prime, since it looked like it was about to go bankrupt.The establishment had a large pig logo on the top of the building and below it read "Piggy's buffet". I had a slim body but still I wouldn't mind eating some of the goodies this place could offer to me. I opened the front door and there it was a desk and sitting behind it was a young lady, she had some delightful brown eyes which made me even feel a little bit hypnotized with her stare. But I had come here to eat not to stare at her so I asked her, "how much money would it be to eat here?" She stopped staring at me and told me, "it would be $5 sir". I was surprised since compared to other places this was relatively cheap. So I took a seat at one of their tables which had quite comfy seats; the place had a old feel to it almost as if it was still stuck in the late 90s. I stood up and got one of the plates oddly which seemed to be just waiting there for me, and I walked to the food stand where all the food was. The food looked appetizing and heavenly, it looked so delicious it made my stomach growl loudly, "hmm...why is my stomach growling so much?" I thought to myself but my instinct made me grab almost all of the pizza slices they had. I filled ny plate with a huge mountain of pizzas, I sat down and started munching the pizza slices. They were so great and their aroma of fresh cheese and tomato sauce filled my nostrils in delight. The proportion of the pizzas were perfect: not too skinny or too fat but just the right amount of dough and every single condiment it had in. I soon found myself gobbling the pizzas 2 at a time, then 3 at a time entering my mouth. The area around my mouth was smudged with tomato sauce and bread pieces as I kept devouring the pizzas carelessly. But that mountain of pizzas had soon disappeared and my belly felt satisfied at last for now. Feeling my tummy press itself against my belt on my pants felt uncomfortable at first but in a couple of minutes I got used to it. I stood up and walked to the exit door but not before congratulating the cook for those exquisite pizzas, my small but noticeable belly bulged out when I walked but the employees didn't seem to care. I reached the front desk where the young gorgeous lady was and I told her, "could I speak with the chef to thank him for making such marvelous food?" The young lady told me, "umm right now he's really busy so how about if you come another day to felicitate him piggy?" At first I stood there confused but I concluded that she called me like that for my small but protuberant belly. So I walked outside and noticed just how late it was, "damn its already 7pm, for how long was I in there?" I said to myself while walking down the street back to my house. Little did I know how much this place would change me.
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Knightorder 5 years
I have just one comment at the moment and that is this:


Paragraphs are you friend.
The Polo 5 years
Well that's it for Piggy's Buffet, I'm currently brainstorming another story and I would love if you, the reader were to leave feedback here in the comments about my story. It would help me a lot with creating better and better stories as time passes by.