piggy prison

chapter 1

hopefully this happens to me:
(note: fuk grammar)

Ten years ago i was in high school. I was an all-state athlete with eight-pack abs and a lean, tan, perfect body. I couldn't keep the ladies off me. As those days flew by, i left a trail of angry ex-girlfriends in my wake.(only 2 in real-life high school)

Fast forward to present time, things are looking quite different. I've gotten fat. I'm over 400 lbs, with a huge protruding belly that jiggles out of my shirt as I waddle to the fridge.

A few of my ex-girlfriends, still athletic and slender, have become police officers and grouped together to start a private prison. Four of them raid my house and find me laying on the couch with a mouthful of chunky monkey ice cream. They claim they were tipped off that there were drugs on the premises. One of them throws a bag of white powder on the table, clearly framing me. She grins at me and says "looks like this piggy's going to prison".

Confused, I stand up and start backing away while trying reason with them. I only get a few steps before they all tackle me. They easily cuff my wrists and ankles. My shouting starts to sound almost like squealing as they roll and strap my massive rippling body to a gurney. They laugh as I struggle and beg for them to stop or explain. As they're rolling me out to the police van on the restraint gurney, they radio to the police station "we've got a nice big one on the way. And hes been a little feisty so get the chair ready for him." Demandingly I yell, "the chair!!? whats the chair?"...one playfully responds "its a time-out chair for big boys like you" while giving a belly poke*

On the drive to court/jail in the police van, they sit around me while i'm still strapped to the gurney. Most of their attention is focused on my exposed, glistening underbelly. They watch it jiggle from the van ride and as i struggle against the restraints from their poking, and teasing. They say "I cant believe how FAT he's gotten" "this is gonna be so much fun" ..."we probably won't have to worry about him escaping" another one says: "Escaping!? Can we even fit this butterball through the front door?"

In court, the judge (another ex-girlfriend), standing in front of me with her arms crossed, smiles and looks down at me as I sit tightly strapped into a restraint chair. She says, "well well, what have we here? It looks like someone hasn't been missing many trips through the buffet line." ...She then says "we'll have plenty of time to catch up...but my officers say you've been such a naughty boy resisting them, and having those illegal substances...What shall we do with you?". "She walks around behind me to bend down and gently caress my sides/love-handles (knowing how ticklish they are) while whispering in my ear: "As punishment for your actions, I sentence you to be fattened no less than 400 additional pounds".

Walking around to face me, she can see that i'm angry and confused. I notice her perfectly straight, white teeth as she momentarily pauses and grins at me. She loves having complete control over me, especially now that I've gotten so fat. And she loves even more that i cant stand it.

Still smiling, she starts poking my belly and says "We'll be fattening you up quite a bit...and you better be on your best behavior Mr". She gives a final belly poke and says, "unless you wanna join us at one of our dinner parties. We'd love to have you. And from this angle, i can see it would be quite a feast".

Just then, the original cop ladies ladies were walking across the courtroom to wheel me away and start my feedee prison sentence, They lick their lips and nod in agreement that they're having the same carnivorous cravings. As they begin to wheel me away, i'm wriggling hopelessly against the chair restraints. I'm immediately ball-gagged as i start to yell for help...

Their feedee prison, '
I'm their only prisoner
No chance for parole
Pounds can be added to my sentence for bad behavior

not a bad way to go out if your into this sorta thing ;)
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BreadIsLife 2 years
Please continue writing! I'm already in love with this story
Fatlilboy 5 years
OMG - I've been very bad too!!! Lock me up and throw away the key. Please continue...;