piglet of punjab

chapter 1

At one point the British Empire ruled up to 25% of the world's surface area. It was the empire on which the sun never set. At the heart of this being the Capital of London and its most prized colony of India. But times changed and India gained independence. Although times changed and many moved between the two lands. Or some remained and could only dream of having the opportunity to move...

Kiara was a golden skinned teenage girl. At the age of 18 she sported an impressive pair of perky D cup breasts that pushed out proudly in her pink sari. Her flat midriff flashed from beneath her clothing sneakily, highlighting her slender hourglass figure well. Then there was her rounded bottom that was tightly hugged by her attire showcasing her athletic thighs. Despite her impressive physique most noted her face as one of her most prized features. Plump pomegranate like lips smiled against her rosy puffy cheeks. Then there was her flowing raven black hair which cascaded down to her smooth back. All this was accentuated by her deep green eyes. Although her appearance may have suggested she was part of the Indian upper class she was actually a poor girl who made a living begging on the streets of Delhi. However one fateful night her life changed for better or for worse...

"He's C-U-T-E!" Leah said gazing at the muscular American man as he dined in the restaurant. Leah was a longtime friend of Kiara, she had a much more petite build with a much more modest pair of B Cup breasts and much more boyish hips. She was not as slim as her friend and besides her slight pooch which dripped down as she knelt her ample ass was straining her sarong as she pressed her face against the glass.
"You know, we come here every night, why do you get your hopes up so much, we probably never will be with any of these hot guys in our lifetimes," Kiara said in a sad tone.
"True, but who knows, maybe they might see we can make them a mean curry?" Leah retorted smugly, almost laughing at her own remark. The sound of feet pattering made the duo drop to the floor as they both cowered further under the hedge.

Five sausage like fingers reached into the hedge grasping onto Kiara's shoulders as she was pulled out much to the dismay of her friend.
"Getting a look again I see?" the large bearded chef boomed.
"I'm sorry Jamal but-"
"How many times do I have to tell you, lower class beggars like yourselves are bringing the reputation of the area down, so scram," he said in an increasingly agitated tone.
"Now, now, that's no way to treat a lady," a voice replied. Kiara's eyes wandered up to see a tall trim man towering over her. He had slicked back brown hair and aqua blue eyes. He had pale pasty skin and wore a long trenchcoat, having one hand in his pocket and the other readied in a fist.

Jamal without hesitation scurried back to his kitchen leaving the two together.
"My, my, aren't you a pretty little lass," he said as he grabbed her by her hand and helped her get up.
"Thank you so much, my name is Kiara, what's yours," she said gleefully to the man.
"The name's John. I'm from the United Kingdom," he replied causing her green emerald like eyes to widen. The two continued talking until John suggested the two have a meal together.

John and Kiara marched into the restaurant,
"Table for two," asked the waiter eyeing the girl. A menu was plopped in front of them as the two sat together with each other's hand in hand.
"What would you like, Kiara?" he asked inquisitively. Her mouth seemed to be watering at the thought of all these dishes.
"Sorry, it's just I never have been able to afford to eat in anywhere as fancy as this, it all just looks so good."
John paused for a minute and stared into her companion's eyes, "How about I get you everything then?"
Her eyes glowed brighter with a sense of joy, "Really? Just for me?"
John nodded and then proceeded to order the meals.

A banquet lay before her; two plates of curry lie before her; two entire naan breads; a large cheese pizza accompanied by a small plate of flan for desert. John had ordered himself a large pepperoni pizza as well.
"Enjoy," he said as he placed his well defined arm against her shoulder.

She ate a spoonful of a curry...
Then more... and more... in a matter of seconds she devoured the curry and proceeded to gobble up more and more as the once fierce wall of food seemingly cleared up. The taste of the melted cheese filled her mouth as her bloated belly pushed outwards against her thighs. She ate more and more finishing her side of the table after indulging in the savoury flan.
"Thank you so much!" she said chirpily hugging John.
"Hey, I'm a bit full, could you help me clear my pizza up though?" He asked pointing to the 5 remaining slices.
"Maybe, but I am quite full myself, I feel like I may burst," she said looking towards her football sized tummy.
"Please?" He asked staring deep into her green eyes. With both hands she grappled onto a slice of pizza, the grease dripping against her plump lips. One bite, two bites. More bites. Gone. She ate the pizza slices with little effort and sheepishly smiled at John feeling successful.

"Ready for desert?" John said looking at the bloated indian girl.
"-hic- I couldn't eat another bite," she said patting her taut tummy. He pulled her in to his chest. Her breasts pressed against an inner bicep. Her belly resting slightly against his thigh he kissed her. She went bright pink, her eyes bright with an evident smile on her face. The two exchanged a few more words for a few more minutes. John gave his phone number to her and then departed heading back to his hotel...
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