plump my pumpkin

Chapter 1 - plump my pumpkin

Today is Halloween and I’m so excited, I hear the door open and I crawl over to the hallway, my fat gut wobbling as I move. I reach the end of the hallway and sit on my knees, feeling the weight of my distended belly rest on my thick thighs. My heels dig into my soft ass as I sit patiently and wait for my master. I hear his footsteps down the wooden floor and feel him coming closer to me, Then, the footsteps stop in front of me, he places a bag down at my side and puts a hand underneath my chin, lifting my chubby and rounded face to meet his eyes.
“Did my piggy eat well while I was out?” he asks gently, I oink happily, it is good to see my master again, it feels like so long but he only left this morning. His hand gently runs down my face and to my full moobs. He softly squeezes them and I moan quietly. I feel both his cool hands massaging my swollen stomach. I love it when he notices how big I’ve gotten for him; I’ve been eating so much to fill myself. I want to get huge for my master. He runs his slender fingers up the inside of my thighs an under my gut and I feel them brush my cock, it has been yearning for his touch all day. “Good piggy” he whispers in my ear, “To the kitchen”.
As I follow him to the kitchen, still crawling on all fours like the pig I am, a feeling of dread fills me. “What’s this fat-ass?” he asks sternly, holding up half a pizza I forgot to finish. I try to answer but my dumb piggy mind is far to slow at this point to think about much except my master’s pleasure and food. “You didn’t finish todays food, you know what happens when you disobey, you get punished”. I oink desperately, but I’m such a mindless pig at this point that words are difficult to come by. He opens one of the bags he brought in to reveal body paints of black and several shades of orange. “Now piggy, I was going to paint you to look like a pumpkin for trick-or-treating tonight, but since you’ve disappointed me so, I’ve got a better idea. But first, finish your pizza”.
He throws the pizza in front of me and I think about what the punishment may be. My tiny piggy mind can only think more about the edging and teasing he normally does and my needy dick keeps growing and poking into my flab. I’ve never messed up this bad before though, the worst he ever did was keep me on edge for three days, I almost went insane with the need to cum and the sexual frustration was unbearable, I couldn’t sleep, if I wasn’t tied down I don’t think I would have been able to help myself. I was shaking with ecstasy and arousal. What could he do that’s worse than that?
I swallow the last of the greasy pizza and crawl over to my master’s room and sit on my knees like before, eagerly anticipating his punishment. He turns to face me, a strict expression on his face. “Lay on the table fat-ass, and keep your hands by your sides”. I oink is acknowledgment and make my way to the dining table, I get up on my feet for the first time in weeks and lay myself down, looking at the ceiling. My belly feels so heavy and my thighs touch the whole way down to my knees, my arms are getting fat too, I can feel their tender, soft flesh pressing against my sides. I hear his steps as he gets closer to me, “now let’s make you look the part” he says.
I can smell the paint in the air and I feel it cold on my skin as he begins to paint on me. I love how the brush feels as it pokes into all my rolls and lumps and my fat belly as well as my chubby face and jiggly sides. The wet paint inside my chub as my body wobbles at the slightest touch is already turning me on so much. “Spread” he orders, and I obey, opening my legs wide for him. He paints all over my thighs and the bristles of the brush feel so stimulating as he softly drags it up my inner thighs. I moan gently at this and I feel his finger over my lips, “You’re not due for pleasure yet piggy” he whispers by my ear. “Now lay still, it needs to dry”, he softly strokes my dick, teasing it even more as he walks away.
After laying still for a while I hear him return, and along with his footsteps I hear the quiet clink of metal. What could it be? It takes all of my will to not move and check. With a dull thud he dumps whatever he was carrying onto the chair next to me and runs a finger up my thighs, over my belly and between my moobs up to my fat chin. “I think my pumpkin is dry, you can sit up now”. I sit up and move to the edge of the table, my legs dangling off the edge. Then I see what he brought back, some ropes and a ring gag. My piggy cock throbs with arousal at just the sight of them. “There’s a good whore” he says, “my fat little jack-o-lantern, all ready to be stuffed like the pig he is”. He hands me some tiny orange shorts “Put them on, you are going to be outside after all”. I clumsily put them on and awkwardly pull them around my wide hips, bulging ass and over my stiff cock. “there’s a good piggy, now off we go, to the porch”.
I waddle along after him as he carries the equipment to the porch, as we get outside, he points next to the door “here will do”. I sit on my knees next to the doormat, awaiting his next instruction. He bends down and threads a rope under my right shin, then he pulls it up over my left thigh, then under my left shin, then over my right thigh. He does this a few more times with the black rope before tightening it and tying it off. “There’s a good boy, now put your arms behind your back”, I do as I am told, crossing my arms behind me. I feel him tying them together tightly, making sure I can barely even writhe. He smiles and takes a step back after he finishes bonding me, “look at you, you look like a trussed pig, ready for your punishment?”. I nod sincerely. “Good, but first, there’s something missing”. He holds up the ring gag, “the final touch”. I open my mouth wide for my master, ready for the gag. He places it in my mouth and tightly straps it around my head.
“There’s a good pig, but you still don’t know what you’re doing here do you?” he asks. I shake my head, still unaware of the punishment that awaits me. He smiles and produces a sign that reads “Help Plump My Pumpkin”. He looks at me, lust in his eyes and says, “Well piggy, I’m feeling a little cruel tonight, so, I’m going to leave candy out in a bowl next to this sign. No one will know how much you’ve had and you’ll just have to keep eating until I feel like bringing you back inside.
I squirm with horniness at the very idea and I look around to see the first trick-or-treaters begin to enter the streets. My eyes dart over to my master once again and he shoves a handful of lollies into my mouth as he winks, “have fun”. He pinched my gut and I realize it’s already swollen from today’s feeding. I look into his eyes as he stands back up and walks inside, “trick or treat” he teases as the door shuts behind him.
The chatter of the children on the streets slowly grows and they all begin visiting the houses along the street. I feel so exposed, so helpless, so pathetic, and I love every second of it. I hear the gravel crushing as the first batch of trick-or-treaters walks up to our door. As they get closer, they see me, it’s a group of six or seven boys, all in their teens and all looking for mischief. “Help plump my pumpkin” reads one, “what do you think boys, shall we feed this fat-ass?”. They all jeer and each grab a handful of sweets and shove them down my throat, showing glee in my suffering. “Look at this pathetic guy” they say, “Lets give him some more”. They each shove another few handfuls of candy down my throat and into my already bloated gut. “What a loser” they shout as they walk away, laughing cruelly.
I feel my belly already straining from my previous stuffing and now even more so after the candy. I feel my throbbing cock poking into the underside of my belly and I hear more kids walking up the path. It’s going to be a long night.
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Amazing!!! Continue please.