plumping bride

Chapter 1 - setting sail

Henry and Melanie embraced for one last photograph as the last of their luggage was loaded into the limousine and a crowd gathered to see them off for their honeymoon at the end of the reception. A spare-no-expense 3 week cruise touring the pacific ocean, and then another 2 weeks of pampering at a Hawaiian luxury resort & spa had the young couple glowing with anticipation. After fond farewells from their family and friends, Henry swept Melanie into his arms and carried her gently into the limo, and then kissed her passionately as they pulled away.
After arriving at the dock for their departure the couple was greeted warmly by the cruise staff who placed colorful leis around their necks and handed them each a flute of champagne. Henry couldn't keeps his hands off Melanie as they enjoyed the festivities on deck as the ship departed from the dock. Melanie's stomach growled ferociously as she realized she hadn't had anything to eat all day, or all month for that matter. She had kept herself on a strict diet to ensure that she was even thinner than usual for her wedding day and her 24-inch waist wedding gown. But now that the wedding was over, she could finally indulge a little bit for the first time in weeks. Before retiring to the bedroom for the night, Melanie raided the buffet table, sampling all the exotic dishes the cruise had to offer and washing it down with French champagne. As the nights celebration drew to a close Henry waltzed over with an elegantly plated chocolate mousse, and placed a spoonful of the rich dessert into her mouth. The drunkenly took turns feeding each other until the entire mousse was gone. They ditched the plate on an abandoned table and practically ran back to their large elegant suite to get started consecrating their marriage. "I wish I didn't -hic- feel so full on our honeymoon -hic- night" Melanie said sloppily as Henry unzipped her dress. Henry rubbed Melanie's stomach tenderly as she began to unbutton his shirt and they got started on a long sexy night.
The couple awoke very late the next morning, still feeling euphoric from their honeymoon night. "Darling, I am starving!" said Henry as he picked up the room service menu. Several minutes later, a large cart bearing cheesy sausage omelets, stacks of French toast, heaps of bacon, and sugary flavorful juices was delivered to the room. The food was so delicious Henry and Melanie ate everything on the cart. After polishing of the last of the bacon, Melanie got up to go fill the jacuzzi tub for a bubble bath. When Henry joined her in the warm bath, the romantic atmosphere set the mood for more passionate love making. In fact, for the first 5 or 6 days of the cruise the couple barely left their room once. Their steamy sexual encounters were punctuated only by the knock of room service on the door to deliver more delicious dishes. "Damn Henry, all we do is *** and eat, this is the best honeymoon ever" Melanie sighed happily as she dipped the last morsel of lobster in melted butter and savored it's taste in her mouth. "Well I think I can stay satisfied for a few hours, maybe we can go sun ourselves by the pool for a few hours?" suggested Henry as he planted a kiss on her lips. Melanie barely even made the effort to unpack her bags, but faced with the challenge of finding her bathing suit she unpacked all the tight colorful dresses she packed for the exotic resorts. Finally she fished the string bikini from the bottom of her suitcase and admired her naked body in the mirror before pulling on her bathing suit. "If I'm not careful, I'm going to gain back the 8 pounds I lost in preparation for the wedding" she said scrutinizing her belly which looked a little bit bloated due to her heavy breakfast. "Don't worry about it darling, I think you should indulge as much as you want on this trip, you were really killing yourself to get ready for the wedding." Henry said as he gently lifted her chin up to give her a sweet kiss on the lips.
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Akwolfgrl13 6 years
Loved it
Newgain285 8 years
Great story!
Jazzman 8 years
Please update with more chapters absolutely as soon as possible. This is hot and also realistic enough. It's a Grand Story.