pokemon : gotta feed them all

chapter 1 - vulpix

Ted was a trainer in the Pokemon world who had a had fetish and he wasn't the only one,almost every trainer had overweight Pokemon which they would feed non stop.Ted was going to do the same to all his pokemon,he wanted them to be obese,to struggle even at walking.But unlike most trainers ted had a extreme relationship with all of his female pokemon ,he would kiss them all over and sometimes even make out with them.Now all trainers were buying fattening foods for their pokemon,Now for the story.

Ted woke up on a sunny morning and got dressed into his clothes before going into his living room where he turned on the tv and greeted his female vulpix.Vulpix hopped up onto Ted's lap as he sat down on the sofa next to a plastic bag filled with burgers.
"Vulpi! Vulpi!"
Vulpix barked as Ted grabbed a burger and shoved it towards her mouth,Vulpix ate the burger and her belly already started to grow.The reason most all Pokemon were overweight was because human food had some weird effect on them where it was extra fattening for them.I
Ted continued to feed vulpix as it got bigger and bigger,it's flab started to cover most of teds legs.
"...vulpi..." Vulpix moaned and let out a fart which made vulpix's flabs jiggle,she now weighed the size of 3 vulpix and she was still growing.
"Oh my vulpix,why didn't I fatten you before?" Ted said as he shoved vulpix onto the floor watching her flabs jiggle,feeding her more burgers.
"....pi...vulpi..." Vulpix's belly was getting so big that her useless arms and legs could only just touch the floor,allowing her to slowly crawl. "Oh come on vulpix,eat the rest of your burgers like a good vulpix"
Ted then shoved the burgers into vulpix's mouth not even giving her time to chew.Ted watched as vulpix tried to move away but failed due to her size,ted giggled before rubbing vulpix's growing belly and he got a major erection.
Vulpix then started to sweat as Ted fed it the last of the burgers,it now weighed as much as 5 vulpix's.
Ted then started to push vulpix around watching as her belly swayed back and forth.Vulpix then let out a huge fart which then turned rick on,he then put vulpix back into her pokeball before disappearing into his room.

(Note:every chapter of this story will contain a different Pokemon but all chapters will be connected and if you want to see a Pokemon in this just comment and like)
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Wannabe_tubby 4 years
i looovveeee this story. the slob and immobility­čśŹ
Frostxwatcher 5 years
there is too much slob and they get too far too fast
22nd Century... 5 years
I'm hoping you won't stop this one suddenly, unlike the other story you mentioned.