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Chapter 1 - the day begins

There were days where she'd have cravings. There were days where they'd get her stuffed. But today was different. Laying on the couch, unable to do little more than take in the size of her amazingly bloated belly, Gen knew one thing: she'd REALLY overdone it this time.

Not that she could help it. Something about today had just left her appetite positively insatiable. Every time she felt like she'd filled up, her stomach would growl and she'd be ravenously searching for more food. It was insane... But not, she thought, rubbing her belly, unenjoyable.

She was about to get up from the couch when her phone on the table in front of her, the notification light blinking yellow. It was a Snapchat notification from her friend--and a reminder that she'd need to send something in order to maintain her streak. As she was thinking of a response, her hand drifted down to give her belly a soothing rub... And just like that, she knew exactly what to send.


It had been a fairly uneventful day, so Rashid had decided to do some reading. Halfway through a particularly riveting graphic novel, his phone vibrated on the side-table. Someone had sent him a message. Setting his book down, he grabbed his phone and unlocked it, tapping the notification icon.

He was not prepared for what he opened.

It was a selfie from Gen, one of his best friends. They'd always had a jokingly flirtatious relationship, and their Snapchat streak had always reflected that, but this was something else.

There she was, sitting on her couch, pouting exaggeratedly, and poking her finger into her very swollen belly. The caption nearly killed him:

"Still hungry :("

Rashid was close with this person. They shared everything. But he was 90% he'd never shared THAT particular secret with her. It was just too awkward to explain. He stared at the photo, wracking his brain for any reason she would have for sending this.

Did she figure it out? Had she pieced it together? Did he slip up? Why would she send this? And how did she get so big? Rashid imagined her rifling through her pantry, ripping open bags of her favorite snacks, stuffing handfuls of junk food into her face, her free hand drifting to her belly as it grew bigger, rounder, more bloated. Her midriff, already soft and somewhat pudgy, grew stretched and taut with food, causing her tight top to ride up and expose more of her expanding belly as she struggled to satisfy the unsatisfiable force of her appe--

"God, what the hell is wrong with me," Rashid said, forcibly cutting himself off. She probably just sent it for the streak. That's it.

Still, the image had burned itself into Rashid's brain. Even if the snap itself had disappeared, he could still remember her, his best friend, belly ballooned out into her lap--the kind of belly that could only be attained by consuming copious quantities of food--against her comparatively slimmer frame. And the caption! If she's still hungry after that, her belly was only going to get bigger, and those calories were gonna stick around, considering she never had time to exercise. It'd be pretty surprising if she didn't get a few extra fatty inches on her waistline--something to make putting her jeans on in the morning a bit of a struggle, keeping her shirt over her midriff a challenge--

Yeah, this was gonna be hard.

So of course what happened a few hours later didn't make it any easier for him.
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Screenshot of a gif from gainingbunny's Tumblr.
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Really good story so far, can I ask where the thumbnail is from?
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Please continue