pound town

chapter 1 part i

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Life is full of unpredictable moments, especially in a world where being skinny and fit is the greatest crime imaginable. Previously a large percentage of the world's overall population were unhappy with their forced upon diets and skinny twig like appearances. The World Social Awareness & Happiness Administration then proposed a compelling argument that bigger bodies led to happier and more productive lives, such a compelling argument was backed up with individual interviews, mass scale surveys, and other forms of data gathering for their research. 

Then in the year 2025 through the American Legal System the Plumptopian law was passed stating that everyone in U.S. must be within the increased weight class requirement to retain the state of social peace and prolong prosperity as much larger citizens now had the freedom and confidence to lead more happier and productive lives now feeling more confident in their body image now that everyone ranged within the same weight class.

But of course, not everyone is quick to accept the introduction of change and there are those who are even slower to change with it, leading to mass social disruption and dissonance between the two sides of big and skinny. This resulted in reports of rioting causing an uproar in the streets and large scale public fights happening all over the U.S. This ultimately proved that change can't not only be presented to the public for peace to occur, it must be enforced with authority. To bring order to such chaos the Social Awareness & Happiness Administration partnered with the law enforcement to create an entirely new system in the tradtional American Prosecution and Justice System called the Big & Beautiful Feeder Patrol, the harolds of bringing happiness and the world's answer to curbing society's appetite for disorder and self-destruction.

In the city of Pound Town, a pair of tough and sassy cops were known in these streets to put the pounds on petty crooks as punishment for their crimes. Panty, the deliciously plump and curvaceous blonde bombshell queen and her partner in crime fighting, the bouncy badonkadonk beauty and goth bringer of pained induced happiness Stocking, were the top law enforcers in town for their incredible ongoing crime stopping track record, and donut dunking prowess. And speaking of donuts....




The two portly police women were parked right in front of their favorite donut shop for a much needed high calorie coffee break as Panty was scaring down donuts left and right practically blushing from the orgasmic feeling stuffing her face so much fried dough gave her.

"Damn it Panty! Did you eat the last double sugar frosted cream filled donut!" Her sister and partner Stocking shouted in disbelief seeing one of the 4 boxes of donuts were completely empty already.

"Heck yea, why?"

"You bitch! You knew I wanted the last one!"

"Well here, have it back then!"

Panty's cheeks suddenly bulged outwards before a foul smelling green haze broke free from between her lips directly in her sister's face.

"Ugh! Damn it Panty! You are such a total pig, I swear!" Stocking exclaimed covering her nose with one hand while fanning the air between them with the other.

"Takes one to know one ho, besides the law says I can pig out as much as I want anyway~"

As much as Stocking wanted to curse out his sister even more, even she had to admit the law they represent in these streets was worth it.

"Yeah, you're totally right. I can't believe before then we are actually worried about not gaining weight and staying in shape, now we get to be this super sexy shape! Big and round!" The goth would sigh in agreement placing a leather gloved hand against her bare bloated middle rubbing in a large circle over the exposed belly flesh like a pregnant woman cuddling her growing baby bump. 

Only for them the closest thing to a baby they want is food babies, with the already plump Panty having the appearance she was eating for twins and the overstuffed Stocking was chugging down coffee and donuts going for a triplet sized belly for her next weight gain goal. Just as Panty was about to dine on two donuts at once there was a sudden knock on her driver side window, looking over she was met with the rather handsome face of a total beach hunk of a tanned and atheletically fit young man which made her heart flutter and both sets of lips drool and quiver.

"H-Holy shit! H-How can I help you?" Panty would ask in a dreamy like state.

"Hi there, I'm looking for the police officers Panty and Stocking?" He would ask, a hint of shyness filling his voice as he spoke.

"Who's askin'?" Stocking would ask before leaning up in her seat to see past her sister's big hair to get a good look of the boy, her expression looked slightly annoyed almost immediately. "Hey buster! Don't you know it's against the law to be that skinny in this town! Do we gotta put the cuff on ya!?!"

"Wait, wait! Didn't you hear? They updated the law so that male feeders can be enlisted as policemen as well, to help with on foot criminal chases for the actual lawbreakers." the young man quickly explained raising up both hands after upsetting the female officer.

"Oh shit, they are adding hot feeder guys on the force now?!? This is the best job ever!" Panty exclaimed right before Stocking placed her hand against her sister's mouth silencing her for a minute.

"So, you're a feeder huh? I hope that means you're licensed." Stocking would ask with prying eyes wanting a little bit more information from the stranger.

"Uh yes actually, I graduated at the top of my class at the Force Feeder Academy, class 17-38B. Valedictorian Tracy Owens, but my friends call me Trunks."

Panty's eyes immediately looked down to the crotch area of his training cadet uniform upon hearing said nickname as the image of a well endowed elephant trunk popped up in her head.

"Hm....Think you can help fatten me up some more?~" Stocking said probably getting the same idea as her super horny sister shifting upwards in her seat so that the young man could see the huge belly that was attached to her chubby waist.

"Well....Sure! A couple triple cheese hamburgers with a side of bottomless chili cheese fries and three extra creamy milkshakes every hour and I can have you bursting out of your pants in no time!" Trunks said with a wide grin without missing a single beat surpassing Stocking's high expectation for an answer.

"Oh shit...he really is a professional~"

"Yeah! Come on in cutie, you can go on a ride along with us~"

Trunks's smile grew even wider with excitement taking a seat in the backseat of the cop car before sliding the glass window to the side to give them company watching them so go back to stuffing their faces with yummy donuts. Just then, the dashboard radio receiver would turn on as a voice spoke from the other end.

"All Feeders, all Feeders be on the lookout, we got a 10-82 heading Eastbound on Elm's street."

Panty would grab the microphone beside the receiver and answer the call to action.

"This is squad car number sixty-nine, Officers Panty and Stocking responding. We'll take this one, haven't seen any action all day."

"10-4, you may proceed, Officer Panty." The dispatcher announced in response.

"Whoa, they didn't teach us radio code at the academy. What's a 10-82?" Trunks would ask out of curiosity.

"Some bitch trying to lose weight jogging, not on my watch they're not! Hit it Stocking!" 

The goth glutton would slam her palm on the dashboard button to sound the car's siren alarm as the wheels squealed into motion now driving down the road at top speed. Downtown several well fed citizens cried out in shock and disgust of seeing a sweaty pear shaped short brunette haired woman dressed in sweatbands and bright blue spandex running around the area performing a very unsightly public display of physical activity.

"Ah! Help!"

"It's a jogger!"

"How revolting!" 

The citizens kept their distance not wanting the sweaty jogger to even touch them seeing her as the equivalence of a public nudist streaker huffing and puffing hard as her body jiggled about slowly burning off the small amount of excess fat that still coated her body, but not for long as the speeding police car swerved around the corner now in hot pursuit of the jogger who immediately tried to run faster down a nearby alleyway as the car came to a screeching halt in front of said alleyway.

"Damn! She's getting away!" Panty growled aloud slamming her meaty fist against the wheel.

"Oh no she's not! Quick, let me out so I can chase her on foot, you two go around the corner and cut her off there!" Trunks advised to which Panty and Stocking nodded in approval.

Running down the narrow alleyway the law breaking jogger would laugh to herself thinking she gave them the slip, she would soon change her tune seeing Trunks sprinting full speed after her promping her to run even faster to try and get away. Running up to the metal fence she could just barely squeeze her chubby potbelly throw the small space gap in the fence getting stuck for a moment before pulling herself free with a loud -pop!- sound before continuing to flee, Trunks on the other hand proved his athletic prowess quickly climbing the fence like a nimble cat and jumping down on the other side with a balanced landing to keep up the pursuit.
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