pressure & pleasure

chapter 1

The first person present tense is a little awkward and I want to break up the text a little bit better, so I may rewrite this, but here it is for now!

There's a point between pleasure and pressure that drives me absolutely wild. Food is my ultimate addiction. There's nothing quite like the first bite of a decadent slice of chocolate cake or first sip of a thick and creamy milkshake. I'm definitely a sweets kinda girl. Don't get me wrong, I love a good burger or pasta dish, but nothing compares to the rush I feel when I eat dessert.
On the menu tonight is a huge warm brownie, the gooey kind, with 6 scoops of ice cream on top. And, don't worry, I didn't forget the hot fudge on top. I cannot wait to dig in.
I grab the plate and waddle over to my couch. I notice that the dent, caused by months of my obese body sitting in the same spot, has grown deeper. That makes me smile as I lower my *** down onto the couch. I spread my legs apart, giving my belly room to rest between them. My belly is looking bigger than ever tonight. It sits comfortably between my legs. The bottom of it rests on the couch and it completely covers my private area.
Mmmmm, thinking about that fact gives me such a thrill. I start to dig into my brownie, making sure I get the perfect amount of brownie and ice cream in each bite. The smell, the way the bowl sits on my protruding belly, all of it excites me. Finally, I take the first bite.
"Mmmmmmmm," I thought to myself as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. This was the ultimate pleasure. Eating a decadent dessert after an already filling meal is the best way to end the day.
But, my evening doesn't end here.
I eat and eat and eat. Spoonful by spoonful.
The first couple of bites are amazing. I can't get enough.
Then, it hits me.
"I'm getting pretty full," I admit to myself. But I am not going to let this entire brownie go to waste! It has to be consumed. All of it.
So, I grab a glass of water from the kitchen and start back at it. Bite after bite, I eat. I feel the pressure building in my belly. The top of my gut is hard and it's getting harder to breathe. But, just like always, there is also a tingling in my panties. I am so turned on.
With that as motivation, I power through the rest, until the entire thing is gone. It was a brownie a la mode big enough to satisfy 6 people. God, I am such a fatty. I mean, I didn't get to 463 pounds by eating kale, but this was a new kind of fatty feat. I have never been more turned on in my life.
For a few moments, I close my eyes. I feel the pressure that has been built up in my obese, blubbery belly. I live for moments like these. For the times when I don't even have to think, I just concentrate on what my food addiction has done to my body.
Suddenly, my eyes open. I need release. The tingling in my panties is just too big to ignore. Laboriously, I shift my weight up off the couch and take my sweatpants and panties off. I lift my belly up from my legs and shove my arm underneath its hang. ***. I can just barely reach my pussy. But just barely is good enough for me tonight.
Before I can even think, I plunge two fingers into my soaking wet pussy. A slight moan escapes me. It turns me on knowing I'm too lazy to get my vibrator from the other side of the house, knowing how it's become such an effort to heave my weight off of this couch, and knowing that I've eaten myself this ***ing massive.
My left hand moves to my gut, feeling how much larger it is than last time, while my right continues to plunge in and out of my pussy.
I lift my gut with the one hand and drop it. As it smacks against my thigh, I moan again.
I can't stop thinking about how fat I've become. I said to myself, "You're such a bad fatty. You did this to yourself. You can't help it. You're addicted. You're gonna get huge. How did you let yourself turn into a whale? God, I've never seen someone so helplessly obese before. You're a lazy sack of fat. You're out of control."
I am so close. The intersection between pressure and pleasure brings me to the edge of cumming. I stroke my clit and rub my nipple in hopes of getting the sweet release that I so desperately want.
"***," I thought as I plunged my fingers back into my pussy. "One day I'll be too fat to even do this," and with that, I came. Hard.
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