prison weight

chapter 1

Ally was the teacher every boy loved. Even straight girls loved to look at her. She was nothing but pleasant upon one's eyes. She stood 5'7, the top of her head matched perfectly with the top of her whiteboard. She normally stood at a podium while she taught, her medium sized breasts lazing bralessly and firmly in view of her students. Her brown hair, straight as can be and highlighted with blonde and silver, hung halfway down her back. I would always find myself wanting to pull it while fucking her doggy style, but she wasn't into me. I'd lie awake at night, dreaming of my hands sliding down her ribcage, feeling the smoothness of her tight flesh covering bones, and onto that gaunt stomach of hers where only the slightest bit of flesh was to be squeezed around her navel. I liked her best from the waist down, despite those lush breasts. She lived in the same apartment complex as me, and I had the perfect view of the pool from my balcony. I would often drool over her ass, so fleshy compared to her upper half. It was as if all those days spent sitting at her desk caused her butt to expand. It was square on count of her wide hips, but her cheeks were plump, giving it a round appearance when viewed from the side. If her breasts had been larger, then she would have been the definition of voluptuous. There was only a slight touch of cellulite on the back of her thighs. She sported a thong while swimming, and her ass was incredibly tan and smooth. When she sat down, the fat on her ass spread over her seat, almost doubling the normal width of her hips. So soft, so delicate as her creamy thighs jiggled slightly with every step. I could not wait to see what she would look like 4 years from then, when I would be graduating to probably never see her again. I hoped she would put on a lot of weight in that time. I craved to see her transformation. I never saw her at the gym, so I assumed she didn't work out. All of those morning donuts she would nibble on during first period were sure to catch up with her. I stalked her facebook photos, and I could see that 10 years ago, she was a highschool cheerleader. She was nothing but tan skin and bones. If she had been 90 pounds a decade ago, and maybe 130 now, I could have expected her to be at least 165 by my graduation. Her metabolism must have slowed down being 25 and all. It turns out that I severely underestimated how much she would gain... and how she would gain.
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