prisoner 448974

chapter 1

“Prisoner 448974 rise and walk to the door” The guard had her usual mean smile on today. You instantly knew this meant trouble. “Could you be any slower?” she says annoyed “Weren’t you that fit field hockey girl when you came in here?” She snickers as she opens your door. “I remember you saying you got framed and that you would be out here within a week” She proudly prods your belly and smirks “yet here we are, year four of your sentence”. She walks behind you to inspect your cell, but you know it was so she could check your fat ass out. “Let’s see, snack bucket empty, feeding trays empty, weight gain shake empty aaand ice cream supply….empty, well done 448974” She firmly pinches one of your enormous butt cheeks and smirks “You know punishment follows if you don’t meet your quota’s” you silently nod, feeling your double chins jostle. “I will inform the warden to increase your quota’s” you look pleading at her, but the skinny lady with leather boots just smirks at you “After all we need to pump you to the max this last year. Remind me lard ball how much did you weigh when you got in here?”
“121 pounds” You softly answer as you feel a blush on your face.
“Right and you were sentence to a maximum feeding regime and now you weigh?” She jiggles your enormous gut
“589 pounds” you sometimes still can’t believe it yourself.
“And trust me when I say this, you will be over 750 pounds by the time you haul your fat ass out of here” She says jolly “now get moving ***, you need to report to the feeding hall in 5 minutes.”

“Prisoner 448974 coming in” your guard says as you go through the security gate to the feeding hall. You remember your first time there. There were plump and fat women everywhere. There are long tables and different colored zones green, yellow, red and black. You had to go all the way to the black zone. You remember how huge the women looked in that zone to you. Sitting on their *** mindlessly stuffing their fat faces.
“Come on fatty!” Your guard calls out as you are falling behind “You can almost stuff your fat face again!”
You glance around, the other women look at you with a mix of shock and disgust as you get out of breath from waddling past them. You used to wonder how they got this huge…now you are one of the bigger ladies of the black zone. You finally make it to your seat and plop your fat ass down. An automated system instantly fills the table with the most fattening of foods.
“16850 calories, two pounds of fat, ten times the amount of salt you need in a day and half a pound of sugars” She smirks as she presses a button and a timer above your table starts “enjoy your breakfast lardball”
You instinctively start eating, you were so hungry! Besides, nowadays if there was food you would eat it. It was only after 20 minutes of non-stop eating that you look around. The redhead at the table next to you was easily 300 pounds, yet she looked small compared to you and the others. You don’t remember her name, you just remember her being slightly chubby when she came in. The woman in front of you was slightly older and you called her “Wings” because she had a tattoo of wings on her calves. Of course you didn’t know anything about her since you aren’t allowed to talk to other prisoners. Wings was roughly the same size as you and seemed to gain weight a bit slower than you. Either that or her program was different. On the right side of you was a lady the guards just referred to as “the Hog”. The Hog had been in the black zone since you got into it. She had been a good 400 pounds at that time. Legends had it that she was edging towards 1100 pounds now. You wonder what she must have done to get such a sentence. There were a few more women in varying weights here, but that was about it for the black zone.
“448974” Your guard says stern “You are violating rule 34-B, you fat pig”
A slap to the side of your belly causes your flabby body to jiggle. You nod, lift up your enormous belly and puts it on a band that was attached to the side of your chair.
“252 pounds” your guard says proud “Twice as heavy as me…and that is just the lard from your belly, you get one stick of butter for violating rule 34-B” The guard presses a button with a smacking sound a stick of butter is dropped in front of you. The first time you ate butter like this you found it revolting…now you were used to it. “Good girl” your guard compliments you “I might give you some extra time for yard exercises today”
Your eyes go wide and you shake your head with a pleading look.
“Oh, but you loved yard exercises” Your guard smirks malicious “Its only 15 minutes of walking”

Later on you are exhausted, you are breathing like you ran a marathon, your feet hurt, your joints are screaming and your body is covered in sweat.
“3 more minutes ***” your guard calmly says as she walks beside you at a strolling pace. “Don’t you just love a good stroll on a warm day?” She chuckles as you are too out of breath to answer. “And you didn’t believe me on your first day did you?” Your guard pinches your fat hips “I told you your *** would one day make this feel like real exercise. That 15 minutes was already on the high side for people like you and now look at you!”
Your guard laughs out loud at your miserable look.
“Maybe you could ask the warden to fatten you up to sizes like the Hog, she gets assisted walking facilities” your guard looks at her clock “but I’ll cut you a deal, you can stop two minutes early, but you have to do an extra 15 minutes of hose feeding in the shower”
You blush and look away as you say that you agree.

Later on you feel like you are going to faint from the pressure in your stomach. The hose keeps pumping its fattening goo in you and you can do nothing but swallow.
“one hour and forty minutes” your guard finally takes the hose out of your mouth “A personal record”
You burp loudly as you groan and rub your stomach.
“I know, I know” Your guard says in pretended soothing voice she puts her slender hands on the massive ball of lard that is your belly. “but it is so good for your figure and expanding your stomach capacity.”
On a screen a picture of you on your first day appears, your hands are tied with cuffs and you look miserable with the house in your mouth.
“See how much you have grown since then? Almost 5 times the weight and ten times the stomach capacity now!” She laughs out loud as she sees your face “Oh safe your tears for someone who cares. Now waddle back to your cell, you got resting time”
Resting time basically meant they gave you time to digest your food. Nowadays you always napped during this time, you were just so tired from hauling all your fat around.

“448974, wake up ***!” Your guard is banging on your door “Victim inspection of your progress”
Your heart sinks at hearing that. Your “victim” was the girl that framed you, she was now dating your ex and used her victim inspections to gloat.
“Strip down by the way, 448974” You guard says stern “Your victim requests that you are in your underwear for the inspection. And she has a special request”
You knew what the special request was, she had made the request every single time she visited. You groan as you get up and slowly get out of your skin tight elastic one piece, making all your blubber visible. You waddle to the door and get a large triple patty hamburger stuffed in your hands. As you take the first bite the grease drips on your breasts and belly. The lady in the inspection room is blonde, pretty, tall and fit. She looks like a model compared to your fat, sweaty and grease stained figure.
“Hello dear” She says with a wide smirk “Oh you almost managed to finish the burger on your way here. Good job! I am sure you can finish one soon. Remember when you couldn’t even eat the entire thing?”
She walks up to you and she lifts one of your huge breasts
“I see they are keeping you well fed here” She says gleeful “Odd, I remember Jacob saying you used to be a bit flat chested” She lets your breasts slap against your belly and smiles “I guess things change over time, eh?” She chuckles as she continues. “Miss guard, as victim of her crimes I would like to see her progress. Could you make her perform 10 jumping jacks?”
“Of course ma’am” Your guard smiles sly “Come on you fat pig! You heard the nice lady”
You angerly look at your “victim”, but know there is no way out. You start your pathetic attempt and see how much she loves that you can’t even do one anymore
“Oh my, she can’t even make a little jump anymore” she says happily “and she is already completely out of breath”
“She is approaching the 600 pounds ma’am, even standing up is getting harder for her”
“Oh, that is marvelous to hear!” Her eyes pierce yours “I feel so much safer now”
“Sorry to bother you with this ma’am, but prisoner 448974 is on a strict diet and feeding regime, so she has to have some snacks at this time of day” Your guard knew very well that she wasn’t bothering the fit blonde “if you want, you can pick her snacks”
“I would love that” She responds smiling “But I am not a vengeful person, so I will get her some nice treats. How about…” Her eyes glide over your severely overfed figure “A bar of chocolate, some cookies, four candy bars, some slices of pie, a few corndogs, a family sized bag of candy, two sandwiches, some bonbons, a bottle of soda….oh and three bags of chips. Wouldn’t want a big girl like her to go hungry”
“I’ll get it right away, do you feel safe with her in the same room or should I put prisoner 448974 in her cell?”
“Oh, she can stay. I am sure she will behave, thank you” your victim replies “Besides I think I can easily out run her now. She used to be the fastest of our team, but I believe those days are long gone”
Your guard chuckles as she leaves the room.
“Oh tubs, no need to look so angry at me” Your victim says with a smirk “After all, thanks to me you get all this delicious food for free! Plus free housing and no need to watch your waistline” She winks and pinches your massive belly “I am sure that when you get out of here you will be a good functioning member of society and you will lose these few pounds of prison weight in no time.” She chuckles as she lets your fat belly slap against your huge thighs. “And you will have learned not trying to snitch on me” She notices the guard entering again and she turns to her happy-friendly personality again. “I sure hope I didn’t get her too much yummy food, are you sure she can finish all that within in the time?” She says as the guards pushes a cart with food in.
“She better” Your guard says sinister “***, thank the nice lady for ordering you food”
“Thank you” You manage to say through gritted teeth.

Around food you have lost all control and ability to resist. The guard made you sit down in the inspection room and in less than 30 minutes you devour all the food right in front of your former team mate, like you haven’t been fed for weeks.
“She actually seems a bit tired from all that eating” your victim puts her hand your belly at the spot where your stomach is underneath many layers of fat. “Yet she doesn’t seem to be full at all”
“She is not, which is good because she has to go to the feeding hall after this” The guard explains “And there are two reasons she is tired. The first is that her arms are quite heavy to move, the second is that all food is modified to give as least real energy, so most can be stored as fat while keeping the inmates tired and sitting on their expanding asses”
“So innovative” your victim gives a short clap.

The next round at the feeding room you ate 14400 calories, less then breakfast, but you had some food still in your stomach. When you were being led out a new prisoner was entering, she was in the green zone meaning she would only get a bit chubby. She looked at you with a mix of shock and disgust.
“Just behave and you won’t end up like this” Your guard says with a wink to her as she prods your hips. The afternoon is spend snacking in your cell while you watch some television. Then dinner, your guard pushes you to the max and you consume 17800 calories, a new personal record. As you are being led back to your cell for the night your guard whistles.
“one more year 448974” she closes the cell door behind you “Your new snack regime starts, so mind that you eat everything….we are going to have fun this year!”
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Theswordsman 11 months
Just an idea but what if after the character serves her time she gets revenge on the so called victim by framing her for a crime
Alexander111 1 year
Good story. Will there be a sequel?
Logitechk1 1 year
I am afraid not unless you have a really amazing suggestion
Alexander111 1 year
The guard could come up with new penalties for some of the alleged violations. eg: head shaving, tattooing, piercing.