prize winning pig

Chapter 1 - six days ago


The groaning of the metal plate of the livestock scale echoed in the empty barn. The silence only pierced by his hoggish wheezing as he had lumbered his gelatinous mass onto the device.

"896 pounds" she tisked, reading the scale with an air of disappointment. "You've plateaued again piggy. You know what this means..."

He grunted in dissappointment, over the past few weigh ins his gains had been slowing down, and now it was the same number twice in a row. This meant punishment, she wanted gains every week and if they weren't met-

"It's time for a special diet. Hope you're thirsty hog, because this is going to be some work."

_______________________________ _____________

It was the end of day 6 of this "Special diet" and it had been agony to this point. Only drinking water until a set time of late afternoon and then being fed until he was ready to burst for the first four days straight with her teasing him. Edging him to the brink of pleasure with his gut as tight as a drum but leaving his mass prevent himself from relief as his food coma took over

Day 5 was a "normal" set of feedings. 3 meals with dessert and 3 edgings with no relief but today was excruciatingly painful.

He awoke tied down to the bed with his hands and legs strug to the posts. Various tubes had been inserted into his mouth nose and rear while a catheter had been put between his legs.

For 24 hours a mixture of poppers, oxygen and weed had been fed to his lungs while a steady stream of water and herbs were used to keep his stomach stretched to is fullest. The under plumbing draining his necessary functions and keeping him clean while she washed her hog with a sponge before letting him sleep at sunset. Turning off the feeding tubes and letting him rest until...

Just before midnight.

The rumbling of his stomach woke him up. He hadnt been this hungry in ages. A cavernous hole in his gut that demanded to be filled. He was completely and utterly empty. Beads of sweat rolled off his forehead as he feably struggled in his restraints. All while delicious aromas filled the room, and the sound of her singing while a blender churned could be heard.

"Time for another weigh in piggy, this one won't count" she cooed as she wheeled in what looked like a large steel vat. "if I like what I see you might get a reward tonight"
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