project managed

chapter one

My girlfriend had struggled to find a diet that worked for her since we started dating. She'd been a pleasantly plump 240 when we met, but my bad influence and love of cooking brought her up to 270 after a year. I won't say I was unhappy about her gain, but I was kinda disappointed that my weight had stuck at five pounds over my weight when we first met. She didn't know about my taste for chub or my belly dreams and wasn't involved in the feeder community, which was fine with me; I always kept my fetish to myself. It was hard for me, not sharing with her because I wanted her to know all about me, all of my secrets.

One day, my girlfriend came home from work at an ad agency with a large binder and pens and highlighters of varying colors. I asked her what all of the supplies were for and she told me that she had decided she was going to project manage her weight. She'd had an epiphany that if she could manage the creatives at work, there was no reason she couldn't manage her eating habits in the same fashion.

Thinking this was a great idea, I decided to jump on her plan wagon. I asked her if she could help manage my meals too. Being the loving partner she is, she immediately agreed. As she was setting up a daily calorie routine, she asked me how many I wanted to eat each day. My hidden desire to be a fatty bubbling to the surface, I told her 5000 calories, 3000 more than what was recommended for a person of my size a day. I'm not sure if she was too excited about creating a plan that she didn't notice or whether she thought men should eat that much more than women a day, but she input that info without batting an eyelash and before I knew it, she was handing me a binder with a meal plan that would help me gain nearly 4 pounds a week.

I weighed the folder in my hand, wondering if this was the right thing to do. If I was finally ready to leave the world of average weighted people and hoping the world of fatties. Before I could make a perhaps more sane decision, my girlfriend told me that it really meant a lot to her that I was going to follow her program with her. She looked at me with her large puppy dog eyes and I knew I couldn't back out now.

Not only did my girlfriend set up a meal plan for us, but the next day she went out and purchased all of the groceries we would need for the week to come. She then cooked and prepped every meal, including breakfast. Again, in my brain I wondered how she didn't realize the portions she was buying for me were more than three times the size of her own portions. More than twice as large as what I used to eat in two days.

That night, we had our first meal. She had a piece of chicken breast and a large portion of vegetables. On my plate she placed four pieces of chicken, half a quart of mashed potatoes and an equally large pile of vegetables. I 'ummed' and 'ahhed' when I saw the meal, but she looked at me again with her incredibly convincing eyes and made me promise I would stay on our diet and eat all of the food. So I did.

By the time I was on the last piece of chicken, I was worn out. It felt like my stomach was being stretched across the room, but my girlfriend cheered me on, congratulating both of us on our first night of dieting. I finished my food and fell back in my chair, almost passing out. My girlfriend rubbed my shoulder and helped me to bed. I was the most stuffed I'd ever been in my life and I quickly fell asleep once I hit the mattress.

And that's what my life became. I woke up in the morning, ate a huge portion of eggs and potatoes and sausage or bacon for breakfast, an enormous bowl of ramen or several burritos for lunch and then I'd have to shove down an enormous, gut bursting dinner. All this time I'd watch my girlfriend eat tiny, healthier versions of what I'd eat and she would cheer me on, thanking her for the diet help.

The weight began to add up quicker than I thought it would. It started in my taut, bloated belly. Once somewhat smooth, fluffy rolls began to form on my sides and a lip of fat started sinking down from where my waist used to be. It was a new experience for me and when I was alone in the shower, I'd curl my hands around it and jiggle it sometimes fast and sometimes slowly to see all of the waves it made over my body. My arms began to touch my sides further and further down my bicep. They became puffy and wiggly like my stomach and pushed in my pecs which were looking fatty and juicy. My ass grew plump and round and each cheek began to sag almost as much as my belly.

Some growth I didn't expect began around the front of my thighs. Rolls of fat pouted out between my leg joints and my pubic area. This also was expanding more than I thought it would and was creating a fatty triangle that jiggled when I stroked my dick. I was blowing up and it was happening much faster than I thought it would and after a month I'd gained over fourteen pounds.

My girlfriend did a great job sticking to her diet. She was getting thinner at a much slower healthier rate than I was gaining. I began to miss her extra pudge, but I knew slimming down a bit meant a lot to her and I now had more than enough to keep me entertained. And so I kept eating. I was so busy eating and exploring my bigger body that I didn't realize there was one thing off: my girlfriend never acknowledged I was getting bigger. We still fucked and I would press my soft middle to her when we spooned, but she never mentioned that I was looking rounder. I would have noticed because it would have turned me on.

When half a year went by I became worried. Now over seventy pounds heavier than I'd been when the dieting started, I was over my girlfriend's weight when she was at her biggest: 275 pounds. My stomach bulged out of every pair of pants and shirt I owned. Well, actually everything bulged out of all of the clothing I owned. I looked like a completely different person. More like an overweight dad than a 25 year old. I was now obese and hungry all of the time. I not only kept to the meals my girlfriend gave me, I was sneaking food when I was alone. I'd go out for walks and end up going to a fast-food place and getting a burger or two. I was addicted and out of control.

And my girlfriend, who was now skinnier than me, still hasn't said anything. There were signs, though, that she did notice. When she gave me my premade dinner, she'd put her hand on my large paunch and give it a loving rub. When we fucked she had to push my belly out if the way so she could ride my dick and she'd handle my b cup pecks identically to how I'd touch her breasts (they were one thing that was still larger than mine). She did all these things but never gave up the slightest flicker of realization that her boyfriend was becoming a blob.

Finally, one night when I'd ripped the scales to 276, I was awoken from a less deep than usual food coma to feel cool slim hands grabbing my belly. At first I thought it was a dream, but the sensation of my lardy stomach giggling back and forth finally brought me to consciousness. With a bit of difficulty, I sat up straight in bed, catching my girlfriend's hand and holding it in place with one of her fingers in my belly button. The feeling was so erotic that I immediately became hard.

I looked at her puppy dog eyes and finally confronted her about my weight which was the opposite of how I had expected things to go. She began to circle her finger around the cavernous hole in my blubber and, without breaking eye contact, asked me how she could have missed that I was turning into a small manatee. I studdered something dumb and she laughed. She said that she'd known what I was doing the moment I'd said I wanted to eat 5000 calories when she was managing our diets.

She went on to say that she'd guessed that I was into gaining on our second or third date, but had wanted me to tell her in my own time. She said she hadn't expected me to come out to her exactly like this. She'd thought I would have waited to blow up after I told her that was something I was interested in, but she really enjoyed the secrecy of it all. She found it sexy. It turns out, she had become a bit of a feeder.

I was in a bit of shock by all of this. It's hard to really think of something to say when someone drops a truth bomb like that, so I sat quietly for a moment, my chubby arms squeezed into my love handles. I was about to speak when I felt a tingle along my belly button once again. My girlfriend had begun to circle my flesh once again. She moved her other hand down and grabbed onto the flap of my under belly. She flipped it up in the air once. As she did it a second time she pushed her hand under my fold and down to my newly hard dick.

She said "Look how well I managed you, fat boy!" and I nearly came right then and there.
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