project mother

Chapter 1 - the experiment part 1

The young girl was groggy as she was wheeled in her hospital bed into the clinic.

She had been drugged the night before and sedated, and an IV had been put in her arm. A catheter had been inserted into her girly area so she wouldn't have to get up know. She was lightly strapped to the bed by thin velcro straps, mainly so she wouldn't roll off the gurney if the med crew went around a corner.

" it time now?" She weakly asked one of the nurses.

"Yes. Don't be afraid, it will all be over soon enough. Just try to relax. You can take a quick nap on the way down."

"Okay..." The pretty girl drifted off to sleep as she was wheeled onto the freight elevator. The doors closed with a silent whoosh and a small chime.

In her dream she was floating on a cloud that was steadily sinking down to the ground, which in reality as the elevator moving down to the basement lab where her test was going to be.

She was one of the lucky few, a test subject, a guinea pig. As soon as she had barely turned 23 years old, she had volunteered for the new Breeder program. The country's population had been significantly reduced after an outbreak of a particularly nasty virus that had wiped out much of the Eastern seaboard, which of course the government tried to cover up. They instituted a new program called project MOTHER, in which young, ripe tender college girls in good health were chosen to repopulate the major cities. She was one of the lucky few who had qualified.

Well, it wasn't entirely random luck. She had signed up at her school and her parents had spent the past three months wading through tax forms, insurance forms, liability waivers and background checks and FBI reports and physical evaluations and privacy forms and all that crap. But at last, today she was ready.

So I'm one of the lucky few...she thought in her mind. I'll be one of these 'breeders' they speak of. I wonder what it feels like to be a mom...

She was rather well-developed for her age. Her body had first gotten its curves when she was just twelve. Her tender young breasts came in that year. She remembered laying in bed and playing with them all day, just touching and feeling them. Exploring herself. When she had her growth spurts she began to eat much more than usual, and her supple breasts quickly became plumped up with fat and matured into full-fledged "boobs". She now had sizeable double C-cups that hung gently from her torso. They wobbled back and forth when she brushed her teeth and she felt them bouncing up and down on her chest when she went out jogging. She estimated they weighed about three pounds apiece. She had to wear her Mom's old bras by the time she was fourteen. She kept getting hand-me-down underwear from her Mom, because she was built so much like her. She wore her nightgowns at night when she slept. Like most girls, she slept naked underneath it. Her mom was slightly bigger than she was, so she could grow into her clothes and could put on some weight and they'd still fit her. She was always conscious of how loose the waistband was on Mom's panties. Her Mom must be thicker around the middle. She imagined she never lost all the weight after her sister was born. She did have sort of a pot belly. It wasn't noticeable though. Her hips were also quite wide, and her butt was bigger.

As a preteen she remembered locking herself in the bathroom for hours on end when her Mom and sister were at day school, playing with herself and adoring her shapely naked body in the bathroom's full length mirror. She would often go dig out her Mom's old maternity clothes in her bottom most dresser drawer, and put them on, thinking about how they hung loosely off her slight undeveloped frame. Sometimes she would pretend. Stuff it with pillows, or a beach ball, or she would even attempt to eat a lot and give herself a "food baby". She liked to stash away food she bought with her own money and secretly pig out in her room, bingeing and bingeing until her little tummy felt ready to burst. Fatty foods like frosting by the jar and big marshmallows by the bag. She would drink six-pack after six-pack of cola and feel it bloat her up, and the liquid swish and foam in her belly. She even tried the old Diet Coke and Mentos trick once just to see if it worked.

It did. It made her bloat so fast that it made her sick, and after a few satisfying tummy rumbles and belches, she threw up. She was not willing to try that again. But she'd lay in bed for hours, caressing her swollen basketball-shaped belly.

She also used to do strange things in the shower. She found out when she was about fifteen that her mom's shower head unscrewed and if she put the tube somewhere, it could bloat her up very quickly. First she tried it up her butt, wrapped in a condom with a hole bit in it. It usually just made her hurt and cramp, and didn't bloat much. It would take her hours to empty out her guts into the toilet, which often clogged. She tried shoving it up her vagina, to see if it would make her uterus expand. This often just hurt too.

Then she discovered putting it down her throat lubricated with honey, she could gorge herself on the warm shower water. Once she mastered the gag reflex, this bloated her stomach and made it all sloshy and gurgly, but she had to be careful. If she turned on the water too strong, it would go down too fast and give her a painful stomach ache, or even make her throw up. She had to stretch her stomach slowly, very slowly. When she started she had to quit after just a few cups. Then the few cups increased to a quart. Then the quart increased to several pounds worth of water. She could actually see her weight change on the bathroom scale. Then, gradually, she worked up to a liter. Then two liters of liquid. She used to measure it before she drank, with empty soda bottles to gauge her progress. She would pick up the full soda bottle, feeling its weight, and hold the warm bottle to her belly like a child. Then she'd imagine all that warm fluid inside her stomach and carrying that weight around. She'd slosh it back and forth, and picture her own belly making that sound, feeling the fluid wash back and forth inside her. She usually swallowed a lot of air too, so her stomach felt hard and hollow like a thick balloon.

After about a year she could drink almost a gallon at once and hold it all in without throwing up. The trick was to use warm water mixed with a little salt or sugar, and to drink it slowly. Her bladder capacity also expanded as it stretched out with her gorgings. She liked the way it felt when she had drunk several liters of water and this was pressing on her full bladder, which in turn pressed on her pelvic wall. It made her cum almost every time. She started wearing maxipads in the shower to avoid getting her syrupy, milky woman juice all over everything. They would swell up like big white softballs and she'd have to squeeze them out in the sink and throw them in the trash.

Eventually her stomach could hold over one gallon. It made her belly unbelievably sloshy and heavy. She could feel it waving back and forth when she lay down on her bed. The sounds it made were amazing, the cavernous rumbles and groans.
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Bunni 2 years
Greatest story ever!
Chrysophase2003 2 years
Still just as good years later. I didn't pick up on the dehumanizing aspects the first go around. Like, if a woman failed the test but got far enough for the weight gain change, too bad for her. Same with protagonist picking up on hints the ICU nurse let'
EbonGL 8 years
Very good!
Chrysophase2003 9 years
I came to this story late and now kind of wish I knew what the alternate ending was. Shock and horror are spicy at times. It was fun, but I could see the point where she changed. Her character was interested in changing, up until she learned it was permanent. There's a slight flaw in character continuity there. Otherwise hot hot hot!
BellyLuvr84 10 years
After a year, I decided to come back and change this story to give it an alternate, and much more happy, ending. I was never much for shock and horror anyway. Hope yolu guys aren't weirded out by this bizarre fantasy and will encourage me to write more.