prom queen to burger queen

Chapter 1

The date was September 1st 2022, the day which marked Lexi's arrival at her college campus in Texas. Her classes didn't start until September 19th but it had turned out one of the girls that was in her high school volley ball team, Amber, was actually going to the same college, so they had agreed they'd move out there early and have a couple of weeks of partying before classes began. Lexi and Amber weren't super close or anything and didn't talk so much outside of school, so because of this they didn't even find out they were going to the same college till after their dorms had been selected, so unfortunately they had to share with strangers. Lexi didn't really know why her and Amber hadn't been closer in high school, they both had a ton in common and had fun together, but the facts were they were just part of different friend groups. Amber was the kind of girl to blend in at school, she was kinda pretty but not enough that she got a lot of attention from guys, she stood at 5ft8 and had a very athletic and slender build only weighing 120lbs, with a small perky ass and tiny double A breasts. Lexi on the other hand was right at the top of the food chain, she was the prom queen, the girl every guy at her high school had dreams about, she stood at a short 5 foot 3 inches tall and weighed 126lbs carrying most of her weight on her bottom half in her thick muscular thighs and ass, she had a little waist and barely a pinch of belly fat with toned arms and perfect C cup breasts. She came from a healthy household so the dinners her mom made were mostly relatively low in calories, outside of her moms dinners however she pretty much just ate what she wanted, but volleyball three days a week and some leg weight training here and there always kept her body in check as she did train hard. There was no doubt Lexi had a smoking hot body, but her face was just as stunning, she had beautiful baby blue eyes, a perfect nose and nice naturally plump lips, she was a natural brunette but had her hair dyed blonde with highlights and had beautiful tanned caramel like skin.

Amber had heard from most of the girls at their school that Lexi was a 'total bitch', this always surprised her as she was always nice to her and the rest of the girls in the volleyball team, the fact of it was, a lot of the time Lexi was a bitch and could be just plain nasty at times, but she was always nice to people she considered to be friends or in her social circle, the volleyball team was part of her social circle.


'I hope my roommates not a total weido', Lexi thought as she put the key in her door, she pushed down the handle and opened the door pulling her bags in behind her.

"Heyyy, you must be Lexi, I'm Skylar", the girl said as she sat on the sofa with her laptop.

"Yeah that's me, nice to meet you", Lexi replied, trying to sound genuine, 'roomed up with a fatty, I suppose it could be worse, as long as she doesn't, steal my food we should be cool', she thought.

Lexi spent the next 20 minutes unpacking all her things before joining Skylar on the sofa, "how old are you anyway?", Skylar asked with a smile.

"I'm 18, how about you?", asked Lexi.

"I just turned 19. So what are you studying?", Skylar asked.

"Business management and marketing, you?", Lexi asked, 'she actually has a pretty face under those glasses, shame she's fat', she bitched in her head.

Lexi wasn't wrong, despite having soft cheeks and the beginnings of a double chin, Skylar did have a very pretty face, she was a latina american with dark hair and light brown eyes, Lexi also wasn't wrong in that Skylar was a fat girl, at 5ft4 she weighed a heavy 232lbs but she carried it well, she had a nice curvy shape to her with big thighs and a big ass, she had fat arms, rocked F cup breasts and had a decent belly on her with a chunky lower tire.

"Art, not really a smart play for a career path but I didn't really know what I wanted to do so I just picked a course I enjoy", said Skylar.

"I don't know what I wanna do either, just picked what I did cuz it could come in handy at some point", laughed Lexi.

"Oh well 4 years here to figure our lives out", said Skylar, "I'm gonna order Mcdonald's btw, you want anything?".

"Uhhhm... yeah actually, could I just get a double cheeseburger meal with a coke, what's your bank details and I'll send the money now", asked Lexi.


'No wonder she's so fat', thought Lexi as she looked at what Skylar had ordered herself.

Skylar had gotten a large double quarter pounder meal with a chocolate shake and 20 nuggets to top it off. Her meal totalled three times as many calories as Lexi's and still she managed to polish it off fairly easily. Lexi was also able to finish her meal, it wasn't like it was a crazy big portion or anything but for a girl of her size, almost 1000 calories including the coke was a decent amount.

*Text message from Amber*

'Hey Lexi, my roommate says there a party at a frat house just off campus tomorrow night, you wanna go?', Amber texted.

'Fuck yes, that's why we are here haha', Lexi replied.

'Awesome, can't wait!'.


"Hey Lexi, this is Ally", Amber said, introducing Lexi to her roommate.

"Hey", Lexi smiled.

"Hiii", Ally responded, smiling back.

Ally was a pretty girl and in great shape at 5ft7 weighing 120lbs, she had shoulder length dirty blonde hair with nice brown eyes. Within minutes of meeting Ally, Lexi was already jealous of the room arrangements, Ally seemed cool and she was stuck sharing with a fat girl who she most likely had nothing in common with while they'd be having a blast.

"So what's your roommate like?", asked Amber.

"She seems okay I guess, she's really fat though and you should see the amount of snacks she has laying around, the cupboards are just full of doritos, muffins, candy, you name it, you'd think she'd be trying to lose weight but she obviously doesn't care", laughed Lexi.

“At least if you get hungry you’ll be able to have free snacks, and if she says anything just say you assumed it was for both of you since there’s so much”, Ally laughed.

“I like your thinking”, Lexi giggled.

It was around 8pm when the girls arrived at the party and they quickly got settled in, already playing beer pong with a few guys within half an hour. One of the guys, James, began to gravitate towards Lexi, James was not doubt an attractive guy, probably the best looking guy at the party, he was about 6ft1 with an athletic muscular build and a handsome face. Lexi was well aware that she was a girl that could get any man she wanted, even though she had no intentions of getting serious with anyone she always made them work for it.

“You absolutely suck at this”, Lexi mocked after James missed his fourth shot in a row.

“You gotta remember we’ve been drinking a lot longer than you, and actually hold on a minute, you haven’t even got one in yet either”, James laughed.

“So what I’m a girl”, Lexi replied.

“Yeah but you’re a volleyball girl you say so you’ve no excuse”, the pair flirted the majority of the night and made out more than once but they didn’t sleep together, Lexi had gotten a little too drunk for that and eventually began the walk back with Amber and Ally to their dorms at about 1am.

“Okay I don’t know about you guys but I need some food”, Lexi announced drunkly as she spotted the 24 hour Burger King that was literally just a 2 minute walk away from their dorms.

“Seconded”, Ally replied.

Amber ordered a medium 6 piece chicken nugget meal and Ally ordered a medium cheeseburger meal, while Lexi choose to get the near 1400 calorie cheddar bacon king with medium fries and a coke, she wouldn’t normally order such a big burger but she was absolutely wasted and felt hungrier than she really was. All three girls finished managed to finish every bit of food they ordered, even Lexi, although she was really struggling towards the end and her size 6 jeans were feeling a little tighter around the belly.


“Good night last night?”, laughed Skylar.

“Yeah it was fun, I didn’t wake you up when I came in did I?”, Lexi asked.

“Nah I was awake still anyways so all good, I’m a nighthawk most nights”, said Skylar.

“I’m so fucking hungover, where’s open for food?”, Lexi asked.

“It’s 11.30 so most places, what do you want?”, asked Skylar.

“Hmmm..”, Lexi pulled up door dash on her phone and began flicking through the options. “I’m gonna get a Subway, you want anything?”.

“Uhmm.. what are you having?”, asked Skylar.

“I’m just a getting a six inch meatball sub on Italian”, Lexi replied.

“You know what, I’ll just get the same but make mines a footlong”, said Skylar.


On the build up to classes beginning Lexi was out drinking with Amber and Ally at least once every two days, after a party it became their ritual to go get food at Burger King before going home, and it became Lexi's ritual to order the bacon king every time, she just couldn’t get enough of it. After their night of drinking they’d usually have a night off to recover but not always, it just depended how hungover they felt.

Lexi couldn’t really be bothered with cooking so she just ordered all of her meals from door dash with Skylar. Once classes started up Lexi had cut back on the partying, she still went out and got hammered about two or three days a week but it wasn’t quite as bad as before. With her spending more time in her room studying she begun to grow a little closer to Skylar, she still saw her just as a roommate rather than a real friend but they definitely spoke a lot more now.

*November 23rd, Wednesday*

'She's really starting to get thick', thought Skylar as she watched Lexi struggle to get her jeans up, this had become a regular occurrence in recent weeks, Skylar wondered why she wouldn't just opt to wear leggings until she bought bigger clothes, but then again Skylar wasn't totally sure if Lexi was aware of her weight gain as she never once mentioned it or complained about it. The facts were Lexi had obviously noticed she had put on weight, her diet was the worst it had ever been, she was no longer having her moms healthy meals to balance her out and she hadn't had any exercise since moving out to campus, so putting on weight shouldn't have been a shock, Lexi was looking much softer all over, her previously sculped legs now looked a bit bigger and fatter, and her ass had grown too along with her breasts, the little tiny roll of fat she got when she sat down was also getting thicker and arms were beginning to get a little flabby. The issue was Lexi genuinely thought she'd only gained about five to ten pounds, she hadn't really examined herself and figured it just looked more noticeable because she was short, the fact that her face was relatively untouched by the gain also helped downplay it to her. She carried most of her newfound weight in her bottom half and still couldn't even be classed as chubby yet but she was definitely thick.

Lexi eventually managed to button her jeans leaving her with a very small muffintop, but she quickly covered up her top half with a stylish baggy sweater, "where are going, I thought you flew home tonight, it's only 9.30", asked Skylar.

"I have an interview for a job at 10, I've been burning through my student loan WAYYY too quick, gotta start making my own money", Lexi replied.

"Where's the interview for?", Skylar asked.

"Denny's", said Lexi.

"Their food is amazing, you have to get this so you can bring me home freebies", Skylar said excitedly.

"I don't think I've ever had Denny's", Lexi said.

"NO WAYYY", you're in for a treat. You look incredible by the way, ain't no way they're saying no to you", smiled Skylar.

"Don't worry I know", Lexi replied confidently.

Lexi really did look incredible, her jeans were too tight but with her little muffintop hidden they looked great on and really showed off the nice shape to her legs and ass. She had done her makeup but even without it she had a face that could get her anything she wanted, a real one in a million beauty.

Lexi had no nerves for the interview and rightly so as it had turned out to be a breeze. The Denny's regional manager, John, had come in to do the interviews, he was a 44 year old man with dark brown hair and average build, he wasn't very attractive which Lexi immediately thought increased her chances of getting the job. She wasn't exactly going to hoe herself out for a job and didn't really even flirt with him, she was just polite and spoke nicely to him, and when you looked as good as Lexi that was more than enough to get whatever you want. There were two positions available and John offered her one right there on the spot, her first shift would be next Monday after she was home from Thanksgiving with her family in Arizona.
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