public gluttony story

Chapter 1 - cheesecake factory

I recently brought my girlfriend to the Cheesecake Factory. Now this story isn't really about my girlfriend, as she isn't aware that I am an FA. This is about the girl that was sitting a table over from us.

We were seated at a table for two, sitting directly across from each other, and next to us was a table of the same orientation. The couple that was seated next to us was a little bit older (I'd say about 24-25). The girl was sitting on my side of the table, so if I looked to my left, I had a perfect view of her side profile. Just imagine sitting right next to somebody, but not being in the same party as them. Are tables were only about 3 feet away.

She was wearing a tight v-neck shirt with a pair of khakis. Nothing crazy. She wasn't skinny, but I would never call this girl fat. Just some extra padding. When she sat down, her belly pooched over her waistband slightly.

Being an FA, this still caught my eye.
Being an Fa, I also payed close attention to what they ordered.

For an appetizer, they ordered potato skins covered in cheese and bacon shreds. For their entrees, she ordered chicken Alfredo, and much to my delight, a side of fries. That's one hell of a carb load. Her BF ordered shrimp scampi.

Let me tell you, this is 100% a true story, and I kid you not, she ate 8 out of the 10 potato skins. It didn't seem like her bf was very interested. She also ate more than half the bread that they were given. I was loving what I was seeing. At this point you could tell she was getting more bloated than when she had sat down originally. Next came the entree...

During the dinner, her BF did most of the talking, while his GF ate her meal like it was going to be her last. She would chime in every now and then, usually with a full mouth.

She would lean back occasionally and rub her bloated belly and take a moment, but she would quickly dive back into her carb heavy meal.

She finished both her Alfredo and fries before her BF gave up on his dish. Notice I said, "Gave up" rather than finished. He maybe finished 3/4 of it, leaving the rest to his pig of a gf.

She leaned forward from her food coma.
"Can I kill that?" She asked.
"Are you serious? Wow... yea lol," he replied.

So she polished the rest of his meal off and leaned back. She was now sporting quite the gut. Her black shirt was now being pulled up revealing just the SLIGHTEST sliver of belly, but for an FA, it was amazing.

"Dessert?" The waiter asked.

You bet she orders reeces cup cheesecake.

Her bf didn't get anything so he sat and talked to her while she devoured the entire slice. I sat there watching out of the corner of my eye in absolute bliss. Watching something like this actually happen puts me on cloud 9.

When she finished, she undid the button to her pants. When she stood up, her shirt rode up more on her swollen gut, but she quickly yanked it down over the open button, hiding her gluttony.

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ColumbusFA 5 years
WOW! Thanks for sharing that was awesome!