punished for your crimes

chapter 1

I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of breaking glass. I jumped out of bed and ran to the origin of the sound. In my living room stood a burglar. She was wearing a black tight fitting latex body suit. It showed off her perky ass nicely. Sh made an attempt to dart away. I lunged out and just barely managed to grab her. I then immediately held her tight. I walked her to my guest bedroom and handcuffed her to the bed. She tried to resist but i was too strong. Eventually after several hours of frantically struggling she fell asleep. Now i could get to work. I took her unconcious body down to my basement. I tied her up with heavy rope cam-straps and chains. I then prepared my machine. When she awoke a machine was strapped to her face. "Morning love!" I said to her. Her face contorted she must have been yelling. " I do believe that it is time for breakfast i said. I switched the machine on. It began to whirr as it brewed up it concoction. A cup of this stuff had as many calories as a human nedded in a day. The concoction was being forced down her throat if she stopped swallowing she would choke. I left the machine on, it must have forced a gallon of it's mix down her throat. Her bady suit had ripped at her belly she looked 7 months Pregnant. I massaged he rbelly and she quivered in relief. I left her there i repeated this for breakfast lunch and dinner. Every day for a month. By this time she must have weighed 300 pounds. I still had not changed her out of her body suit or released her from her bonds. The body suit was now just a couple of latex strands on her large body. Her belly rose up like a mountain. I was still not satisfied. I decided to go 2 gallons per meal instead. After a week of this she had gained 50 more pounds. I her body suit was destroyed and she lie there naked her giant tits and stomach laced with stretch marks. Her once tight perky ass a huge mound of jello. I became hard at the sight of her.

Hope yall enjoyed i will continue this asap and correct my grammar mistakes. Dont worry shes gonna get bigger;)
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Farleysmom 6 years
Probably all feeders fantasize about turning a home intruder of their desired gender into their 1,500 lb sex slave. I definitely would love to do this to a male burglar or would-be rapist.
Doggy375 6 years
I hope that you turn her into an elephant!
SomeGiraffez 6 years
I agree with chucho
Chucho 6 years
Love the concept, but it could be paced out over the month. Enjoy the trip and describe whats happening.