put under her spell

Chapter 1 - Unexpected pleasure

I could hear the sounds of Nina Simone’s rendition of Sinner Man coming from beyond the door when I gave it a quick repetitive knock. It was my one year dating anniversary with Lucy and she invited me over for a home cooked meal. I offered to take her out someplace fancy, but she refused saying that she had something special in mind. She had it all planned out down to my wardrobe, a misfortunately snug pair of jeans and a button up shirt that showed the slightest bit of pulling at its buttons. The concept of gaining happy relationship weight was absolutely true, but it was hard to fight against with Lucy and her endless barrage of delicious meals and snacks.

I could hear the sound of Lucy’s excited and heavy steps as she quickly approached the door and flung it open. She was wearing a short bright yellow dress that would have definitely attracted attention, were we in public. She practically jumped into my arms to give me a tight hug and a quick kiss. “I’m so glad you’re here, sweetie! I’ve been working on getting everything just perfect for our anniversary. Come! Come! Dinner’s just coming out of the oven.” She sat me down at her dining table and scampered around the island to the oven. I watched her wide hips jostle up and down, lifting her skirt up a little. The bottom curves of her bare ass became slightly visible as she bent over to retrieve two casseroles of homemade Mac n Cheese.

I told her how great it smelled and my stomach growled in response. She set both casseroles down on the table and proceeded to scoop out nearly half of one casserole for each of us. I was about to object to the portion size, but like with all of Lucy’s meals, my appetite got the best of me and I just began to dig in. There was a reason I had gained thirty pounds this year.

Lucy was already plus sized and she had me wrapped around her finger. I was powerless against her pudgy belly that generously stretched the fabric of her dress at its midsection. We talked about our favorite moments from the past year, drank two bottles of wine and more Mac n Cheese than any two people should eat. I hadn’t noticed what a glutton I was being until I felt an immense release of tightness from my waistline. The button of my pants shot out rapidly and must have bounced off of Lucy’s leg causing her to let out a surprised “Oh!” My shirt’s buttons came flying off soon after revealing my now enormous belly. I glanced at the table in slight horror upon realizing that entirety of both 13x9 pans of Mac n Cheese were completely gone.

Lucy got up and rounded over to my side of the table. I felt the slightest twinge of embarrassment, but oddly enough not the abject horror that I should have felt in this situation. I had no time to get embarrassed. Lucy had quickly gotten down on her knees in front of me and immediately grabbed and felt up my now swollen gut. “Fuck! Your belly is so hot. She proceeded to kiss all around my belly, squeezing me in ways I’ve never experienced before. I was growing short of breath as she continued to fondle my belly. She slid her hands down the sides of my belly and lifted my flab out of my underwear. My waist band had dug into my fat, leaving a noticeable grooved red band around my body. Her pupils dilated at the sight and she ran her tongue along the indented groove. The sensation gave me goose bumps throughout my body.

“I have been waiting to grow you out of that outfit for a year now!” Lucy ripped the rest of my shirt open letting my bare chest free. “And these moobs…” she placed her mouth over my right nipple and flicked it with her tongue as she gave it the slightest little suck. I moaned loudly. My conscious, my concept of anything else but this present moment, dropped away at her seductions. She had never showed this much overt attention to my chubby body before, but not only did I not care, but I was becoming incredibly aroused. My cock strained against my underwear, testing the durability of the fabric.

Lucy took notice. “Mmm. Does having your fat played with turn you on?” I felt a surge of sexual energy fill my loins. “That’s right.” Lucy whispered in my ear. “You wanna know why I asked you to wear this outfit tonight? You wore this on our first date a year ago. I made it my mission to make you grow out of it by our first anniversary.” She gave my belly a squeeze as she moaned into my ear. “Looks like I succeeded.” I echoed her moan back perhaps a little too enthusiastically. “Mmm…I know you are enjoying this. Take out that cock and let me take this to the next level.” She ripped my underwear off of me freeing my incredibly hard cock and swollen testicles.

“Oh my god! I’ve never seen you so hard…or big!” I looked down and was shocked at how aroused I was. It didn’t seem possible to be honest, but neither of us were there to ask questions. Lucy gripped the base of my shaft as she took half of me in her mouth. Her other hand squeezed my balls, soft at first and then increasingly hard. I could feel the vibration from her every moan sending waves of pleasure throughout my entire body. I felt myself leave time behind, just existing in the moment, embracing every sensation to its fullest. Lucy showed no signs of slowing down either, instead she grew more ravenous. Every descent down my shaft was just a little farther until she was taking me in entirely at an incredible tempo.

When I came, I came hard. It felt like buckets of semen, I’m sure an exaggerated feeling from all the pleasure, but an incredible feeling nonetheless. Lucy slowly finished me off, taking in every last drop. She gasped as she removed me from her mouth. We both stayed there panting, our breathing shallow and quick. I was in the biggest post ejaculation daze of my entire life when I suddenly felt an incredible need for more food. The thought of eating made me grow hard again. What the hell was going on with me?
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NachoFatBelly 9 months
This is filthy and beautiful all at the same time. It hit all my buttons! One of the best stories I have read in very long time. Please keep writing!
Maybemollies... 9 months
There’s more to come for sure. I’ve really enjoyed this one.
Larpus98 9 months
Woof. As a married man with a wife much fatter than me, and as a man who also wants to become fatter, this is wildly hott haha. I’m putting myself in the shoes of the main character and loving it smiley
Maybemollies... 9 months
It’s definitely a fantasy of mine to be fattened up by a SSBBW. I feel like I’d never be able to stop gaining of some supersized sexpot was constantly shoving food in my face.
Maybemollies... 9 months
They’re definitely coming. I’m really liking this one
ThePatchwork... 9 months
Part 2?
Maybemollies... 9 months
In the works