chapter 1

Of course, another crappy year... Dave lost his job at a local retail store due to covid-19 better known as the corona virus, Everyone was placed on quarantine cause of it too.
Dave went to the store to stock up on a few things cause people where panicking and buying everything. He bought food, bottled water and body wash.
When he went home he saw his friend Taylor standing on his porch. He got out of his car and asked "Hey what's up?" Taylor replied "I've lost my job, just like you." "Ah damn, I'm sorry" "yeah, and I don't got enough on my final paycheck to pay rent." She said "well hell you're always welcome to stay here." They carried in all of the groceries and put them away. They sat down had a few beers an watched tv.
The next morning, dave was looking online for a new job. He had gotten a interview at Wal-Mart, when he came back Taylor gave him a look and said "it's not safe to go out there ya know, you could catch the corona virus!" "Yeah but I need a job especially since unemployment hasn't gotten back to me." Dave replied "you need to stay here, we're in quarantine for a reason." Later that day Taylor had made dinner, there was a huge table of hamburgers, curly fries, and salad. "Woah, got enough to eat don't we?!" Dave asked "well gotta pull my own weight around here somehow" Taylor said Dave ate 4 burgers and a plate full of fries. "Aren't you gonna eat any of this?" Dave asked "I've ate some, but I've been craving a salad." She said. Dave took another helping of fries just to finish them off, but Taylor told him to go ahead and eat the last burger so it don't go to waist, so he did. After dinner Dave went into the living room and sat on the couch rubbing his belly. Dave was a big guy already weighijg in at 400 lbs and thought he ate too much before but he couldn't believe how much he ate tonight. "Well looks like we're gonna have to place a order of groceries to be delivered tomorrow, we don't have much hamburger meat left." Taylor said "nah I'll go shopping tomorrow I need to go job hunting again anyway" Dave replied "you shouldn't go out it's not safe!" "Oh it'll be ok, I'll wear my mask and wash my hands"
Dave went to the store after putting in applications for several places. He decided he'd go grab some lunch before going home. He went to Wendy's and got his usual triple burger, fries a cup of chilli and of course a frosty. When he went home Taylor scolded him for going out then told him lunch was ready, he didn't wanna make her even more angry for going to another place so he sat and ate the lunch she made. Afterwords Dave was stuffed again, but Taylor brought him icecream for desert he tried to tell her he's full but said "there's not enough room in the freezer for it" so he ate it too. The days came and gone doing the same thing and eating more and more. A week had past and Dave could tell he put on a lot of weight he stepped on his scale that went to 600lbs and it read that he weighs 588lbs. Dave then looked himself in the mirror, he felt his enormous belly, his moobs 2x the size as before, his legs and arms swollen with fat, his butt even bigger, his double chin more noticeable. Dave waddled to the living room where Taylor was watching tv "oh sorry, but I don't have anymore clean shirts." He said "oh no you're fine." "I've put on a lot of weight since you've moved in. I'm gonna need to go clothes shopping soon" "no, I don't want you to leave it's note safe. Besides, I think it's cute." Taylor blushed "well thanks, but I still gotta find a job, unemployment still hasn't gotten back to me yet."
The following week, Dave actually got another interview this one promising. Dave and Taylor also got their stimulus checks, Dave went and bought groceries with his but they decided to keep Taylor's for emergencys. After 2 days all the groceries were pretty much gone, Taylor had fed Dave almost of the food. Dave had checked his weight again but he had grown way too big for the scales limit, he looked in the mirror again to see a way bigger version of himself than before, his belly a massive balloon of fat, his legs and arms sinking in due to his size, Dave was a blob that could barely move it took him 5 mins. To get to the livingroom. "I can't find any clothes that fit" Dave said "who says you even need clothes, you look so sexy without em." Taylor told him "id better go to the big and tall store to find some new clothes before I cant fit into any of my old ones at all" "well I don't want you to go, but why dont i fix you lunch before you go?" Dave was hungry, he could see his belly jiggle when it growled so he agreed and had a seat on the couch, his body took the whole thing, his belly spilling over his lap as a blimp of fat. Taylor brought him some chips to eat while he waited for lunch. Once lunch was ready Taylor brought him 7 platters of food, didn't take long for it to all be gone, Dave still felt hungry but instead of asking for more he asked "What's for desert?" Taylor then got up and walked over to him, she layed on top of his huge belly rubbing his fat and said "I am" she took her top off and began kissing his fat, Dave was shocked, but he loved the way she felt on top of his enormous body. Taylor slid her panties off and threw them away, she kissed Dave's fat all the way to his face then brought herself closer and said "I hope you enjoy my buffet"
Later Dave woke up, he felt refreshed, he couldn't feel better, but yet he was hungry again. "Babe what's for dinner?" He asked when just then Taylor brought out 12 platters of food "anything you want, and as much as you want" she said, Dave immediately dug in. He ate all 12 platters of food, Taylor brought 12 more in. Dave's body grew as he ate, he could feel it too it felt good, Taylor watched him eat while rubbing his belly. When Dave was done he looked and saw his body covering almost all of the floor, his body nothing but jiggly fat, his face, arms and legs sinking into his body. Dave laid back, and Taylor crawled on top of him. "Well I guess I got a new bed" she started kissing him and rubbing his blobby body "I finally got you to stay home, and I fell in love without even trying." She said "Yeah but how am I supposed to bring in money?" Dave asked "well, I don't think you'll be walking anytime soon, let's get you on disability!" Taylor continued to rub and kiss Dave's fat blubbery body, when all of a sudden his whole body jiggled and you could hear his belly growl. "We is someone still hungry, don't worry I'll take good care of you." Taylor said "but I'll get bigger" Dave said "so, the bigger you get the sexier you get. And we got plenty of time to enjoy it, we're in quarantine"
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
I enjoyed this. I love her “concern” for his safety and health and how she eventually makes him even less healthy.