quarentine fix

chapter 2

***I think I some how messed up the order of the pages when I went in to edit. This is page 2, page one starts with the date***

Next was a bikini picture showing off my super annoying roll line or whatever it is, even in my thinnest pictures you can faintly see it, but now the shadow and weight of my thick fatty lower belly accentuates it so much, that got a tepid response, but shout out to Rustydog7 for commenting sweetly on it! The next one was of my thinnest in 2011 next to one of my current weight, I was pleased with the response, but there was definitely more teasing, again I didn't know how to feel about it at first. But by the next time I took pictures in a bunch of diffent outfits because what else am I going to do? Excercise? Will it even make a difference buried under all this jiggly doughy belly fat? I was getting majorly turned on by thinking of what type of comments they might solicit. I began to really realize how tubby I really did look and it didn't scare me-as much. The new comments were very positive, talking about my belly, boobs and thighs. Ok, I could really get used to this. The next one I posted I got a little braver, I dared to ask if I truly was chubby. I got mixed answers and ... a strange excitement from the ones who said yes or on the cusp, more talk of ballooning up. Mmmmm. What is wrong with me, why am I so excited by this! I'm supposed to be the thin one, getting turned on teasing the fat one. Now I understand more how one can turn! Not a completely foreign idea to me because of reading stories like that. Also I have from time to time have dreams of stuffing myself, mostly cakes and pastries and ice cream, my body growing huge and round and soft, getting incredibly aroused by my own gluttony. Then I would wake up and thank God that it wasn't real. The next set I found myself really really turned on by how I felt in the leopard print faux corsets my boobs felt enormous, I still don't think the photos captured it, my lower belly felt so fat with the pressure above it pouching it out, and especially the mostly black one, my love handles looked enormous. What a fat fat piggy I've become! And how shameful, I enjoyed it! I patted and rubbed my belly lovingly, like it was a baby bump or something. The feeling of that tightness around my natural waist making everything else bulge obscenely. The rows of lace ruffles on the hot pants giving the illusion of wider curvier hips and butt. I felt so naughty getting off on being such a bad little fatty!
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NocturnalDev... 3 years
5'2 and 112 IS tiny! Not like 5'1 and 125! Her bra size is huge! Does she have implants?
NocturnalDev... 3 years
That it looks like I'm gaining. I should have just messaged you all this I didn't know the comments had to be so short. I'll message the rest
NocturnalDev... 3 years
someone thought I was 25lbs heavier! I love the fact that I could give that illusion! I actually want to lose weight, not alot, like 7 lbs but do an experiment where I take a series of pictures while Im losing weight where the outfits are so unflattering
NocturnalDev... 3 years
Thank you! I definitely do not want to get fatter but I want to find outfits and ways to wear them that make me look like as fat a piggy as possible. I was thrilled with the response of the side by side of my at the same weight just a different outfit, so
Ssaylleb 3 years
Thanks for sharing this and your pics. I love getting to know the story behind someone's gain.

You look great and it seems you're accepting that you're going to get fatter.

I'm curious. Have you spoken to your husband about any of this? Has he comme