questionable life choices

chapter 1

I often wonder if I made the right choices in life. I left university at the age of 22 a fully qualified quantity surveyor. God I was the whole package. Not only was I smart with a wicked sense of humour but I was also a blonde bombshell! I was 5’5 and 150 pounds of body perfection. Not only was I a 32DD but my waist tapered in small before exploding outward for form a curvaceous set of hips and ass! I had men and women eating out of my hand, I could pretty much do what I wanted and get away with it!

As you can imagine I secured a job pretty easily with an impressive wage. Life couldn’t get any better! Most nights I went out partying with all the other hot off girl, hooking up with anyone I wanted and usually ending the night either stuffing my face with takeout or stuffing my vagina with a ransoms guys dick!

The problem with the partying lifestyle is it soon catches up with you! By 23, for the first time in my life, I had grown a pudgy little belly! I hated it. It disgusted me! How could I have been so blind and frivolous! I tried my best to work out and start watching what I ate but all attempts failed. I didn’t have the energy to exercise and I absolutely loved food! I couldn’t ever stick to a diet!

I eventually made the only reasonable choice I had left, I decided to quit partying! It was the drink that caused me to crave junk food, well, so I thought anyway. I got to work at 7:30 and didn’t leave before 10pm most days! My plan seemed to work at first, I think I actually lost a few pound! My new work ethic wasn’t unnoticed either, I lost a lot of ‘friends’ because I stopped partying. The only person who seemed to actually like the new me was my boss, Daryl, appreciated the effort I was putting in, so much so that he actually promoted me! I was now in charge of the entire office and getting paid generously for it!

Daryl was a fairly stern boss when I first started, in fact I heard a rumour that he didn’t even want to employ me before I started working for the company, it was his superior that made he hire me! He was very intimating at first, although he was only 5 or 6 years older than me, he carried himself like a man much older and wiser. He was clearly very ambitious and often worked 18 hours a day, it was obvious why he managed to move up the success ladder very quickly.

My new promotion was causing me a new level of stress, stress I didn’t know existed, stress that caused me to over eat. I slowly slipped into a bad routine of fast food, takeouts and snacks. Any weight I thought I might have lost quickly worked it’s way back onto my softening body with the addition of a few more pounds! The only positive thing was my relationship with Daryl, we became pretty friendly, he actually started making conversation with me as apposed to to just word responses. I noticed myself thinking about Daryl a lot during the day. I thought about his thick black hair that he kept nearly combed in a right parting. I thought about his stern but somehow attractive face. I thought about how his shirt outlined his ripped physique when he took his blazer off. I thought about the bulge in his trousers as we worked late into the night. I had fallen for him.

For some reason the only thing that helped me deal with my emotions was food. Junk food particularly. Most morning I woke up on top of my bed, completely naked, surrounded by the empty remains of the night before’s unprovoked binge! The effects of my binges where starting to show rapidly, I need new clothes every month through fear of bursting out of them at the office in front of everyone. Everyone at work was giving me looks of disgust and disbelief as I slowly walked though them carrying a bag of steaming takeout to devour all to myself at my desk. I isolated myself even more and delved deeper and deeper into my binges.
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