Chapter 1 - shifting the scales part 1


‘B’ was an athletic 27 year old, muscular and toned; at 165 lbs and just under 6’ tall, he religiously tracked and maintained his fitness. His job consisted of sitting in a lab, but his favorite activity was running. He put in plenty of miles on his bike every week as well - until he crashed.

‘A’ was a standard 20 year old undergrad student, loosely athletic and slim; at 100 lbs and near 5’ 3”, she religiously tracked and maintained her social media presence. Her favorite activity was spending time with her seemingly normal boyfriend - until he came out as a feeder.

B’s crash was not graphic in nature. There was very little blood, and a bystander would have likely assumed he was fine had they witnessed it. Even B thought he was fine until he put some weight on his knee. The act was met with an audible pop and shooting pain. He used his bicycle as a crutch and made his way back home to have a friend take him to urgent care.

When he arrived at urgent care, he filled out paperwork while waiting on the doctor. He had no health issues beyond the pain he was in at the moment, and he regularly ran between 30 and 50 miles in a week.

“B? Please come this way,” said a chubby, early 30’s nurse. She began taking his vitals, and he caught himself thinking, “I know it’s possible for bigger people to be in good shape, but it is odd to me for a healthcare worker to be overweight. She’s pretty cute, though.” He stepped on the scale and saw 165, had his height taken, blood pressure, etc. It was all nearly perfect with a resting heart rate of 48.

The end results of the visit were not what he wanted to hear. He had torn his meniscus and had a minor tear on his ACL. The doctor told him to take four months off and directed him to start physical therapy before returning to his exercise.

A asked, “what is a feeder? Is that like a foodie?”

“No. You’re beautiful as you are, but I think you would look even better with some extra… curves. I want to feed you and help you gain weight.”

She had no idea what to think, and her head was swimming. She had asked her boyfriend before about what his “ideal woman” looked like. He said he liked women to be a bit chubby or heavier, but she assumed it was because of the very slight relationship pudge she had gained since stopping high school sports and starting partying. She looked down at her stomach in her crop top and noted the slight crease on her tummy from where it was no longer washboard-flat when she leaned forward. She pictured looking down at a swollen belly and thicker thighs, and the idea gave her butterflies.

“I’m not saying I’m into this yet, but I’m willing to give it a try.”

“Okay! Let’s get started right away! I just went grocery shopping, so we can empty my fridge.”

“We can what?” A noted that it was only a mini-fridge, but eating all of that in one sitting was an impossible task.

“We have all weekend! Not all in one meal, silly. And you have control. I will not force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

She could see he was aroused by this idea already, and she started to feel a bit aroused herself. He started slowly with an appetizer of chips and salsa as he cooked some pasta. He tossed the pasta in pesto and added a generous amount of heavy cream. He put the heavy cream to the side as he stirred the simmering pot.

“You should put that up,” said A.

“Why? We’ll need that in a moment.”

The anticipation and strange excitement blended in a way A had never before experienced. Getting noticeably wet, she crossed her legs and resisted the urge to touch herself.

Her boyfriend seemed to notice and just smiled at her as he continued making the food. The end result was a large bowl of the pasta, some buttery garlic bread, and something in a blender bottle that he stuck in the fridge.

She looked at him and said, “so… we eat?”

“No, I already ate. This is all yours!”

Her face grew red with a flush of confused excitement and embarrassment. This was more than she had ever eaten in one sitting before. Could she even do it? She was always very competitive, and her boyfriend probably knew what he was doing. She wasn’t going to let a silly meal defeat her.

She began with the bread, and her boyfriend started to give her a shoulder massage. This was exceptionally nice, she thought. She relaxed and gave in until what she was doing dawned on her - she was eating with the intent of gaining weight. Always avoiding gaining weight, she did have to admit the additional pudge from last semester on her butt and boobs was pretty nice. She banished the thought and continued to eat up.

She was so incredibly full, but she had only a few bites left. As her belly became more and more full, she had to uncross her legs. She didn’t care - she needed to breathe. Her abdominal wall strained against her expanded belly and she moaned, much to her surprise, out loud. She froze, but her boyfriend quietly and gently encouraged her. “You can do it! Only a few more bites. Here, maybe I can take your mind off of the pain a bit.”

He started rubbing and kissing her belly. The feeling was indescribable ecstasy. He was under the table, and he slowly, gently rubbed her aching tummy and her clit. She was now wetter than she had ever been before. He slid her too-tight shorts and panties down as he gently swirled his tongue in loving circles around her clit while slipping a finger adeptly and gently into her. He tenderly pressed on her g-spot and she moaned again, this time with full force. He stopped his tongue and gave her a kiss and said, “just a few more bites. You’re looking as beautiful as ever, by the way.” He returned to eating her while she, now trembling, returned to her bites. He edged her and always slowed down whenever she got too close to climax - she could hardly take the teasing, but she couldn’t stop either.

When she finished the last bite, she exclaimed, “done!” and dropped the fork, laid back, and then her boyfriend moved his kissing up to her lower tummy, her belly button, her breasts, her left shoulder, her neck, right behind her ear, and then he kissed her right on the mouth. He then gently guided his penis, as hard as ever, into her. His thigh muscles bulged as he supported himself, and he was careful to not put too much pressure on her full belly. He moved up and kissed her on her forehead with the motion resulting in his dick pressing against her clit. She climaxed almost immediately, the intensity of the feeling forcing her to push him away.

“Sorry!” she exclaimed while shuttering from the orgasm. “I didn’t mean to push you away. It was just a bit too much, but I’ve also never felt so amazing! That was incredible.”

“Do you see why I like it? And no need to apologize. You indulged me and almost finished your meal! This has been the realization of my fantasy.”


“Yes… you remember the heavy whipping cream? I made you desert.”

He pulled out a pint-sized blender bottle full of a thick liquid.

“What is it?” A asked.

“Give it a taste.”

She did. It was heavenly, but she couldn’t quite place what it was. Her boyfriend noticed the confused look on her face, “it’s a cake shake - my recipe. It has a box of cake mix, the rest of the heavy cream, and then the remainder of the space was filled with ice cream.”

“A box of cake mix?! How many calories is this thing?”

“Well, it’s really the saturated fats and carbs that will get you from this, but I would guess it’s around 1600 calories.”

Her eyes grew wide - that was more than she needed to maintain her weight for one day, and it was only desert. Her excitement was growing though, and she was determined to grow herself. She had completely forgotten about how full her stomach was, and she chugged the shake. Her greedy gulping shocked her boyfriend. He did not expect such quick buy-in, but he was pleased to have discovered an amazing feedee in the making.
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TheFattenedClam 5 months
Only halfway through, but this is SO good!
Richenrichar... 5 months
Thank you! This was a fun one for me to write.
Richenrichar... 10 months
I’m going to stop this book here and will work on a sequel. Thank you all for taking any amount of time to read some of my first story, and I am always open to suggestions on my writing.
Richenrichar... 1 year
Please message me if you find spelling/grammar errors. I write drunk and edit sober, and I haven't edited much yet...
Richenrichar... 1 year
Don't worry, not done yet. I just occasionally re-read a portion to check for continuity and find where autocorrect chose incorrectly or I messed something up.
Richenrichar... 10 months
Alright! I am finally motivated to finish this. It may just end up being the first book in a series, but I really don’t want to leave it where it is at.