raina wilson

chapter 1

Raina Wilson had everything on her side when entering college. She was on a full four year scholarship for track and field, and made the McDonald's All American team her first year at her university. The gorgeous bombshell, with her lithe yet muscular body was all the rage at her school and her athletic achievements, coupled with her great body and angelic face even had her donning the covers of international magazine covers, not to mention all the hits she had on the internet.

All of that attention and fame however, vanished within an instant one day during the summer before the start of her sophomore year, when Raina stepped funny on a rock while running cross country. She thought nothing of it at first, still continuing to run through the pain, that was until she'd reached her threshold. By then, it was too late. The school's best medical doctors and surgeons agreed that she'd never run competitively ever again. The initial break in her ankle wasn't all that bad, but Raina's insistence on running on it, caused her to build up significant scar tissue around her Achilles tendon, thus killing her ability to have any explosion when running. The bottom line, it was over for her.

Raina couldnt believe that everything she'd worked for, for her whole life had just gone up in smoke. She would have been totally depressed if it weren't for her college roommate Vivian, who cheered her up with something she'd never tried before, a spliff, half tobacco and half cannabis.

"Holy shit?", Saud Raina, shocked as hell to see her studious Asian roommate pulling out a massive blunt filled with the afore mentioned ingredients.

"I cant do that. I'm an athlete, a runner", she said before remembering what the doctors had just told her.

"Oh, I know that Raina. You'll be back in no time", Vivian lied as she too had seen the medical evidence, "but you've been stressing out and take it from a future nobel prize winner. Stress will kill you long before taking just one hit if of a joint", said Vivian lighting up, taking a toke, and passing it over to Raina.

"Oh, okay, I'll try it but just once", said Raina as she took the blunt from Vivian
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Rein0t 2 years
Hope you continue! This is on eof my favorite stories.
Austin Micha... 3 years
Would love to chapter 10 to come
Growingsofter 3 years
Thank you
GrowingLoveH... 3 years
I really envy your story telling talents. Great tale.
AndiFive 3 years
please post more chapters, this story is getting amazing.
KaosZX 3 years
I love the idea of a fit upset runner lady turns into a lazy obese with no hope. This plot is really hot to read.
Please give us more.
AndiFive 3 years
Vivian has very dark desires.
Assblower 3 years
Give us moooooore! smiley
Jazzman 3 years