real life consequences

Chapter 1

Kara was riding me hard despite being just over 600 pounds, her soft jelly like fat cascading over me. I was in heaven, and from the looks of it so was Kara.

It started feeling too good.

“Kara, babe, I’m getting close. Can you roll off of me so I can finish on your belly?” We’d done this plenty of times before, Kara wasn’t on birth control and I rarely used condoms. She smiled and resumed moving her hips.

“Babe, really, it feels great but I don’t wanna risk anything.”

She leaned forward, her belly and breasts suffocating me a bit and trapping me under her better. “What’s wrong, baby? Scared you’re gonna cum inside me? Isn’t that what you want, tho? Breed me and feed me until I can’t move?”

“Kara, we aren’t ready for a child yet! That’s a big deal-“ she interrupted me as she continued her pace.

“Honey, you’ve added…400 pounds of pure fat to me…’s already a big deal. I gave you my body….to fatten up as much as you wanted…..and now I want something from you…..”

Oh no. I tried to move her to no avail. She wants this, and there is nothing I can do. I tried to think about anything that would keep me from nutting, anything. She probably guessed that was my intention.

“What’s wrong….baby…..scared of knocking me up? You know my weight…will really go up when I’m pregnant….you’re gonna have to wheel me into the hospital on a truck bed….”

She knew what she was doing.

“Everyone….is gonna see how fat I am…..and pregnant….they’ll know….that you’ve been cumming….inside me to make it happen….”!

“Kara, please!”

“Look what you’ve done to me….I’m so fat….and out of shape…..I’m only 26….you’ve ruined me….” She was coaxing this orgasm out of me one way or another.

“My tits…..are gonna be so much bigger…..and full of milk…..I’ll be your immobile breeding sow… only a few years…..”

I couldn’t hold on. My balls shot load after load of hot cum deep into Kara, and she stayed on top of me for minutes before I started to go soft.

“Ah….every last drop….inside me….”

Fuck. There was no guarantee she was going to get pregnant from this, but I was worried.
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