relaxation therapy part one: testing the prototype

chapter one

Lauren Davis was pissed off.
This was hardly unusual, Lauren's temper was practically legendary among her social circle and rare was the day someone didn't fall foul of her scathing tongue.
Today as quite often happened her temper was firmly focused on her lousy husband Jerry and his continual lack of talent.
When they had married Jerry had been a geeky but promising engineer with a wealthy family to back his research and Lauren had been young, gorgeous and willing to put up with his faults in order to gain access to his bank balance.
But as the years passed Jerry failed to rise to the greatness Lauren clearly deserved while she wasted the best years of her life on him. She could leave him of course and indeed often threatened to do so but his parents had insisted on that damned pre-nup and putting up with him was far more attractive than losing his bank balance.
Lauren was still a very attractive woman, she had time to look for a suitably wealthy Mr right before cutting her ties to Jerry. She spent a lot of time money and effort keeping herself slim and youthful looking with long artfully styled blonde hair and strikingly pale blue eyes she looked like a woman entering her thirties rather than about to leave them.

Entire weeks would often pass without having to speak to her miserable husband, she had kicked him out of her bed years ago and over time he had virtually moved into the guest house above the garage so he could be closer to his useless inventions.

That had been fine as far as Lauren was concerned, she could do her best to ignore his existence but this morning her credit card had been refused and a snotty young counter girl had the gall to cut it up like she was some kind of poor person.

Storming from the car and into the house she hit the intercom button to her husband's workroom and practically screeched her husband's name only to get no reply.

So outraged and furious she stormed out to find the little worm and demand to know what had happened to her money.
"Jerry! Jerry, you useless bastard get out here this minute." She screamed hammering on the door to her husbands hide away.
Distantly she heard the sound of a power tool being switched off inside the guest house followed by the unmistakable noise of bolts being pulled back before the door opened.

Jerry appeared slowly creeping round the door as if using it to shield himself from his wife's ire, his slightly receding hairline, and thick glasses gave him an extremely bookish appearance not helped by his filthy old overalls covered in grease stains and pockets overflowing with odd tools.
"You called dear?" he stammered hesitantly.

"Don't dear me you asshole," his wife snarled throwing the diced remains of her credit card in his face like expensive confetti. "My card for the joint account was just declined in front of half the town. Where the hell is my money, Jerry?"

"I have had to make a few purchases this week for my new invention," he replied wilting visibly under her furious expression. "but there should have been plenty in your personal account."

"That allowance is a pittance Jerry, I spent it already," she replied. "how dare you empty our joint account on your stupid worthless inventions without telling me."

"Because it's my money, Lauren." He replied, his voice quiet but surprisingly firm in the face of his wife's furious tirade.

"I'm your wife you pathetic little prick, it's my money too so call the bank and fix this right now or I swear Jerry I'll make your life even more miserable than it already is."

"No," his voice was barely a whisper but the world hung there in silence for a moment as he tried to stand his ground.

" No. What the hell do you mean no?" Lauren demanded in an outraged voice, first the humiliation in town now Jerry was actually refusing her it was utterly galling.

"I mean no Lauren, if you want more money from me this month you will have to earn it," Jerry's voice got louder as he went on each word sounding more determined than the last. "I was going to have to pay someone to test my invention but you can take the job instead."

"There is no way in hell I'm going to test one of your useless inventions," his wife protested.

"That's fine Lauren," he replied calling her bluff. " if you prefer you can spend the next three weeks broke or you can spend a couple of hours a day for three days doing your husband a favor and I'll give you double your monthly allowance."

Lauren paused, it was unlike Jerry to stand up for himself but when he did he usually stuck to it. As much as it grated on her three weeks without any cash would be worse than a few hours of his company and besides once he doubled her allowance she was sure he would never have the balls to reduce it again.

"Fine." She replied doing her best to make it sound like she was the reasonable one. "I'll test your invention but you call the bank and fix this now Jerry and I swear if it so much as gives me a paper cut..."

"It's perfectly safe I assure you," Jerry said as he started to close the door it her face. " I'll call the bank just come over around ten tomorrow and I'll have it ready for you."

It wasn't until she was halfway back to the house that she realized she had no idea what his latest project actually was.
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Karenjenk 5 years
That was amazing.
You took your time and built up the backstory and characters and made this an erotic read. I'm sub and this hit home for me.
Thank you for writing and sharing.
FrecherTyp 5 years
Well hehe that was quitw some genius idea to fatten up a no so nice wife and make her into an food/sex addicted vixen and happy in the process smiley

Really a devilish sexy set upsmiley
Nok 5 years
Straightforward and hot as hell, with great flavors and pacing. Definitely a future classic.
Nok 5 years
already liked on chapter two, and not even a mention of wg yet. nice job
Incubi 5 years
Minor edit today to clean up the story and make a few small changes to the ending before the next one goes up.

Yes, Relaxation Therapy 2 is almost done!
Silverapathy 6 years
This was so good, please write the sequels
TalulahJay 6 years
This might be the best and most erotic read ever! Love it
Igor Olman 6 years
Much better than most of the stuff here.
DeutschPi 6 years
I'd support a sequel. I've really enjoyed this story.
Incubi 6 years
Hoped people liked this one, it jumped fully formed into my head and insisted I write it down.

Please let me know what you think, I have several sequels in my head so you never know I may get them onto paper eventually.
Batanta 6 years
loved this a fabulous concept and great read
PrincessBlurmy 6 years
Looking forward to more.