chapter 1

'We had finally done it. Me and my husband Jack had finally relocated to Spain. We've been here a month and everything okay! Better than okay!' I thought to myself whilst cooking my husband a fry up before work after our long relaxing weekend by our pool outside.

"Gem?" Jack called from upstairs.

"yep" I said quickly putting his plate into the oven and putting it on a low heat and running up the stairs to our room to find Jack laid on the bed dressed in his shirt tie and suit jacket with his dress pants on but the flies not done up.

"did you shrink these?" He asked looking up at me with his brows furrowed.

"they shouldn't have shrunk? I haven't washed those ones yet they're the new pair you asked me to get for you."

"oh? Maybe the sizing in Spain is different then"

"maybe" I said

He took them off and put on another pair to find the exact same thing happen

"these wont button either?!"

"let me check something" I said having an idea unbuttoning his shirt and taking a look at his abdomen. His 6 pack he had when we were in England was barely there anymore. No surprise really he hadn't re joined a gym here he just continued weights saying that it was too hot to be exercising as much as he used to and our nearest gym was an hour away in Madrid. His new job at Telefonica was even more sedentary than his previous desk job since everything was emailed the only thing he had to get up for was his lunch which he then sat down to eat. Sometimes he didn't even have to do that because id sometimes send him with one id packed for him so he didn't even have to get up for that. There was definitely more to pinch and squeeze here than there was before. "follow me" I said walking into the bathroom remembering him being a solid 182lbs at 6ft4 before we moved. He climbed on the scale.

"197lbs?!?!" He said shocked. "how?"

"well hun your 33 now. You used to go to the gym at least 5 times a week and you haven't stopped eating as much as you did then to compensate. Also the food here is a lot more calorie dense when we go out for meals they cook the food properly to make it taste good they don't put all the diet stuff in so really it was going to happen at some point."

"i need to get back to the gym!" He said looking down at me worried.

"how jack we looked into that when we got here you went to a taster session at one of them said it was way too hot to work out here and that you didn't like the drive all the way there plus we cant afford for you to have a gym membership and all the petrol to get there and back, I don't have a job yet because I still cant get the language here."

"well I cant stay like this!" He said turning to the mirror and taking off his shirt to get a better look at himself poking his stomach and rubbing his hands across it gently caressing it, almost lovingly I thought I looked at him taking In every inch of his tall muscular but slowly softening body noticing another bulge that wasn't his thickening waistline.

"are you sure? You seem to like it a lot more now than you did a second ago."

"its just so sensitive, it feels gr-nope you don't like it it has to go!"

"wowowow.... hang on a second! Who said I don't like it?"

"oh come on Gemma no one wants a fat husband"

"oh really?" I said quirking an eyebrow. "let me show you how much I don't want a fat husband" I said walking over to him pressing my lips onto his moving a hand down to feel the new flesh he had acquired and the other down into his pants.

*******insert sex scene here I cant write them for shiteeeee********

We were both panting. Then he looked up at me suddenly worried again.

"are you sure Gem?"

"definitely" I said still trying to catch my breath I don't know what had gotten Into me the idea of jack gaining weight really turned me on.

"good I don't think id mind so much if the 15lbs ive gained invited some friends to stay" he said smiling playing with his no longer tight torso "and I can tell by the way you look at it and the way your eyes lit up when you saw the numbers on the scale that you would love that too"

Over the next 2 weeks I noticed a few things

my husband pretty much ate constantly
His shirts for work started fitting him a lot better they weren't as baggy standing and got quite tight when sitting
His confidence in his body soared he wasn't as uncomfortable out of his clothes anymore
Whilst running errands I noticed that most men here have something round their middle even if it was only slight they all had some pudge

He decided he wanted to weigh himself every week and track his gaining and see how far he could push his current wardrobe till he needed to get new clothes. So we decided Mondays would be the best date to weigh him after the before a new week of gorging and a weekend of lounging about and in those 2 weeks he gained 7lbs taking him past 200lbs and sitting nicely at 204lbs. Still though apart from his shirts fitting better he still had his flat stomach it just wasn't anywhere near defined anymore. He and I both wanted so much more.

He decided this week he was going to put a lot more effort in having a massive fried breakfast then taking a bag of snacks to work with him every day including a Huge packed lunch made by me with massive amounts of calories to really try and help him. He would then get a take away on the way home to eat a huge dinner and then snack until bed time. By the end of the week there was a noticeable difference the weekend was spent with him laid next to the pool not moving all day till bed time with me just bringing him more and more food he loved every second and so did I. Monday morning came and it was time for the weigh in. He had been consuming 4 times the amount of calories set for the average male at 10000 calories we were sure of a great result. 216lbs popped up on the screen it was starting to show too causing a very slight protrusion in his belly it was no longer flat he was so excited about the weight gain and our sex life got better the more he ate he loved it.
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Great first chapter. Looking forward to more.